What Is Argo Finance( )? Complete Guide & Review About Argo Finance

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What Is Argo Finance( )?

Argo Finance is the premier liquid staking protocol built on top of the Cronos blockchain that aims to unlock the value of all staked CRO and maximize the capital efficiency of CRO across the Crypto.com ecosystem. CRO staking has been a very attractive and low-risk way of earning yields on top of your CRO holdings, offering users 10-12% APY on staked CRO. However, staked CRO are essentially locked up and inaccessible to stakers. Stakers who wish to un stake their CRO will have to wait for a 28-days unbonding period before their CRO becomes accessible again.

CRO liquid staking, on the other hand, improves capital efficiency without compromising network security. This is made possible through the issuance of bonded CRO (“bCRO”) which is a liquid staking derivative that represents your staked CRO and can be utilized across the DeFi ecosystem in Cronos to generate additional DeFi yields.

Argo Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameArgo Finance
Short NameN/A
Total Supply 500,000,000
Max Supply500,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Argo’s Vision & North Stars

  1. 1.Unlock the value of staked CRO to be utilized across the Cronos ecosystem and drive CRO capital efficiency
  2. 2.Increase the ease of managing CRO capital efficiency and making it seamless and frictionless for users to maximize their CRO yields
  3. 3.Serve as the underlying liquidity layer for CRO and bonded CRO (“bCRO”) across the Cronos ecosystem

How does Argo work?

When you liquid stake CRO on Argo, you will receive bCRO based on the current exchange rate. bCRO is a yield-bearing asset that accrues all your CRO staking rewards. Additionally, bCRO can be used like regular CRO to earn yield farming rewards across our DeFi partners on Cronos. Note that there are no lock-ups or minimum deposits when staking with Argo

When using Argo, you will be earning CRO staking rewards in real-time, while participating in the securing of Crypto.org Chain.

What is Argo?

CRO Liquid Staking

Argo is the premiere liquid staking protocol built on top of the Cronos blockchain. You can easily stake your CRO on Argo in a single click and receive bonded CRO tokens (“bCRO”) in return.

bCRO can be subsequently used across decentralized finance (DeFi) applications across Cronos and accrue additional DeFi yields on top of CRO staking yields, essentially double-dipping and improving your capital efficiency.

You can withdraw your CRO anytime by unstaking and waiting for the unlock period. Alternatively, you can directly swap bCRO back to CRO on the secondary market.

Argo DeFi Vaults

Argo Finance DeFi Vaults is Cronos’ first one-click yield optimizer for single-sided staking CRO and allows users to earn up to 25% more APR than simply staking their CRO due to our auto-compounding and auto-yield harvesting algorithm.

Argo’s liquid staking module made it possible for users to enjoy earning CRO staking yields on Cronos and opens up the possibility of earning DeFi yields on top of that. Argo’s DeFi Vaults run strategies that aim to maximize the CRO staking yields earned by users who staked their CRO on Argo.

What is liquid staking?

Liquid staking on Argo Finance is an alternative to traditional staking with a validator. It allows you to stake your CRO on Argo and receive bonded CRO (“bCRO”). bCRO that you receive represents your staked CRO and acts as a receipt, allowing you to exchange them later on for your staked CRO and the earned rewards.

bCRO is a liquid, tokenized representation of the staker’s staked CRO. bCRO enables stakers to gain liquidity over their staked CRO and enables the locked value of the staked CRO to be utilized across decentralized finance applications across Cronos. Find out more about bCRO in the following section.

Key benefits of Argo liquid staking


Argo Finance offers a simple and one-click liquid staking feature for users to stake CRO on Cronos. Currently, there are no CRO staking option on Cronos. Argo not only makes it possible to stake CRO on Cronos but extremely easy and seamless as well.

Capital Efficiency

With a fully liquid derivative token (bCRO), users are opened up to the possibility of using their staked assets across other DeFi applications. Users no longer have to choose between staking CRO (locking up CRO) or using that asset value as liquidity across decentralized exchanges or provided as collateral in lending platforms. You can now earn DeFi yields on top of staking yields.

Argo DeFi Vaults

Argo Finance will be implementing proprietary strategy vaults to optimize CRO yields and will be a gamechanger to the dynamics of CRO staking. As a protocol, goals are aligned with you, our community. We want to seamlessly maximize your CRO yields, and with that, they will be introducing the first-ever CRO strategy vaulting solution on Cronos accessible to both new and native DeFi users.

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