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Receive answers to some of your most asked questions concerning Bitcoin slots with our brief Q&A guide.

Have you thought about having a pop at Bitcoin-friendly slot machines? Perhaps you’re a bit concerned by the market or simply don’t understand how the world’s most popular internet gambling games work with BTC bets and cryptocurrency stakes? If that’s the case, worry no more. We’re here to help with this guide to your most asked Bitcoin slot questions.

What Is a Bitcoin-Friendly Casino?

Bitcoin slots are most likely to appear at Bitcoin casinos. These may be one of several things. On the one hand, they could be online casinos that only accept Bitcoin bets. On the other hand, they could be joint cryptocurrency-FIAT casinos that accept BTC and other currencies. Finally, they might be any cryptocurrency casino. Either way, these three sites are your best shot of finding BTC slots.

And a Bitcoin-Friendly Slot?

A Bitcoin-friendly slot is naturally any slot machine that allows you to wager with BTC as your currency of choice. You should be careful because some crypto casinos permit Bitcoin deposits but convert those into FIAT for gameplay. That’s not going to do you any good. Instead, you’re going to want slots that can handle BTC bets.

How do I Bet with Bitcoins on Slot Machines?

In all honesty, betting on cryptocurrency slots with Bitcoin and other digital currencies isn’t really any different than betting with a typical FIAT option, such as the US dollar or British pound sterling. After depositing, simply open the game, alter your coin values, paylines and any other options you may want to tinker with, and hit the spin button. If you’re new to cryptocurrency betting, it is worth understanding the value of BTC and other cryptos and altcoins. After all, betting 1 BTC per spin on a slot is vastly different than betting $1. How different? At least 35,000x the value. It is, therefore, imperative that you learn the value of cryptocurrencies before you bet on BTC slots.

Do Bitcoin Bonuses Work on Slots?

Online casinos that specialise in Bitcoin slots will most likely offer bonuses and promotions that can be claimed using BTC. One quick way to check is to head to the promotions page and see if the bonus can be claimed in BTC. If so, nip over to the terms and conditions page, and you should be able to see what it can be used on. Same titles may be excluded, but most slots should be perfect eligible if you want to bet with Bitcoins on slots.

Can I Win Progressive Jackpot Prizes in BTC?

That depends. When you choose to play high roller slots and progressive jackpot games, it may be that the casino pays out your winnings using a FIAT currency. That really depends on the terms and conditions found at the site. You check this before you decide to bet, though, by getting in touch with a casino’s support team. Many Bitcoin-friendly slots carry progressives that can be paid out in BTC, though.

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