What Is Tribalpunk (SO)? Complete Guide & Review About Tribalpunk

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What Is Tribalpunk (SO)?

Shiny Ore (SO) is a utility token of Tribalpunk Cryptoverse, a prehistoric gamefi project. SO will be used in the game for purposes such as daily rewards and increasing the power of game characters. This token was listed on Pancakeswap at 1 PM UTC on June 10, 2022, and received a lot of interest from the community, with ATH reaching 12x in the first 12 hours. The Cryptoverse has two tokens: SO and ANTA (project governance token). This is an option to help the project avoid the problem of inflation.

Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse is an Idle/ RPG Collectible Card Game mixed with NFT technology. It was once released on Android/ iOS under the name of Tribal Punk – now modified with blockchain and turned into a fresh product in order to tackle the uprising NFT Gaming Market.

Similar to the company other game title’s like Jump Ball: Tiles and Beats, Mahjong Blossom, Spider Solitaire, Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse maintains a near-perfect overall review rating from its users. The game has also rocketed to going to pass over 10K downloads after its release and has topped charts in several countries as well.

Tribalpunk Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameTribalpunk
Short NameSO
Circulating Supply 17,000,000.00 SO
Max Supply176,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


The core gameplay of Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse focuses on getting unique and powerful Characters from various sources (Gacha, NFT Markets…) and forming suitable teams to tackle any challenge that the game can provide. The team deployment of Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse can be experienced mostly via the 2 main Game Modes: Campaign Mode and Idle Mode.

Campaign Mode

Enjoy the vast and vibrant world of ancient time in Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse, as the players tackle numerous challenges on the path of their conquests.

In this Game Mode; the combination of Heroes, their positioning, as well as the timing to utilize their unique abilities are critical to determining the outcome of battles.

To experience the Campaign Mode effectively, the players need to invest both in time and money to form their strongest teams, as well as a meticulous mind to turn the tide of battles into their favor in return for valuable assets that can’t be earned anywhere else.

Idle Mode

As the opposite polar of Campaign Mode, Idle Mode is tailored toward the players with lesser investment into Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse. Technically, in Idle Mode of Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse, the game is played by itself as it simples pilot the players’ designated team into an endless adventure, where they automatically fight monsters on the way and collect resources, passively generating Metal Shard, the in-game currency mostly used for upgrading your NFT Companion.


The backbone of a strong squad in Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse is formed by one Main Hero and four Companions. At the start of the game, the players are allowed to create their unique custom Main Hero with distinctive powers. Main Hero in Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse can be categorized into 3 main classes:

  • Warrior: Adepts at melee, hand-to-hand combats, Warrior-classed Heroes act as both the sword to cleave down waves of enemies, and the shield which protects the more fragile allies at the backline.
  • Mage: Dangerous glass-cannons that can wreck down an entire army with heavy damaging AoE spells, but are very susceptible to any type of damage.
  • Archer: Long-ranged attackers who can deliver a devastating blow at enemies from afar, while being able to maintain a safe distance to keep the danger at bay.

Primordial Forge

  • You can forge your equipments (weapon, armor, helm and accessories) to the next tier.
  • You need same equipments of the same tier in order to forge.
  • Higher tier equipments have better stats, more powerful skills and higher maximum level limit.


In Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse, the players are constantly challenged by countless tasks and chores, designed as different types of Quest.

  • Daily Quest: Repetitive minor quests available every day to make the players feel they’re passively rewarded just by simply playing the game
  • Weekly Quest: Longer and more difficult challenges which yield better rewards to keep the players engaged in the long term
  • Campaign Quest: Unique, one-timed rewards are provided as the players progress further into Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse, as a way to make them feel their investments are worth-while


NFT Market

The NFT Market works on an entirely different platform, which is preferred to be deployed on websites.

The main currency which is accepted here is $ANTA, the governance token of Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse.


In Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse, NFTs are companions that you can bring into your adventure squad. NFT Companions can be traded on the Marketplace among players using ANTADA (ANTA) token.

Mystic Box

Mystic Box can be purchased on the Marketplace with Antada ($ANTA) token. Every time you open Mystic Box you can get random companions. If you are lucky, you can possess rare companions with outstanding strength.

Token Allocation

For Public Allocation part, when 20% of tokens are issued at TGE, 80% of the remaining tokens are locked according to the smart contract, so when they raise capital in the IDO round, we can only bring 20% of the amount of tokens are issued as mentioned for sale on Launchpad.

  • The remaining 80% of Public Allocation tokens locked by smart contract and vested every month for 6 months will be burned every month when tokens are vested.
  • Public Allocation’s vesting token wallet is: 0xb428da589fe7AEb6EFA41BCD2Af91f59bbf7aB61
  • They will announce the token burn when the vesting schedule is coming each month and will update the results to the community and right here in this whitepaper.
What Is Tribalpunk (SO)? Complete Guide & Review About Tribalpunk

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