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The Goal of the CTR project:

  1. creation of a decentralized operator, building its activities on the principles of MESH- network, minimizing the level of decision making and provision of resources in vertical hierarchical network;
  2. to provide mobile operators with an economical solution Plug’n’Play, which will provide flexibility and significantly improve the cost savings of network infrastructure, as well as sharing of radio access network (RAN Sharing) with several operators;
  3. ensure reliability and safety by introducing dynamic charges;
  4. creation of a common billing system based on the CTRU (Capacity Transfer Radio Unit), which will exclude huge investments and as a result will reduce the cost of services for users mobile networks;
  5. transparency of calculations and accounting of digital traffic based on blokchain technology with partners and users.

We are developing a new functional telecom solution with advanced features and a deep social component. Using the full potential of a decentralized system architecture, software and technical approaches. Our goal is to provide the highest level of safety and efficiency for businesses and consumers.

Based on Cellular System with Capacity Transfer (CSCT), we provide an automation environment that reduces the need for many intermediary platforms that are used today in the telecom software core.

We provide CTRU (Capacity Transfer Radio Unit) to mobile operators for deployment on their networks, as well as their outsourcing partners to build and operate networks, as well as businesses and civil communities (communes, municipalities, local governments, etc.), interested in the deployment and operation of their own independent networks and subnetworks of cellular communication and help them in the design, construction and management of networks.

Digital contracts will ensure the existence of rules for executing transactions at the level of machine consensus without the participation of people, which will also make it possible to take a fresh look at business processes within the telecom operator.

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