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by Henary Uttam

Cryptocurrency started as a niche interest but has quickly become one of the most prominent financial phenomena in history. With its rapid growth and millions of people investing in digital assets, staying up-to-date with new releases is crucial. That’s where crypto information apps come in handy; they provide real-time data, news stories, analysis, and insights which help both beginners and experienced investors to make informed decisions about their investments.

These applications can also be used for tracking market prices or learning about trends and news within the industry among other things — essentially anything that involves dealing with this complex world! In this article we are going to go through what I believe are the top ten best apps for crypto information each with their own unique features that will keep you ahead in your cryptocurrency trading game.

Here’s a feature table comparing some of the key features of the mentioned apps that provide cryptocurrency information

AppKey Features
CoinMarketCap– Extensive cryptocurrency data
– Price tracking, market cap, volume
– Portfolio management
CryptoCompare– Real-time pricing
– Historical data and charts
– Community and content
CoinGecko– Price tracking, market analysis
– Developer and community activity data
– Liquidity scoring
Blockfolio– Detailed portfolio tracking
– News and alerts customization
– Supports numerous cryptocurrencies
Crypto Pro– Privacy-focused (stores data locally)
– Price alerts
– News aggregator
Delta– Portfolio tracking and performance metrics
– Price alerts
– Sync across multiple devices
CoinStats– Portfolio tracking
– Crypto news, price alerts
– Wallet and exchange integration
CoinTelegraph– Cryptocurrency news and analysis
– Customizable news feed
– Price tracking features
Binance– Cryptocurrency exchange with a wide range of coins
– Trading capabilities
– Staking options
TradingView– Advanced charting tools
– Social networking features
– Wide range of markets and indicators

10 Best App For Crypto Information

1. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap, a primary cryptocurrency information site, provides users with an in-depth analysis of how the value of various digital currencies. It offers real-time market capitalization data along with pricing, traded volumes and percentage changes for each coin or token.


Its design allows for easy navigation between different cryptocurrencies’ charts and overall market trends. The vastness of its database is appreciated by many investors who use it as an initial source when looking into new investments on this type of website.

2. CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare is a platform that gives detailed insights into cryptocurrency markets. In addition to tracking prices, it also provides information about trading volumes, liquidity and market sentiment among others.


This tool is essential not only for beginners but also experienced traders; through mining profitability comparisons or listing down wallet providers/exchanges etc., one can have all-round knowledge before deciding what best suits them while trading on Bitcoin (BTC) or any other coin they may be interested in exchanging.

3. CoinGecko

CoinGecko stands out because it tracks more than just prices; it looks at community growth indicators such as open-source code development activity numbers alongside major events calendars like conferences held worldwide over time periods X-Y where Z number people attended each event as well as on-chain metrics such as transaction volume number of unique addresses interacting with the blockchain within 24 hours etcetera thereby giving users further insight beyond just following their money’s worth alone when investing via said platform.


4. Blockfolio

Blockfolio is a very popular mobile application used in managing cryptocurrency portfolios. It enables tracking of several cryptocurrencies, giving in-depth price data, market information, news updates and price alerts.


Investors can key in their transactions manually and get real-time profit/loss updates which makes it a personalized finance manager for crypto investors. Its user-friendly nature and strong alert system also make it an imperative tool for traders who need to trade while on the move.

5. Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro is a privacy-centered all-in-one cryptocurrency tracking app. It supports price tracking of multiple cryptocurrencies across different exchanges; even integrates with Apple Watch for on-the-go update.

Crypto Pro

What users love most about it is that one can track portfolio performance in real-time without compromising data security since all the data is stored locally on their device. For Apple fans, Crypto Pro provides a seamless and secured method of managing their crypto investments.

6. Delta

Delta is another widely-used portfolio tracker that supports many cryptocurrencies. It prides itself with clean user interface as well as features which lets users monitor not only their investments but also analyze profits, losses and how individual coins are performing in general – something few other apps offer.


Delta’s ability to sync portfolio across various devices particularly stands out for people trading on different platforms or using several devices simultaneously.

7. CoinStats

CoinStats is a flexible crypto portfolio tracking and research app that allows users to follow their own portfolios as well as access a vast amount of market data and news.


The app connects with exchanges and wallet addresses directly to automate portfolio updates, saving time and increasing accuracy. CoinStats also keeps users updated about the wider crypto market with news alerts among other things which makes it an all-round tool for everyday use.

8. CoinTelegraph

CoinTelegraph is one of the top digital media resources covering blockchain and cryptocurrency industries’ latest news. It provides detailed analysis, reviews, trends, technologies shaping the industry and companies involved.


With its sleek illustrations combined with wide-ranging coverage; CoinTelegraph becomes a must-read for both professionals within this space or those interested from outside.

9. Binance

Binance is more than just another cryptocurrency exchange; it’s also a knowledge center. This platform offers multiple services like trading (spot/futures), staking etc., educational materials aimed at helping people understand and invest in digital assets such as cryptocurrencies among others.


For traders seeking deep insights into market moves through thorough technical analysis supported by comprehensive market charts displaying coin information coupled with regular updates then Binance should be part of your arsenal.

10. TradingView

TradingView serves as a powerful charting tool used extensively by traders in both traditional financial markets as well as those dealing exclusively with cryptocurrencies). It has numerous customizable beginner-friendly charting tools suitable even for advanced traders alongside various indicators plus drawing instruments necessary for studying trends within different markets before making predictions about them.


Moreover, TradingView comes across more like social network since its community features enable users not only share ideas but also learn from one another’s strategies thus adding fun aspect into trading process itself .

How do I choose the right app for me?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an application for crypto information. Reliability of data can be considered by looking at whether it comes from exchanges or reputable news sites like Reuters; while user interface/experience should not be underestimated – simple things such as swipes saving time can go a long way towards minimizing complexity in monitoring investments made on various platforms all over town…

Then there’s additional functionality – price alerts may come handy if paired them together with portfolio tracking features within one single app. News aggregation too could prove very useful especially during busy times where keeping up might seem impossible otherwise Security also matters; ensure strong measures have been put in place so as not only protect personal info against hackers but also safeguard against phishing attempts etcetera then finally reviews/ratings left behind by users themselves ought never be ignored since they tend reflect actual performance levels experienced during use.


With cryptocurrencies being highly volatile assets, having fast access to accurate information is key if you want to succeed at making profits off these digital coins. The ten apps listed above have been designed specifically for individuals who would like nothing more than being well-informed about what is going on in the crypto market space therefore enabling them come up with strategic investment decisions based off that alone.

Whether it’s tracking prices live, getting comprehensive coverage of news stories related directly or indirectly towards bitcoin etc., conducting detailed analyses concerning different markets being traded on by traders worldwide among other things; there will always be an application fitting your needs perfectly from this list.

Data reliability should always be taken into account hence one must ensure only using sources that are highly reliable and safe too such as exchanges like Coinbase or respected news outlets like Reuters for instance.

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