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On Thursday, at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, actor Kevin Connolly of the HBO drama Entourage announced that it was developing a new play  called Cryptos  .Connolly hopes that the new program will help the public better understand the innovative crypto ecosystem .


Entourage and blockchain advocates start making Cryptos

Fans of digital currency are expected to be interested in Cryptos, which is currently directed by Hollywood actor Kevin Connolly. The story tells the story of a young startup trying to launch a cryptocurrency-powered entertainment platform. Kevin Connolly plays Eric E Murphy in Entourage. Connolly also agreed to direct the episode of the cryptocurrency theme.

Jason King and Erik Sords, co-founders of the Blockchain Institute, are also co-productions of the show. King is known for helping to open the Florida Homeless Shelter Sean’s Outpost in Pensacola, a program driven by cryptocurrency donations. King said, “This play is produced by American International Film Company. We are currently working on pre-production.” “About six months ago, I joined the crew after watching the pilot episode, and I helped develop the story structure for the first season. It is scheduled to start in May.”

Producers want to bring cryptocurrencies to the mainstream while providing a powerful storyline of relationships and friendships

At the same time, Erik Sords is developing a “Decentralized Global Studio” called Dionysia in Los Angeles. The “Cryptos” program reflects the difficulty of film financing and has to use the Digital Money Fund project to create a peer-to-peer film studio, just like the Dionysia concept. In a recent interview, Connolly, the actor and director of the show, argued that people were afraid to conceptualize cryptocurrencies because of “lack of understanding.” Connolly said, “People like me are still learning, but curiosity is there.”

The Entourage series of actors continues to say:

Sords and King want to bring cryptocurrencies to the mainstream to make better use of cryptocurrencies, and I’m just a filmmaker, I’m interested in telling cool stories and exploring cool characters, for me, this is Concerns about relationships and friendships are also of concern to people.

Connolly also stressed that the pilot set tried to challenge the entire Hollywood system. TNABC’s event was the first time the crew presented the show to the public, and the producers planned to produce a total of 10 episodes in the first season. In addition, the producers hope that the show will be accepted by mainstream streaming media platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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