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About From today the procedure for the formatting of payments for recharging the Waves wallets will be changed. Now when making a wire transfer you should specify your unique id-number instead of your Waves address in the payment details field.

Each user will get a unique id-number after the verification approval or will receive it in a separate mail (valid for the current users). Payments with the specification of the Waves addresses instead of a special id-number will be accepted and processed until May 1st, 2018. After May 1st, 2018 these payments will be processed manually only upon user’s request.

The manual processing fee is 25 USD. The changes in the formatting of payments are caused by the automation, which will speed up the payment processing and crediting the funds to the Waves wallets.

Withdrawing Limits


The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD/Euros. If you send smaller than minimal amount it won’t be withdrawn. It might be returned back to your Waves account upon request. The fee of 25 USD will be deducted for this operation.

Withdrawing Fees

1% from the withdrawn amount fee is what Coinomat retains for its services. This fee doesn’t include any applicable bank fees such as SEPA/SWIFT transaction costs, eventual conversion costs and conversion rates differences, etc. They can’t say what will be the exact total fees amount because it depends on your currency, your country, banks taking part in your transaction.

First Withdrawal Approval

When you make the first withdrawal we may request from you additional information/proofs such as a scan of your bank statement (from which you made a bank transfer) or utility bill to confirm your physical address, or other documents if we consider it necessary.

Withdrawals delays

Recent increase in the trading activity on Waves platform has led to the large number of deposit and withdrawal requests and as a result, your deposits and withdrawals may take longer than before to process. We are doing our best to process your transfers as quickly as possible but you can also help us to reduce the turnaround time by reducing the number of communications with you by following the simple steps before:

  1. Send us additional documents in advance:
  • your bank statement with your name and address on it and not a screenshot from internet bank
  • your utility bill with your name and address on it (but not mobile phone bill)
  • scan of your domestic passport with your name and registration address (for Russian passport holders only).

Notification of the change of USD bank account 

An important notification for those who recharge their Waves wallets with US dollars. From the 1st of February 2018 USD bank account details for recharging the Waves wallets will be changed. All wire transfers which will be received on the old bank account before or on the 5th of February, will be processed as usual. Payments in USD received after the 5th of February may be delayed and once received, USD will be automatically converted to EUR at the exchange rate of FIO Bank.


They are not liable for any lost profits when delaying both bank transfers and verification of documents and passports. They are not liable for any loss resulted from improper SEED storage, lost access to account.

If you do not agree, please, DO NOT USE our service.

Send all questions related to withdrawals to with subject line «Withdrawal issue <your Waves address>». The approximate time for answering questions related to payments is 72 hours.


The majority of our customers come from referrals from other customers and that fact gives us great pride. Theyhave built reputation in time through quality of service.

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