What Is Iris (IRISTOKEN)? Complete Guide & Review About Iris

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What Is Iris (IRISTOKEN)?

Iris Ecosystem use artificial intelligence tools to find the best market signals as well as the best projects to help crypto investors in their investment choices through APP Iris. Iris also integrates a decentralized p2p exchange protocol as well as a play2earn to stimulate the community and accelerate token burning. This is a system aiming to put business intelligence at the blockchain service to help investors of all sizes optimise their investment options.

To do so, Iris offers a mobile application Iris App that analyses the most relevant projects on the market and sends real-time signals of the best opportunities (the best APYs of Staking/Farming, projects before their listing on CMC and CG, high yielding low cap projects and much more).

Iris token will be the token used in the ecosystem. To benefit from the platform’s premium services, users must hold a quantity of Iris tokens in staking. Holders are thus doubly rewarded by having access to the Iris App services and reflections. They will no longer focus on the token’s price as it will be used as a means of unlocking services, and there will be no interest in parting with it, which will result in a stable and gradual increase in the value of the token. The token incorporates a manual burn system, a reflection system that rewards holders after each transaction.

Iris Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameIris
Total Supply900,000,000
Max Supply1,000,000,000
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IRISTOKEN is the governing token of the Iris ecosystem. It is the token that will keep the system alive and reward users. It will be mounted on the BSC to make it accessible to the most significant number of users. We will then develop the contract for Ethereum, Solana and Avax. IrisEarn is our smart staking platform.


This is the most interesting part, as it will attract investors and give even more utility and stability to the currency. Special holders (those holding a minimum of 1,000,000 Iris tokens for more than three months) will not be charged any transaction fees on Iris App exchanges. IrisPad will be the project launchpad that allows holders to be the first to invest in promising new projects and make incredible gains.


They have partnered with a game producer called Nostaligic Game, who will accept Iris token payments in their currently developing games. I ris Art will be the NFT sales platform of the ecosystem. The IrisP2P protocol is the first decentralized crypto exchange platform between individuals that will allow cryptos to be exchanged between two entities without going through an intermediary, all managed by a smart contract..


Iris is meant to be scalable, functional, and above all, interoperable. We will develop modules that can be grafted on external systems, mainly on famous e-commerce sites such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify. Iris Chain will be a 0 fee blockchain that will allow people with no programming knowledge to create and deploy their application on the blockchain from voice commands.

External systems using the IRIS service

To make IrisToken more useful, we have partnerships with functional products.

EbeneAcademy.com is an online learning site that has the unique feature of covering all payment methods worldwide, thus giving trainers the possibility to sell their courses with no limitations on the location or means of payment.

Unseulprix.com is an online sales platform that distinguishes itself by its simplicity its ergonomics, as you can see for yourself. We reached an agreement for them to integrate Iris token as a payment method. All profits made on transactions will be used to buy Iris Token and then burn them.

Nostalgic Game Nostalgic Game is a video game platform that brings back our childhood games in a more modern way for mobile. They have two games to date Snake pirate and BYWord on Google play. We contracted Iris token to be used for their play-to-earn platform.

Si360 is a software engineering company based in Montreal, Canada, that has over 12 management software products for small and medium-sized businesses. Iris is launched under the incubation of Si360, which plans to integrate Iris token as a payment method for its software. Si360 has dominated the African market since 2012 (https://si360afrique.com/). You can read more details about Si360 and its products & services here: https://si360.ca/

Iris App features

This is the most interesting part because it is this which will attract investors and give stability to the currency. It is a mobile application that brings together all the elements an investor needs to make the decision.

Iris App notifies you when a new currency is listed on CoinMarketCap or Coingecko.

The analysis tools do the first sorting on the best projects, then our team of experts does and second sorting and the results are pushed into Iris App. You, therefore, get projects with high potential according to their capitalization (small, medium, and large-capitalization).

They manually analyze the market and fish in Iris App for the best APY and APR yields in staking and farming.

The experts analyze the best reliable Airdrops as well as the best ICOs that can earn you returns.

Track all your investments in one place. For example, you have a Binance, Gate.io, Truswallet, Kucoin account, and you bought enough currencies there. To get an overview of your wallets, you need to go through each app which can be time-consuming. Iris App gives you a shortcut to keep track of all your investments in one place and at a glance without opening all these apps.


They are always open and they welcome and questions you have for our team. If you wish to get in touch, please fill out the form below. Someone from our team will get back to you shortly.

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