What Is JPGold Coin (JPGC)? Complete Guide & Review About JPGold Coin

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What Is JPGold Coin (JPGC)?

The JPGold Coin is a digital coin mined on the Ethereum Network. It has a hybrid of two unique features which makes it very special in the crypto world; it is a cryptocurrency that is tokenized as a digital coin and has its value support and guaranteed on the gold assets. Having JPGold Coin is like having gold for the preservation of values and trading and this makes it the most liquid and reliable cryptocurrency compared to the altcoin.

The JPGold Coin (JPGC) is a unique cryptocurrency backed with physical gold mined by Japaul Limited; a multinational licensed miner of gold and other solid minerals in East, West, and other African countries. The cryptocurrency is a blockchain technology mined on the Ethereum Network. Its uniqueness is such that it adds dual and integrated values to investment. This in return guarantees lifelong appreciation of asset value that the gold coin avails as an investment to the matured investors that see beyond now.

Gold has been a valuable metal since the existence of mankind, with its existence and values, outlived many currencies that ever existed. It has survived many countries’ economic busts and boom, and its values have remained fairly stable in all economic history of the world. Presenting unique JPGold Coin cryptocurrency hybrid with gold to investors becomes a rare opportunity that cannot be looked down upon.

JPGold Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameJPGold
Short NameJPGC
Total Supply750,000,000
Max Supply750,000,000
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JPGC- Secure, Easy to sell, and transparent


It is among the best cryptocurrencies which include the exchange of values, transferability, divisibility, secured, portable, and easy to trade.

Hedge against Inflation

JPGC token is a hedge against inflation, the value of your token does not go down as economy purchasing power is dwindling.


JP Gold Coin serves as collateral security for all financial institutions across the world to carry out any financial transactions, it’s as collateral for taking a loan to buy cars, buy houses, and other valuables because the token is gold-backed.

Backed with Physical Gold

To put in your hand technology-based crypto-assets backed with gold that you can fall back on any time you have financial need.


The mission is to put in your hands, crypto assets backed with gold that can stand the test of time for all investors; to make a financial heritage and legacy that increases wealth with disregard to whether you work or play after investing. By 2025/2026, Japaul Limited will have in its reserve 100million ounces of gold.

Gold Market

Gold has been a valuable metal since the existence of humanity. Gold’s existence and values have outlasted many currencies. It can be described as a global currency which has survived many countries’ economic bust and boom, its value has remained relatively stable in all the world’s financial history. Presenting the cryptocurrencies hybrid with Gold to investors becomes a rare opportunity that should not be passed on

Japaul already has an inferred reserve of over 23700kg of gold in one of its mines which translates to about 730,000 ounces of gold. We have already commenced various explorations and obtained mining/exploration licenses to have a measured gold reserve above 100 million ounces between 2022 and 2026. Around this time, gold price shall be revolving around $5,000 per ounce given the projection made by experts.

The JP Gold Coin Solution

Japaul gold coin formally called JPGOLD COIN (jpgc) is an uncommon cryptocurrency blockchain technology that is gold- backed, which has the features of the best based. l00 million JPGC token will be issued to investors at different stages at different prices. The Gold that shall back the coin shall be produced from one of the mines from the initial gold licenses that have already been obtained and exploration concluded.

Gold Token Usage

The purpose of JPGC is to create an Ethereum based token that users can leverage on to easily buy, sell, trade, store or transfer investment grade gold. These actions will be carried out easily and securely whilst preserving user anonymity.

Japaul LTD Plc has offices in other African countries; her operations are guided by international corporate governance which compels transparency in all areas of our business dealings. The tokenization Project is being developed and managed by Ghana Companies requirements. This Whitepaper has detailed out who we are, what they do and where they are going..


Jegede Paul Abiodun Group Chairman

Ricardo Valls Professional Geoscientist – On Contract

Dr. Ludvig Kapllani Director Operations (on contract)

Genc Kallfa Managing Director – Consulting

Suhununu Mahama Arizini Director Legal Ghana


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