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What Is 0xTrade (0XT)?

0xTrade is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to securely trade a massive variety of BEP-20 tokens quickly and cheaply without relying on centralized services. All trades on 0xTrade are automatically executed via smart contracts — completely eliminating centralized intermediary risks.

GTraX Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name0xTrade
Short Name0XT
Total Supply100,000,000
Max Supply100,000,000
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0xTChain(Smart Chain)

0xTChain is a blockchain network. It supports smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). Support blockchain project with own Ecosystem.

0xTrade Swap(DEX)

0xTrade is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to securely trade a massive variety of BEP-20 tokens quickly and cheaply without relying on centralized services. All trades on 0xTrade are automatically executed via smart contracts — completely eliminating centralized intermediary risks

0xTrade Platform(CEX)

0xTrade platform has been designed to provide a crypto asset trading platform with an easy-to-use interface design for both novice and experienced traders.

The platform makes it easy for someone to swap from one digital asset to another digital asset while also having the opportunity to grow digital assets by staking and farming menus

Swap at the real smart chain.

0xTrade Cross-Chain Smart Chain unique consensus algo. ETH is already moving to POS — Proof of Stake Consensus. But it is not viable solutions. We have unique cross-chain consensus.

Mobile Application in the development 40+ tokens will be supported.

Join community and get access to 200 high rewarding  strategies for swaping and trading on 0xTrade.

Applications are in the development, with phone, you can swap all tokens with 0xTchain faster.

It’s that easy!


0xTrade Swap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to securel0xTradea massive variety of tokens quickly and cheaply without relying on centralized services or losing control over their private keys. All trades on DEX 0xTrade are automatically executed via smart contracts — completely eliminating centralized intermediary risks.

0xTrade Platform is a crypto trading platform that allow users to trade any crypto asset and provide many other services. Centralized exchange offers more options to users for trading/investment.

Cross Chain Consensus

PoA (Proof of Authority) is a consensus approach in which a group of validators has been selected as the authorizer. Their task is to check and verify all newly added identities, validate transactions, and block blocks that are being added to the network.

To ensure efficiency and security in the network, validator groups are typically kept small (-25 or smaller). The node needs to complete a mandatory process to authenticate itself in order to gain the right to generate new blocks.

Authenticators are required to register in the public notary database using government-issued documents with the same identity as theirs on the platform. As a result, blocks and transactions are verified by the participant, whose identity has been verified and acts as a permission for the system.

The advantages of the PoA consensus

Compared to other consensus approaches, PoA has the following advantages:

  1. 1.High transaction rate.
  2. 2.No high-performance hardware is required.
  3. 3.PoA networks are highly scalable compared to PoW blockchain
  4. 4.Less power consumption.
  5. 5.Low transaction fees.
  6. 6.Increased speed of valid transactions
  7. 7.No communication is required to reach a consensus between nodes.
  8. 8.Network operation is independent of the number of real nodes available.
  9. 9.The chance that a node becomes counterfeit depends on its shares and overall holdings.

Cross-Chain Aggregator Solution

0xTrade’s ultimate goal is to create an aggregator platform that integrates all cross-chain solutions and allows users to enjoy the margin of these projects combined through the unified interface that we provide, thus making the cross-chain experience more convenient and effective.

The ultimate goal takes many steps and the initial one is to integrate three cross-chain solutions: AnySwap, PolyNetwork and Wormhole. AnySwap and PolyNetwork are based on EVM with many similarities in their foundations. Wormhole is built upon Solana and will be integrated as the last one in the initial stage.

The entire solution will be presented in the form of one interface. Users first select the Source token they wish to transfer cross-chain, then the source chain, destination chain and enter the amount they wish to transfer. The platform then presents the user with a list of all cross-chain projects that can provide this service. Once selected, the cross-chain transfer can be done with one click.

Mint and Burn Bridge

0xTrade Swap is launching its Mint and Burn bridge that will serve as a cross-chain solution for mainstream tokens

Token Economics

The platform token facilitates platform operation, utility capture and value realization. $0xT has no monetary value. $0xT incorporates economic and game theoretical designs to boost platform utility.

Features of $0xT

Governance Voting

Each $0xT represents one vote in the decision making process of the 0xTrade hub. The more $0xT held in ones wallet, the higher voting power and influence they have make on proposals.

0xTrade Swap Consensus Staking

Consensus Node staking for 0xTrade Swap nodes. Building and securing 0xTrade Swap’s cross-chains system.

The Protocol Fee

The 0xTrade Swap bridge has an embedded fee system. The fees are charged to client for bridging the asset. Fees are collected and used for purchasing back $0xT.

The Liquidity Provision Fee

The liquidity bridge (an upcoming bridging solution) allows liquidity providers to earn fees from providing liquidity on one end or both ends of the bridge. Liquidity providers will earn liquidity provision fees from the clients. Part of the fees are used to buy back $0xT and reward liquidity providers.

0xTrade Hub

0xTrade will develop an intermediate chain that brings about native cross-chain features for DApps deploying in the hub. The $0xT will be used as the native token for the intermediate chain.

More utility will be added and adjusted along the road. Token economics is a dynamic subject that evolves with the project development and product usage.


We have succesfuly completed

  • Team Building
  • Launching telegram community
  • Create socials
  • Tokenomics

they are reaching ahead of the plan

  • Smart Contract Deploy
  • Presale planning
  • Initial marketing push
  • Launching staking pools

New APP coming to treat you ALL!

  • Significant marketing push/growth of the community
  • Special events
  • Developing Own Blockchain (OXTChain)
  • Pushing for CEX listings

Exciting, new smart chain 0xTchain on the way

  • Developing Own Blockchain ecosystem
  • Pushing 0xTrade Own CEX
  • Yield Farming & Presale Platform on OXTChian
  • TBA


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