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About The Sandbox Game

The Sandbox is an interconnected world of unique game experiences. With land plots of varying sizes, each land owner can build their own creations using a visual game builder. And though The Sandbox is still in alpha testing, this is a gaming metaverse that anyone interested in play-and-earn experiences should know about. So let’s guide you through the basics of The Sandbox, and show you where to go for further research and investigation!

Mobile game studio, Pixowl Inc. developers created The Sandbox way back in 2011, and it has come a long way since then. In 2013, they started working on a mobile version of the game, considered the modern version’s ancestor. In 2018, Animoca Brands acquired the brand to launch its version of the open-world blockchain game re-invented with NFTs. Animoca Brands is a Hong Kong-based brand with developers and staff working remotely from worldwide. The Sandbox has gained support from many big companies worldwide, such as AtariSoftBankAdidas, and even celebrities like Avenged Sevenfold and SnoopDogg.

How to Singup with The Sandbox

For now, The Sandbox only offers an experience through its free builder tool. Using it to get acquainted with the game is free. 

Buying SAND tokens is possible with an in-wallet swap. Binance also offers trading and swapping services for this asset. Bidding for and buying LAND assets is done through the Sandbox browser app. In the future, new experiences and types of play will be added. 

Sandbox Gameplay

Sandbox Gameplay

Game Overview

At its core, The Sandbox is an ecosystem for Players and Creators, consisting of three main components: a Voxel Editor (named “VoxEdit”), a Marketplace, and the Game itself. The Sandbox offers a unique way to create, assemble, and share 3D voxel models. We empower Creators with intuitive, powerful content creation tools. You can make your own 3D voxel objects, animate them, and publish/sell them in our worldwide marketplace. VoxEdit is our 3D tool that allows anyone to create or import their own voxel objects, work on them, and effortlessly export them to the marketplace where users can turn them into limited ERC-1155 tokens called ASSETS.

ASSETS are virtual tokens for digital scarcity, security and authenticity. They are unique/limited as well as distinct and indivisible. Blockchain allows creators to have true ownership and thanks to this technology we, in our capacity as developers, can finally reward players for their time and the hard work they put into content creation, allowing them to monetize and freely trade their ASSETS.

Our ASSET smart contract allows content to become the new platform, creating a new paradigm. This is because they offer multiple uses and are not confined to a single game. This “second-layer programmability” gives any developer the power to bring a lasting and ever-growing value to the ASSETS, which can be shared cross-games, cross-platforms and cross-chains.

The Marketplace is the trading environment for ASSETS, where they can be given away for free or sold to other PLAYERS. The Game is the overall game system where playable experiences can be enjoyed and shared. In the Game, not only can creators profit from their creations, players can play-to-earn by collecting resources, rewards, and tokens.

Sandbox RoadMap

In 2022, The Sandbox will launch a DAO with staking and voting mechanisms for SAND, LAND, and AVATAR holders. The Sandbox DAO will allow holders to participate in major decisions on the gaming platform. The Sandbox’s team is planning on hosting the first virtual concerts (Deadmau5, Richie Hawtin) in the metaverse, as well as the launch of the first Walking Dead game. There will be a mobile version launch of The Sandbox during the last quarter of 2022. There will also be major updates to the VoxEdit tool, the Game Builder feature, and more LAND public sales as well. Expect far more partnerships with The Sandbox in the coming years. 

Team Behind Sandbox

The Sandbox game was proposed by a large international team, with multiple regional managers. The game project was co-founded by Marcus Bläsche, Jerome Wong, Sebastian Borget and Serena Tabacchi. The Sandbox has a full design and development in-house team, putting the foundations for upcoming contributions from the community. As previously mentioned, the first NFTs for the game will be restricted to around 1,000 initial creators. 

The Sandbox received an unannounced seed funding round, followed by $2M venture funding and a late Series B funding for $93M giving the project its boost in the fall of 2021

Features Of SandBox Gaming Platform

Reward System in The Sandbox

Once launched, the reward system in The Sandbox will vary from plot to plot, with each game creating its own play-to-earn experience. So far, the Sandbox Alpha tests have handed out rewards in a lottery system, with those completing more quests and engaging more with social media receiving more entries. Some players who completed all of the quests or certain sub-sections of the Alpha were awarded secondary prizes.


The Sandbox will follow a DAO structure and $SAND is the governance token. Holders of the token can take part in key decision-making regarding the future of the platform. Such key issues include Foundation grant attributions to content and game creators and feature prioritization on the platform Roadmap. SAND owners can also delegate voting rights to other players of their choice.


As the name implies, The Sandbox Marketplace will allow the users to upload, publish, and sell their objects (ASSETS) that they have created in VoxEdit as tokens (both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens).


The token can be used for staking on the platform allowing the user to gain passive income in $SAND during the holding period of the token. Staking is also the only way for Artists and other players to farm Gem and Catalysts, both of which are key elements in ASSET creation.

Fee Capture Model

The 5% fee charged by the Marketplace will be utilized towards strengthening the treasury and foundation of the Sandbox.


The foundation can be regarded as a collection of funds that are used towards the development of the economy and its participants. The foundation will be offering grants to deserving artists and game projects. All the grants offered by the Foundation will be in $SAND.

Security and Immutability

Powered by blockchain technology, the NFT gaming assets are secured and immutable. Each asset can be tokenized and traded in the crypto marketplace with security as opposed to the non-crypto game where scarcer items are prone to fraud or theft.


SAND is an ERC-20 token, and it acts as a core component that offers multiple functionalities within The Sandbox. The token has the following utilities within The Sandbox environment:

Sandbox Video

The Sandbox New Official Teaser 2021 - Gaming Virtual World with NFTs on the Blockchain

FAQ Of SandBox

Is SandBox Free To Play ?

Yes Sandbox Free To Play

Is Sandbox Support Available

Yes Sandbox Support Available

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