What Is Qroniswap (QNI)? Complete Guide & Review About Qroniswap

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What Is Qroniswap (QNI)?

Qroniswap is a protocol with the goal of disrupting DeFi with its unique offerings, and through strategic partnerships that will facilitate instant and one-stop liquidity for crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts across the globe. This whitepaper was carefully written to enlighten you about , its tokenomics, products, and features. It stretches to uncovering some secrets about the, including its native token, QNI, and other important information that may interest you on a broader scale while showing you some of the problems it looks to resolve in DeFi.

Qroniswap Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameQroniswap
Short NameQNI
Total Supply50,000,000
Max Supply50,000,000
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Take Your Crypto Trading To The NEXT LEVEL!

Instant crypto trading

Buy crypto with your debit/credit card. Instant deposit.

Multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX)

Trade in a cross-chain DEX. Avoid impermanent loss and low capital efficiency.

Fiat on-ramp

Trade highly liquid assets. Convert to fiat instantly.

Secure crypto trading

Qroni Swap applies top-security protocols and audits.

Crypto staking

Stake your Qroni Tokens (QNI) in farm and syrup pools. Earn up to 300% APY.

NFT staking

Stake your NFTs and idle NFT tickets, and earn passive income as you navigate Qroniswap.

Staking Pool

Get the most out of our intuitive protocol

  • Support the network with your tokens
  • Earn huge interest rates
  • Stake your NFTs too!


Get the most out of liquidity pool in exchange for interest and other rewards

  • Provide liquidity in our protocol
  • Get liquidity pool (LP) tokens
  • Stake your NFTs too!

NFT ticketing

They adopt industry-best technology to provide secure & peer-to-peer NFT ticketing

  • Mint unique NFT tickets
  • Buy and sell NFT tickets
  • Stake idle tickets all in one place!

Qroni Token (QNI)

The Qroni Token, symbolized with the ticker, QNI, is Qroniswap’s native token used for utility and governance purposes. As a utility token, $QNI will be used to mint and trade NFTs, apportion LP tokens, and incentivize Qroniswap. As a governance token, holders of $QNI will be able to contribute to the future and DAO governance protocols of Qroniswap.

$QNI is a BSC [BEP-20] token that will power the entire Qroniverse. It will be used to cover transaction fees, stake, and partake in yield farming on. The $QNI token will also be pivotal in maintaining the integrity of Qroniswap and ensuring balance when liquidity providers contribute to the liquidity status of the network. All these and more come with additional benefits on DEX which allows for soft staking and liquidity mining.

Multi-chain DEX

Qroniswap will primarily feature a cross-chain DEX that will support multiple blockchains (multi-chain) in one place. This is to encourage quick and seamless transactions among users and enthusiasts. The multi-chain will use intelligent algorithm-based AMM tweaked constantly following price changes to keep trading evergreen and free from impermanent loss and capital efficiency. To make this possible, Qroniswap partners with some of the industry’s leading protocols like Rubic Swap DEX for seamless cross-chain transactions. It integrates the APIs of these protocols into its smart contracts also pegged to oracles to provide swift and secure transactions and order fulfillments on Qroniswap DEX

Qroni Smart Tickets

An article by Entrepreneur predicted NFT ticketing to be the future of live events, leisure, and tourism; an experiment that has become rigid since 2022, and is already exploding the ticketing industry — generating more than $20 billion in revenue so far.

One of the challenges of digital ticketing which NFT ticketing solves is the selling of fake tickets by phishing platforms. NFT ticketing stalls this practise by introducing blockchain encryption function to managing the data of each NFT ticket in a decentralized ledger and securing proof of ownership with timestamp.

Qroni Lottery

NFT lottery is one of the latest additions to the blockchain where anyone can create a pool and mint lottery tickets all bound by smart contracts. The prices of the NFT tickets are set by the pool’s creators and can be adjusted based on demand.

Qroni Lottery will allow anyone with the Qroni Token (QNI) to mint NFT tickets, and create pools and draws. The winners of the draws will be selected randomly by smart contracts. Non-winners will have the opportunity to stake their tickets to earn rewards equivalent to their deposits.

QroniSwap Roadmap

(The Qroni team may extend the roadmap as they wish and include dates of possible completion or milestone)


  • Web application launch
  • DEX token listings
  • Beta testing


  • Multi-chain DEX partnership & integration
  • Fiat on-ramp integration
  • Raffle draw


  • CEX listing
  • NFT series launch
  • QroniLock launch
  • NFT ticketing
  • Ethereum and Solana cross-chain launch


  • Ticketing for blockchain events
  • White labeling
  • Multi-chain NFT marketplace launch
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Mobile app launch
  • Multi-layer ID integration
  • Qroni launchpad Integration
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