10 Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50 In 2024

by Cws Team

Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50 Investors looking for AI company stocks under $50 should consider NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA), one of the leading players in both AI and semiconductor industries with an emphasis on graphics processing units (GPUs) used for AI applications.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMD) offers GPUs and CPUs essential to AI technologies. Investors might also explore the potential of IBM (NYSE: IBM), an established tech titan that is actively expanding its AI capabilities.

Though stock prices can fluctuate, these companies provide investors with strong growth potential in the AI sector at prices under $50 per share. It is essential to conduct thorough research before making any definitive decisions and to carefully consider your investment goals and risk tolerance before taking any actions.

What is Ai Company Stocks?

AI company stocks refer to publicly-traded companies engaged in the research, development, deployment and use of artificial intelligence (AI). Such companies may operate across a variety of industries – technology, healthcare, finance or automotive are just some. AI encompasses machine learning technologies like natural language processing and computer vision which enable machines to perform tasks that traditionally required human intelligence.

AI companies produce software, hardware or services related to artificial intelligence (AI), with stock prices determined by factors like financial performance, technological innovations, market trends and overall growth potential. Due to AI’s fast growth and transformative nature, it often forms part of investors’ portfolios as it has the power to disrupt multiple industries while creating significant shareholder value.

What are the Advantages of Investing in AI Stocks?

Investment in AI stocks may provide investors with numerous advantages, such as:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an expanding field that spans across industries like technology, healthcare, finance and automotive. Companies developing AI technologies may experience substantial growth as adoption grows over time.

AI can transform industries and markets. Investing in AI stocks may allow investors to benefit from these transformative changes and potentially capitalise on them.

Innovative AI Companies Are Market Leaders: Companies on the forefront of AI innovation tend to lead their respective industries. By investing in these firms, investors gain exposure to cutting-edge technologies while also giving themselves an advantage in the market.

Diversification: By including AI stocks in an investment portfolio, AI companies may help reduce risks by operating in different fields than conventional investments and potentially decreasing portfolio volatility.

Long-Term Trends: AI is not simply a short-term trend but rather a lasting technological development, so investing in AI stocks may align with a long-term outlook as AI will likely remain pivotal to shaping many industries and fields over time.

Potential for Profitability: Artificial intelligence companies have the ability to reduce costs, enhance decision-making processes, and ultimately increase shareholder value – leading to potential for greater profits and shareholder wealth.

Exposure to Emerging Markets: AI stocks offer exposure to emerging markets where AI adoption is expanding quickly, such as China with its established AI ecosystem.

Dividends and Share Buybacks: Many established AI companies provide dividends or engage in share buyback programs to their shareholders as an income and potential capital appreciation stream.

Here is List Of Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50

1. C3.ai (AI)

2. Palantir Technologies (PLTR)

3. Tencent Holdings (TCEHY)

4. Intel Corporation (INTC) 

5. Rekor Systems (REKR)

6. Lantern Pharma (LTRN)

7. SoundHound AI (SOUN) 

8. Canaan Inc. (CAN)

9. Himax Technologies (HIMX) 

10. Evolv Technologies (EVLV) 

10 Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50 In 2024

1. C3.ai (AI)

Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50 C3.ai (NYSE: AI) is a leader in enterprise AI solutions, offering cutting-edge software platforms designed to accelerate application development, drive digital transformation and uncover actionable business insights for organizations.

C3.ai (AI)

Established by Tom Siebel – an accomplished former Oracle executive – in 2009, C3.ai quickly established itself as an innovative leader within enterprise-scale AI solutions by harnessing artificial intelligence’s transformative power and helping organizations stay innovative and competitive in today’s increasingly data-driven landscape.

2. Palantir Technologies (PLTR) (Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50)

Palantir Technologies (NYSE: PLTR) is a notable player in the realm of big data analytics software, catering to government agencies, defense organizations, and prominent corporations. Since its inception in 2003, Palantir has been at the forefront of enabling organizations to integrate and extract valuable insights from extensive and diverse data sources.

Palantir Technologies (PLTR) (Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50)

Their commitment to staying at the cutting edge of technology is evident through substantial investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, augmenting their core data analytics platforms. This dedication has earned Palantir a robust reputation and strong brand recognition in the dynamic field of data mining and analytics.

3. Tencent Holdings (TCEHY)

Tencent Holdings (OTC: TCEHY), one of China’s premier technology conglomerates and one of the world’s largest AI companies, boasts over one billion monthly active users on WeChat alone. Through this application and others within.

Tencent Holdings (TCEHY)

Tencent’s diverse portfolio (digital content, gaming, financial services, cloud computing, advertising units), Tencent’s commitment to artificial intelligence highlights its status as an innovative leader shaping future AI-powered services and innovations globally.

4. Intel Corporation (INTC) (Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50)

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), one of the world’s premier semiconductor chip producers, holds its position as a worldwide market leader with extensive contributions made in technology industries around the world. Intel has made significant investments in artificial intelligence (AI) chips as part of its strategic investment in future-ready data centers, personal computers and edge devices.

Intel Corporation (INTC) (Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50)

An impressive manifestation of this dedication is Habana Labs’ acquisition for $2 billion in 2019. Intel introduced its Neural Network Processors for Inference (NNP-I) family of AI accelerators in 2021, further emphasizing its dedication to AI technology development. Notably, Mobileye, Intel’s specialty division for autonomous vehicle-specific AI chips crafted by Mobileye is proof of Intel’s crucial role in shaping the landscape for artificial intelligence across industries.

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5. Rekor Systems (REKR)

Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50 Rekor Systems (NASDAQ: REKR) is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge video recognition technologies that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Rekor specializes in providing innovative software solutions that enable thorough traffic analyses using camera feeds.

Rekor Systems (REKR)

Rekor Systems’ technology goes far beyond basic video recognition capabilities, enabling the identification of license plates and even specific vehicle make and model details, demonstrating AI’s potential in improving surveillance, security, and transportation management systems. Rekor’s dedication to developing video recognition via AI shows its transformative potential across various industries such as law enforcement, smart cities and logistics.

6. Lantern Pharma (LTRN) (Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50)

Lantern Pharma (NASDAQ: LTRN) is an innovative biotechnology company using AI to revolutionize cancer drug discovery. At the core of Lantern’s approach lies machine learning’s use to identify biomarkers that may predict drug responses and treatment efficacy, and with prostate, lung, and pancreatic cancers as key targets, Lantern is actively advancing drug candidates for treatment.

Lantern Pharma (LTRN) (Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50)

Lantern Pharma stands out from its competition with its cutting-edge RADR AI platform, which carefully analyzes data from past clinical trial failures to uncover reasons behind their shortcomings and increase future drug development efforts. With AI-driven precision medicine and data analysis as its cornerstones, this innovative combination makes Lantern Pharma an important ally in fighting cancer.

7. SoundHound AI (SOUN) 

SoundHound AI (NASDAQ: SOUN) is a leading provider of conversational AI technology and voice assistants that facilitate seamless interactions between humans and devices via natural language conversations. SoundHound’s proprietary platform serves as a foundation for numerous voice AI assistants, including high-profile collaborations such as Mercedes-Benz MB Pro, Hyundai Intelligent Personal Agent and being an essential element of Samsung Bixby.

SoundHound AI (SOUN) 

SoundHound’s technology goes well beyond personal assistants; its voice commerce platform streamlines shopping experiences, facilitates drive-thru ordering at quick service restaurants, and enhances smart speakers’ functionality – making SoundHound a key player in today’s ever-evolving voice-enabled technology landscape.

8. Canaan Inc. (CAN) (Top Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50)

Canaan (NASDAQ: CAN) stands as a significant force in cryptocurrency mining, with expertise in producing bitcoin mining machines featuring unique artificial intelligence features. At the core of their offerings lies ASIC chips carefully optimized for crypto mining, taking advantage of AI to produce cutting-edge mining rigs. Canaan extends their services beyond mining equipment by expanding into AI-related sectors.

Canaan Inc. (CAN) (Top Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50)

Their offering includes AI servers for distributed computing, intelligent robots and training systems – an impressive statistic which speaks for itself when combined with Canaan’s impressive shipment of over 10 million AI chips to date – underscoring Canaan’s commitment to creating groundbreaking AI technologies and their important role in cryptocurrency industry.

9. Himax Technologies (HIMX)

Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50 Himax Technologies (NASDAQ: HIMX) is an industry-leading semiconductor solution provider for AI image processing. Their innovative offerings enhance computer vision capabilities across applications like automotive, surveillance, augmented reality, smart homes and AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things).

Himax Technologies (HIMX)

Himax’s cutting-edge technology plays a crucial role in improving visual perception and intelligence within these applications, ultimately driving growth and efficiency within industries reliant upon advanced image processing and computer vision technologies. 

10. Evolv Technologies (EVLV) (Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50)

Evolv Technologies (NASDAQ:EVLV) is at the forefront of revolutionizing security screening with their cutting-edge AI touchless security screening systems. Utilizing artificial intelligence, Evolv’s advanced systems boast remarkable abilities to detect concealed threats and weapons within crowds without the use of traditional metal detectors.

Evolv Technologies (EVLV) (Best Ai Company Stocks To Buy Under $50)

Evolv Technologies is making strides forward in security technology with their cutting-edge AI-powered touchless screening process for large gatherings, public spaces and critical infrastructure. Their innovation represents a milestone advancement for safety measures while streamlining screening procedures. Evolv is setting new standards in security by using AI to reimagine screening practices while revolutionizing how we ensure safety today.

What are the Risks of Investing in AI Stocks?

But investors must carefully assess the risks involved with investing in AI shares. Some technologies remain in their infancy, making it hard to determine who will become winners and losers in terms of capitalizing on potential opportunities.

Mr North outlines: “Among the potential drawbacks of artificial intelligence are high initial setup costs, risks to human employment, complex algorithms that evade regulatory oversight and the possibility that humanity could one day be overtaken by artificial intelligence.

“From an investing perspective, this new area should be expected to experience volatility – just like tech stocks during the dot com bubble and crypto currencies today. Prices of investments may fluctuate considerably.”

Due to these risks, investing in AI companies should only form part of a diversified investment portfolio. Investors may wish to explore other alternatives like investing in an AI-related fund (which we cover more extensively below).


Overall, investors with budgets under $50 per share looking for opportunities in AI have numerous enticing options to consider when searching for investments within this space. Companies such as NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA), Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMD), IBM (NYSE: IBM), Palantir Technologies (NYSE:PLTR) and Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) provide exposure to artificial intelligence as it develops.

These companies are actively engaging in AI development, making headway across different industries from semiconductors and software to healthcare and autonomous vehicles. Emerging players such as Lantern Pharma (NASDAQ: LTRN), SoundHound AI (NASDAQ: SOUN), Canaan (NASDAQ: CAN), Himax Technologies (NASDAQ: HIMX) and Evolv Technologies (NASDAQ: EVLV) all provide special opportunities in niche AI markets.

While stock prices may fluctuate, these companies give investors the ability to take advantage of AI innovation without breaking the bank, making them appealing investments for those looking to diversify their portfolio and capitalize on artificial intelligence’s growth. It is, of course, important for investors to conduct thorough research, assess risk tolerance levels and consult financial advisors prior to making any investment decisions.


What are AI company stocks?

AI company stocks are shares of publicly traded companies that are actively involved in the development, deployment, or utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. These companies can come from various industries and offer investors the opportunity to participate in the growth of the AI sector.

Why invest in AI company stocks under $50?

Investing in AI company stocks under $50 can be appealing because it allows investors with a limited budget to gain exposure to the AI industry. While stock prices can fluctuate, some AI companies with stock prices under $50 may still offer strong growth potential.

What are some AI companies to consider under $50 per share?

Some AI companies with stocks trading under $50 per share include NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA), Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD), IBM (IBM), Palantir Technologies (PLTR), Intel (INTC), Lantern Pharma (LTRN), SoundHound AI (SOUN), Canaan (CAN), Himax Technologies (HIMX), and Evolv Technologies (EVLV).

How can I research AI company stocks?

To research AI company stocks, you can start by studying their financial reports, understanding their business models, and assessing their growth prospects in the AI industry. You can also keep up with news and developments in the AI sector to make informed investment decisions.

What are the risks of investing in AI company stocks under $50?

The risks of investing in AI company stocks include market volatility, individual stock performance, competition, regulatory changes, and the potential for technology disruption. It’s important to conduct due diligence and consider your risk tolerance before investing.

Are AI company stocks a good long-term investment?

AI company stocks can be a good long-term investment for investors who believe in the growth potential of the AI industry. However, like all investments, it’s essential to have a diversified portfolio and a long-term investment strategy.

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