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One of the largest paid-survey websites globally is Toluna.The Toluna panel community is a Dallas-based market research company owned by the Toluna Group.

Its global headquarters is in Paris, France. It was founded by Frederic-Charles Petit in 2000. Over the years, it has been steadily acquiring other related companies including Speedfacts, dPolls and for the US market in particular, Common Knowledge, Your2Cents and Greenfield Online.

Today, it is one of the most popular paid-survey and marketing research companies with over 2500 employees globally and a user base of over 10 million registered members.

Rating & Basic Info

  • Platform: Toluna
  • Website:
  • Price: Free to Join
  • Skill Level Needed: None
  • Strategy: Online Surveys
  • Score: 8.5/10

How To Get Start?


First and foremost, you must read and accept the Privacy Statement and User Agreement.

The sign-up is free very quick as you just have to provide basic information such as name, user name,date of birth, gender, email,county,phone no, and address.

How To Earn Money At Toluna

Toluna Surveys

As with moth survey sites, Toluna offers many different surveys at one time. When you first join Toluna, there’s quite a few surveys that you’ll get paid to take to complete your profile.

After those surveys, Toluna has many surveys that you can try to qualify for at anytime.

Most of the surveys available pay from 1500-3000 points.

Test Products

This feature is not available on the mobile app and you don’t actually earn any points, but I still thought I’d cover it.

Toluna does have products available to test, you can apply on the website, it’s similar to qualifying for a survey. If you do qualify, they will send you the product, you give them feedback, and you get to keep the the product!

Toluna Sponsored Polls

On the Toluna app you will see some polls available for you to answer. Most of the polls are created by other users and do not earn you any points, but can still be a fun way to kill some down time.

Occasionally you’ll receive a sponsored poll. These polls actually pay you points for your opinion.

You’ll earn 15 points for every sponsored poll that you answer. You can see an example of one to the right!

Toluna Referral Program

Toluna does have a referral program that can help you earn more. For each friend that you invite that completes their profile, you’ll earn 500 points.

You can share on social media and they also have a link that you can post on your website.

How much can I make with Toluna?

Toluna pays on a point system for taking surveys and other activities. But the points can be redeemed for real cash, so settle down. Lol It looks like you need at least $20-$25 to redeem cash via paypal or a check which is about 30,000 points.  But you get  500 points just for signing up which is nice and gives you a bit of  a head start.

The pay for surveys range from 15 points to 20,000 points. The longer the survey, the more you’ll earn (assuming you actually get past the screener surveys).

Key Features

  • Provision of both cash rewards, monthly cash drawings and gift cards
  • Receive 2000 points immediately after joining and completing first interest survey
  • Earn more points by participating in writing opinions, sponsored polls, etc.
  • A redemption balance of $20 (60,000 points)
  • Membership is only available for people aged 18 and above
  • The regions covered include Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania
  • Have a qualification system for participating in certain surveys
  • Immediate reported processing time (using PayPal or Amazon gift card)
  • As of 2012, points held in excess of 1 year are automatically “expired”. Some users have even cited how their points have expired on a monthly rolling basis

How To Withdraw?

Gift certificates and PayPal payments – Toluna offers a substantial selection of gift certificates to retailers including Amazon, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, iTunes, Tango, Best Buy, Target, and more. Gift certificate values start at 30,000 points, or $10. PayPal payments start at 90,000 points ($30). You can also request a $25 check with 75,000 points These amounts are stated for Toluna USA, and may vary slightly by region.

Toluna Gifties – The Gifties program is essentially an instant win game where a small number of points can be exchanged for a chance to win a prize. Each Giftie represents an actual item that can become real if you are a winner. Winners are chosen at random, and bidding on Gifties does not guarantee winning them.

Sweepstakes Toluna offers monthly draws for thousands of dollars in cash and items such as electronics whose entries can be redeemed for a relatively small number of points. Note that sweepstakes draws are not available in all regions.

Rewards Process
Toluna states on their website that it can take up to 8 weeks for delivery of rewards after they’ve been requested. However, many members seem to receive virtual gift cards and PayPal payments within a few days of request.

Is Toluna A Scam or Legitimate?

The Toluna app is a completely legitimate way to take surveys on your mobile devices. I do have some complaints with this site and app, but it seems that the website version is much better then the app.

If you’d like to give Toluna a shot, you can learn more or join at

Good & Bad About Toluna


Toluna is one of the world’s largest paid-survey companies with a community of over 4 million members. It has many active members that participate in its paid surveys, sponsored polls, writing opinions and other methods on a daily basis.

Both registration and partaking in the website’s surveys are free (here’s a link to join, if you wish). Members are instead provided cash payment and other benefits for filling up surveys and other methods as an incentive for their invested time.

Cash payments are provided after the completion of every single survey, sponsored polls, writing opinions, etc. However, payment per survey can vary from as little as a few dimes to greater than $1 per survey or even more.

Members are pooled into monthly cash sweepstakes – somewhere in the vicinity of $4,500.

In place of small cash vouchers, the website provides gifts like MP3 songs.

Invitations for surveys (qualified and unqualified) are notified to members through email and through the website.

Qualifying or “screening out” participants helps Toluna’s clients (other companies) get better, more precise answers to their surveys.


Quite a number of the company’s surveys are qualified – meaning that unless you meet certain sampling criteria, you won’t be able to take part.

A similar gripe is that for some participants who partake in a qualified survey, only by the end of the survey are they notified that they are “not qualified” (that is, they get screened out).

This makes them lose out on the individual survey’s cash amount as well as waste time on an unpaid survey. This has resulted in some people alleging the website to be a scam.

After a certain amount of time (around 1 year), all of your unused points get “expired” – thereby preventing you from cashing out.

The minimum payout ($20 or 60,000 points) is considered by many to be too high.

Considering the fact that each survey provides roughly 2000-3000 points, that means you would have to complete around 30 surveys just to reach the minimum amount.

Additionally, as each survey takes around 25 minutes to complete, that translates to spending 750 minutes (or 12.5 hours) to reach.

Address & Contact Info

Address- 21 River Road, Wilton, Connecticut 06897 United States

Tel- 1 (972) 732 7323


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