10 Best Crypto Curency Tracker For Iphone

by Cws Team

In this article, I will delve into the realm of cryptocurrency tracking applications tailored specifically for iPhone users, aiming to uncover the most efficient and user-friendly option available in the ever-expanding landscape of digital assets.

From real-time price updates to comprehensive portfolio management features, finding the ideal crypto tracker app can significantly enhance your investment journey and keep you informed in this fast-paced market. Join me as we explore the top contenders and ultimately crown the best crypto currency tracker for iPhone users.

How To Choose Best Crypto Curency Tracker For Iphone?

User Interface: Choose an app that has a good design, which will make it easy to use and navigate through different functions quickly.

Coin Coverage: Ensure that the application supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies in order to keep track of all your investments effectively.

Real-Time Updates: Look for real-time price updates and customizable alerts to help you stay informed about market changes as they happen.

Portfolio Management: Select an application with powerful tools for managing portfolios so that you can easily monitor performance across different assets types or categories.

Additional Features: In addition to this consider news integration capabilities; security features such as multi-factor authentication or end-to-end encryption; compatibility with other devices like tablets or smartphones running on different operating systems (iOS/Android), etc.

Reviews And Recommendations: Read reviews from other users who have tested out various apps before making a decision; check recommendations given by reliable sources like financial experts who know what they are talking about when it comes down to these things!

Security: Make sure that whichever app you settle on has put in place robust security measures which will protect against hacking or any unauthorized access into your accounts.

Here Is List Of Best Crypto Curency Tracker For Iphone

Blockfolio offers a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and management tool that provides real-time market data, news and alerts.

CoinStats is a powerful cryptocurrency portfolio tracker with features such as portfolio tracking, price alerts and news aggregator.

Delta is an easy to use cryptocurrency portfolio tracker which offers real-time market data, portfolio analytics and price alerts.

Crypto Pro provides live prices for cryptocurrencies, portfolio tracking, news and price alerts Ccustomizable notifications

The CoinGecko iPhone app gives you a great overview of the cryptocurrency market. Prices are given for all coins in addition to market capitalization and trading volume information.

BitUniverse is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that lets you track your investments in real time. You can also manage your portfolios manually or automatically with it’s automated trading feature

CoinTracker is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that automatically syncs transactions from exchanges and wallets. It provides accurate insights into portfolios where users can monitor their gains or losses over time.

Crypto Tracker by BitScreener gives you real-time prices on cryptocurrencies. It also allows for portfolio tracking and news aggregation in an easy-to-use interface.

Coin Ticker watches the prices of cryptocurrencies in real-time. It tracks every coin’s value against any currency pair including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) & more! Choose which ones you want notifications for so you never miss out when they rise or fall too much!

CoinFolio is an iOS application designed to help users keep track of their cryptocurrency investments. Market data is provided in real-time along with customizable price alerts

Best Crypto Curency Tracker For Iphone Overview

1. Blockfolio

For iPhone users, Blockfolio is one of the best cryptocurrency trackers and it provides a wide range of features which make managing digital asset portfolios easy. It has a user-friendly design that allows people to monitor real-time prices effortlessly, track their favorite cryptocurrencies’ performance over time and get immediate price alerts whenever they want. Besides supporting many coins and tokens,


this app also gives up-to-date market data so that individuals can have insights which will help them make wise investment decisions even when they are on the move. No matter if you’re an experienced trader or just a casual investor, with its intuitive interface along with robust functionality, there is no doubt why anyone would choose Blockfolio for keeping tabs on their investments in cryptocurrencies.

2. CoinStats

When it comes to iPhone enthusiasts, CoinStats ranks among the best cryptocurrency trackers that offer a platform for managing digital asset portfolios without stress. The real time updates on coin prices, market trends and portfolio performance are provided by this sleek and friendly app. It also allows you to track your investments easily with customizable price alerts while giving detailed analysis for decision making about what you hold in an understandable manner too!


They have a wide range of coins covered in their database so be sure nothing will pass through without being noticed – even if it’s your favourite crypto! Whether one has been trading for years or just starting out; intuitive features coupled with accurate information are what will help them survive any stormy seas encountered along the way when dealing with cryptocurrencies as such is CoinStats.

3. Delta

Delta is a top-notch cryptocurrency tracker for iPhone users. It has an intuitive, seamless platform that lets people keep tabs on their digital asset portfolios easily. With a friendly interface and robust features, Delta shows live changes in prices of cryptocurrencies as well as market trends and portfolio performance. You can track investments effortlessly; establish customized price notifications; or study detailed insights for better decision-making on your holdings.


This app’s coin database is vast enough to cover many different types of virtual currencies so you get accurate information about what matters most among them at any given time. If you are new trader or just like to dabble occasionally with investments then Delta will still prove invaluable due its wide-ranging tools and dependable data that help navigate the ever-changing landscape presented by these financial instruments known as digital tokens – commonly called “cryptos.”

4. Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro is a high-level digital money monitor made for iPhone clients, giving an exhaustive stage to oversee advanced resource portfolios. This platform gives ongoing data on crypto costs, market patterns and portfolio execution through an attractive easy-to-understand interface. With Crypto Pro, you can follow ventures easily set custom value alarms and settle on educated choices about your possessions utilizing top to bottom examination.

Crypto Pro

It covers various cryptos in its broad coin database so you can have precise refreshed data about your number one computerized resources consistently. Regardless of whether you are a specialist broker or beginner financial backer these highlights combined with its instinctive plan will go far in assisting you with exploring the intricate universe of cryptographic money markets.

5. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is an iPhone cryptocurrency tracker that has been designed to be exceptional hence it offers a complete system to allow effortless control of digital assets portfolios. CoinGecko provides real-time updates on prices of cryptocurrencies, market trends and portfolio performance through its user-friendly interface with many features. Investors can easily follow their investments, establish custom alerts and get detailed analysis for making informed decisions about their holdings.


CoinGecko has one of the most extensive coin databases across various cryptos ensuring that users get up-to-date information on any digital asset they prefer. Whether you know everything or nothing when it comes trading with these coins; whether old or new in this field then without doubt robustness together with reliability in data makes CoinGeckko more than just necessary but also invaluable while trying to navigate through ever changing worlds around your Iphone so said above by them!

6. BitUniverse

For iPhone users, BitUniverse is a remarkable cryptocurrency tracker that offers a versatile platform for managing digital asset portfolios effectively. It has an easy-to-use interface and many features, which provide real-time updates about the prices of cryptocurrencies, market trends and portfolio performance among other things. With this application investors can track their investments easily, set alerts based on their preferences as well as get access to detailed analytics necessary for making informed decisions regarding their holdings.


The coins covered by BitUniverse are wide-ranging so it ensures users have accurate and current information about different types of digital currencies they might be interested in. Whether you are new or experienced in trading with cryptocurrencies, this tool is essential because its strong functionality combined with user-friendly design helps navigate through constantly changing iPhone’s crypto world better than anything else available on the market.

7. CoinTracker

CoinTracker is an excellent tracking system for cryptocurrencies, particularly designed for iPhone users. It gives a smooth way of managing digital asset portfolios. CoinTracker offers live updates on cryptocurrency prices, market trends and portfolio performance through its easy-to-use interface and extensive features. Investors can follow their investments easily, synchronize transactions from wallets and exchanges as well as gain detailed insights to enable them make decisions based on what they own.


Accuracy and convenience are ensured by the automatic syncing function of CoinTracker while supporting many types of cryptocurrencies ensures users get updated about their favorite digital assets. Whether you are a casual investor or an experienced trader, this application has strong features that will help you keep track with your iPhone based crypto wallet investment activities better than any other tool in the market nowdays.

8. Crypto Tracker by BitScreener

For iPhone users who love cryptocurrency, BitScreener’s Coin Ticker is the best choice. It has been specially designed for this purpose and provides an efficient way of managing digital assets. The reason behind its success is the simplicity in its design that makes it easy to use while still being feature-rich.

It can show you real-time updates on prices of different types of cryptocurrencies as well as market trends among other things like how your portfolio is performing overall compared to others’.

Crypto Tracker by BitScreener

One can keep track of their investments seamlessly or set up personalized notifications which will be sent when certain conditions are met; they may also get access to detailed analytics so that they can make better decisions regarding what coins should be bought or sold, etcetera.

With a wide range of supported coins, Coin Ticker ensures that all users are provided with accurate information about any given cryptocurrency at any time. Experienced traders and beginners alike find this app useful because it acts as a one-stop-shop for everything related to crypto trading

9. Coin Ticker

Coin Ticker is among the most excellent cryptocurrency trackers for iPhones. It was created to help users manage their digital asset portfolios more efficiently. The platform has a sleek design with powerful features that allow users to receive real-time updates on prices of cryptocurrencies, market trends as well as portfolio performance.

Coin Ticker

Investors can easily keep track of their investments, set custom price alerts and get detailed analytics which will enable them make informed decisions about what they are holding onto. For instance if someone needs accurate information about any type of cryptocurrency at any given time then they should consider using Coin Ticker since its coin database is vast hence providing updated information on various coins frequently which can be useful for beginners in crypto trading or experienced traders

who want to try out different altcoins depending on their market knowledge level at that particular moment while still using the same application. Even if you’re not actively trading but only watching the markets, this app’s simplicity coupled with its trustworthy data ensures that it remains an essential guide when traversing through different cryptocurrency exchanges via your iPhone.

10. CoinFolio

CoinFolio is an outstanding cryptocurrency tracker for iPhone users that was created with them in mind as it offers a complete system for managing digital assets easily. It provides users with real-time updates on cryptocurrency prices and market trends among other things through its user-friendly interface and powerful features. Coinfoliio lets people track their investments effortlessly by setting up custom alerts while also giving them access to more detailed analytics so they can make informed decisions about what they should do with their holdings.


The range of coins covered by CoinFolio ensures accurate information is given out about various cryptocurrencies which are constantly updated too thus making sure one has the latest details at all times. If you have been around cryptos for some time or are new into this space then the simplicity in design together with trustworthy data provided by CoinFolio will keep it as part of must-have apps on your iPhone if not the only one for keeping up-to-date with everything related to your crypto portfolio’s performance on iPhone.

How Does a Crypto Curency Tracker For Iphone Work?

Typically, a cryptocurrency tracker for iPhone uses APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) provided by cryptocurrency exchanges and market data sources. Here’s an outline of what it does:

Data Collection: The tracker gathers information from different cryptocurrencies exchanges and market sources such as real-time prices, trading volumes, market capitalization among others.

Input From User: What the user does is feed this app with how much of which cryptocurrency they have. They can do this manually by entering transactions like purchases, sales or transfers or use APIs to connect their exchange accounts and wallets for automatic synchronization.

Portfolio Organization: All digital assets owned by the user are cataloged by the tracker. It does this by computing their total value at current market rates and also shows how well or bad the portfolio has performed over time.

Events As They Happen: Prices of cryptocurrencies keep on changing within seconds hence the need for real-time updates in such applications. Additionally users can check recent trends in terms of trading volumes etcetera.

Price Warnings: Whenever a certain price level is reached by any coin being tracked in this system then an alert will be sent out so that people know what’s happening around them which might affect their investments negatively or positively depending on interpretation given.

Information & News: Apart from tracking prices some apps also aggregate news articles about digital money coins giving readers latest happenings concerning virtual currencies globally thus enabling them stay updated with all events affecting their investment decisions.

Personalisation Features: People may decide to customize these trackers depending on how many coins one wants to follow closely among other things like setting up watchlists so that only specific ones appear each time they open app plus there’re various options available when it comes to display settings too.

Safety Measures: For security reasons encryption protocols are employed within such programs while secure connections ensure safety during transmission stages; two-factor authentication may likewise be enabled as one more way through which individuals can protect their accounts from unauthorized access since we live in times where everything gets hacked easily.

In summary, an iphone-based crypto tracking tool allows individuals track their investment performance vis-a-vis the market as well giving them insights on when best buy, sell or hold digital assets.

What Is Look For In Best Crypto Curency Tracker For Iphone?

Two-Factor Authentication: Enhanced security is supported by two-factor authentication.

Biometric Authentication: Secure access is allowed with biometric authentication (e.g., Face ID, Touch ID).

Backup and Recovery: There are options to back up and recover account information.

Multi-Platform Sync: Data can be synced across many platforms so that it can be accessed easily.

Customizable Watchlists: It lets users create watch lists of their choice which is used for tracking different cryptocurrencies.

Price Alerts: This feature permits setting alerts for prices of specific cryptocurrencies.

Trading Pair Information: Provides details about trading pairs such as volume traded in the last 24 hours or highest price reached during the same period for example;

Exchange Integration: It makes easy trading possible by being compatible with most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Best Crypto Curency Tracker For Iphone


Accessibility: Anytime, anywhere monitoring is possible with iPhone cryptocurrency tracking apps. They provide investors with the chance to receive current information about prices and market trends through their mobile devices.

User-Friendly Interface: Most interfaces are easy to navigate because they have been designed with the user in mind. Users find it easy to track their investment portfolios and access relevant information.

Customization: Alerts can be set up, assets organized and cryptocurrencies selected for tracking. This way users can personalize their tracker according to what works best for them.

Convenience: iPhones allow management of portfolios on the go thereby keeping people updated about their investments without necessarily having a computer nearby.

Real-Time Updates: Instantaneous updates regarding changes in value or any other related event of digital currencies are given by these applications hence empowering investors to make informed decisions when buying, selling or holding assets.


Screen Size Limitation: iPhones come with relatively smaller screens which may not show all the necessary details at once. In comparison to tablets and desktop computers, it can be inconvenient for users who need to see comprehensive data on one screen.

Internet Connection Reliance: Real-time data accessibility is dependent on availability of internet connection for iPhone cryptocurrency trackers which could be an issue in areas with weak network coverage or during travel to remote places without access points nearby.

Battery Drainage: Consistently updating background applications that fetch real time data may consume much power from the battery of an iPhone used as a device for monitoring crypto currencies leading to quick depletion especially if left running unattended over long periods.

Security Issues: Unauthorized persons may gain entry into personal accounts linked through exchange platforms or wallets while utilizing such apps even though they might have put measures in place against this possibility thus putting some sensitive information at risk being leaked out elsewhere by hackers who manage breaking through those defenses somehow

Few Features: There could be certain limitations on functionalities provided by various brands’ versions meant specifically designed for use on iphones where it may not be possible to employ advanced graphical representations during analysis or incorporate several different exchange platforms as would be required by professional traders.


In summary, choosing the most ideal iPhone cryptocurrency tracker means taking into account a number of elements which are unique to each person. Every feature is important for bettering your ability to track and manage investments made in digital money; therefore it should not matter whether they offer friendly interfaces or have wide coin coverage or give real-time updates or take strong security precautions.

People need to evaluate these things well plus do some digging themselves so that they can know what’s good for them when selecting an app among others which could be used as their investment targets are realized throughout the ever-changing environment characterized by various forms of electronic cash accessible through iPhones.


Which is the best iPhone cryptocurrency tracker?

The top-rated iPhone cryptocurrency trackers vary by user, but some of the most popular ones are CoinStats, Blockfolio, Crypto Pro and Delta.

How do I select a suitable cryptocurrency tracker for my iPhone?

When choosing a cryptocurrency tracker for your iPhone, you should evaluate factors like real-time updates, portfolio tracking features, security measures taken by the app publisher or developer(s), coin coverage ratio among others.

Do I have to pay to use an iPhone app that tracks cryptocurrencies?

Most apps that track cryptocurrencies on iPhones have free versions offering basic services while others require subscription fees for premium packages or ad-free interfaces.

Can I trade cryptocurrencies on my iPhone through the tracker app?

A number of cryptocurrency tracking applications allow direct trading within them since they integrate with various exchanges. However, there are other apps which lack this functionality altogether.

Are price updates on iPhone-based crypto tracking apps accurate?

Price updates on most crypto trackers for iPhones are reliable because they source their data from reputable exchanges and other relevant sources in real time (RT); though sometimes there might be slight disparities due to market volatility or technical glitches.

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