5 Best Crypto YouTube Channels for Crypto Geeks

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Crypto is the future of economy and the sooner you admit it, the better it is. As the new generation has stepped into the economic and financial circle, they are making odd choices and even the older tech geeks who seem to be doing well are supporting them. Post-pandemic, as the world is on brink of an economical crash, people are pulling out of centrally sorted traditional currency. Rather, more people are investing in crypto.

Just like Forex trade, business stocks, and currency value, cryptocurrency trading prices fluctuate with every passing minute. This fluctuation means that unless you are not keeping up with the trends and have a few trading tricks up your sleeve; you will end up losing a lot of money. For these tricks and lessons, many crypto guru will charge a hefty fee that will range somewhere between 200 dollars to 1000 dollars. Although you cannot put a tag on knowledge and you are currently investing in something that will earn you billions but not everyone can afford such a substantial fee.

A good way to kick-start your career in crypto is to start your online learning. There are so many crypto-based channels on YouTube that offer all the information you need about crypto for free. These channels offer mining tips, investing tips and even help you with forex trading. If you are into crypto, you can subscribe to these channels and be notified every time there is something new. You can also customize your playlist by downloading these videos to watch on go. For the go-watch experience and notifications, you need internet accessibility at all times. Spectrum Internet is one such option, which comes with unlimited data and unlimited access to nationwide out-of-home Wi-Fi. If you are looking for such a connection and want all the details about the bundles and deals, you can check https://www.localcabledeals.com/Spectrum.

5 Best Crypto YouTube Channels for Crypto Geeks

1- BitBoy Crypto

Subscribers: 1.45 M

Recommended for: Investment-based news and updates

One of the biggest YouTube crypto channels, BitBoycrypto is known for its conversational style videos. The channel mainly focuses on investment-based news so, you know what to buy for your next investment. In addition, the channel has weekly round-up videos to keep you updated. The videos on the channel are released frequently so you can expect almost 3-4 videos per week.

Through these videos, you will get in-depth knowledge of the crypto industry, the overall analysis of the crypto industry, the golden investment opportunities, and the interviews of people who are earning big via crypto. Apart from YouTube, you will also get to see a very strong presence on Twitter where he shares tips as well.

2- Crypto Banter

Subscribers: 604 K

Recommended for: Fundamentals and beginner coverage and news .

As a beginner, you might end up getting confused about many things, especially the crypto jargon. Crypto banter is one of the best channels for beginners to cover all the fundamentals. The channel covers news and updates about investing, trading, and deep analysis, which is essential before you invest.

For daily updates, you can also check their live-streaming platform, which is dedicated to block chain news. Through live streaming, viewers can ask a question, interact with the crypto specialist and learn more. You can also find their website with the same name that publishes daily content about market updates.  

3- Jacob Crypto Bury

Subscribers: 11.1 K

Recommended for: Complete news and updates for beginners and professionals

It is a relatively new and budding channel on YouTube but for a beginner, there is a lot that you can learn. This channel covers all the essentials of block chains, including their technical information, data analysis, and trading opportunities.

The content is so simple that even a beginner who is not familiar with the crypto jargon can easily follow and learn a lot from the channel. For trading, you will get many videos that can offer you complete guidance about the price, market updates, and trending currencies. For community building, you can also join their discord server, which is free for everyone. Within the discord group, you will get to share your opinion and learn from other investors as well.

4- CryptoRUs

Subscribers: 657 K

Recommended for: Regular crypto insight for investors and traders

This channel is known to be one of the OGs in the crypto world. The channel has extensive content on almost everything related to crypto. The creator of the channel is from the field of IT so, he caught up early on the crypto trend and the evolution of his videos offers you a peek into the highs and lows of crypto. You will find a lot of expert opinions-based videos and market analysis-based videos on this channel.

CryptoRUs published content twice a day, which is ideal for someone who has opted for Crypto full-time. The first video covers the economic situation and trading analysis while the second video answers the question and has an interview with a crypto expert.  As a beginner, CryptoRUs is the ideal channel that you can learn from.

5- Altcoin Daily

Subscribers: 1.29 M

Recommended for: Daily updates about the market, trending currencies, and prices

Another OG channel with a big viewership, Altcoin Daily covers complete crypto news including daily market analysis, price analysis, digital tokens available and non-fungible tokens. The channel has extension education-based content so as a beginner you will get a lot of help. Moreover, you will have opinion pieces and interviews with some of the biggest names in the crypto industry.

In spite of the fact that most people stick to trading and investing only, if you are interested in blockchain, minding, metaverse, and technology as a whole, you are going to learn a lot from this channel. The channel also offers daily news so you can see this channel as your overall long-term growth partner in crypto.

Bottom Line

As a crypto beginner, you will find many newbies claiming to be a crypto genius. However very few have in-depth knowledge that you can utilize. The above-mentioned channels have in-depth knowledge of almost everything that a beginner needs to know.

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