7 Best Crypto Tax Software In India 

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Best Crypto Tax Software In India was in the process of formulating regulations and guidelines regarding cryptocurrency taxation, making it essential that you access up-to-date information and consult with a tax professional for advice regarding crypto tax software in India. However, when choosing crypto tax software it’s essential to select a platform with comprehensive reporting and compliance features, integrates with Indian tax laws, and offers user-friendly interfaces. ClearTax, Quicko and ZebPay were popular options among Indian cryptocurrency enthusiasts for managing their tax liabilities. Staying abreast of India’s ever-evolving crypto tax landscape can help ensure an informed choice is made.

What is Crypto Tax?

Crypto tax refers to the system of taxation applied to transactions involving cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It treats them as taxable entities subject to various forms of taxation – most often capital gains and income tax. Individuals or businesses that engage in cryptocurrency-related activities such as buying, selling, trading, or receiving them as payment may be required by their governments to report these transactions as well as any associated gains or income.

Tax regulations on cryptocurrency vary significantly across countries, making it essential for participants in the crypto space to fully comprehend and comply with local tax regulations. Accurate record-keeping as well as professional advice or software designed specifically to tackle tax obligations are paramount to accurate reporting and tax obligations compliance.

Here Is List Of Best Crypto Tax Software In India 

  • Koinly
  • Cryptio
  • TokenTax 
  • CryptoTaxCalculator
  • ATANI 
  • Descrypt 
  • TaxBit 

7 Best Crypto Tax Software In India 

1. Koinly

Koinly was one of the more widely-used cryptocurrency tax software options used by individuals and businesses alike in India to manage their cryptocurrency tax reporting. Koinly offered features like automated tracking of crypto transactions from multiple exchanges, wallet integrations and real-time tax calculations – plus users could import their crypto transaction data and generate tax reports to easily determine capital gains and losses.


However, the cryptocurrency tax landscape in India was rapidly evolving with various government regulations considering various aspects of cryptocurrency taxation and reporting requirements. Therefore, the consulting a tax professional regularly and keeping abreast of changes to Indian crypto tax regulations so you remain compliant with any changes or updates in laws regarding reporting crypto taxes in India. Koinly or another crypto tax software should continue meeting your reporting needs within India; stay abreast of any alterations as these could potentially impact compliance.

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2. Cryptio (Best Crypto Tax Software In India)

Cryptio is a cryptocurrency tax software platform offering various services designed to simplify accounting and tax reporting for both individuals and businesses in India. Cryptio was well-known for helping users track cryptocurrency transactions, generate real-time analytics, and calculate tax liabilities associated with their crypto activities. Cryptio can meet all your tax reporting needs in India and is currently recommended as the ideal cryptocurrency tax software solution.

Cryptio (Best Crypto Tax Software In India)

For best results in terms of its current status and suitability for tax needs in India, visit its website regularly for updates as well as consult tax professionals for guidance on which crypto tax software options may best serve them in light of evolving cryptocurrency regulations in India. Keeping abreast of changes is vital to ensure compliance while platforms like Cryptio help streamline reporting.

3. TokenTax 

TokenTax is a cryptocurrency tax software platform with wide-ranging tax solutions, particularly in India. As of my most recent knowledge update in September 2021, TokenTax offered individuals and businesses in India who needed help complying with cryptocurrency tax compliance the option for assistance. TokenTax allows users to import cryptocurrency transaction data from various exchanges and wallets for real-time analysis and tax report generation.


Features to assist users in accurately calculating and reporting capital gains and losses can make tax reporting cryptocurrency simpler in India. Due to the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency regulations in India, it is critical that you regularly verify TokenTax for its current suitability for your specific tax needs in India as well as consult with tax professionals for guidance regarding crypto tax compliance in the country.

4. CryptoTaxCalculator (Best Crypto Tax Software In India)

CryptoTaxCalculator was a cryptocurrency tax software platform designed to assist individuals and businesses in India with reporting crypto taxes. This platform provided users with tools to import cryptocurrency transaction data from multiple sources, calculate capital gains and losses, and produce tax reports tailored specifically for Indian tax regulations.

CryptoTaxCalculator (Best Crypto Tax Software In India)

With cryptocurrency tax laws continuously shifting in India, it’s critical that CryptoTaxCalculator meets your individual tax needs in this country.

To do this effectively and reliably. Consultation with knowledgeable tax professionals familiar with Indian cryptocurrency taxation is highly advised for accurate and compliant reporting, particularly as regulatory landscape may have changed since my last update. Staying abreast of any updates to Indian crypto tax laws is paramount to successfully navigate this complex area of taxation.


ATANI was known primarily as a cryptocurrency trading and analysis platform rather than as dedicated crypto tax software. ATANI provided tools and features to assist traders manage their cryptocurrency portfolios, track market data, and execute trades across different exchanges. However, the cryptocurrency tax landscape in India and availability of specific tax software could have changed since that time.


To assess the current status and suitability of ATANI (or any other crypto tax software) in India, I advise reviewing its offerings as well as consulting with tax professionals familiar with cryptocurrency tax compliance in India. Due to India’s evolving regulatory environment for cryptocurrency investments, staying abreast of tax laws while employing appropriate tools for reporting accurately is of utmost importance for individuals and businesses engaging in crypto related activities in India.

6. Descrypt (Best Crypto Tax Software In India)

Descrypt is India’s premier crypto taxation software. Launched in 2022 and supporting more than 35 wallets and exchanges by then, Descrypt boasts many benefits over its rivals. Descrypt is uniquely integrated with exchanges, providing precise tax PnL calculations compared to other platforms. Due to its affordability, Descrypt has quickly become the go-to platform for many crypto investors.

Descrypt (Best Crypto Tax Software In India)

Descrypt is at the forefront of crypto-taxation with exclusive partnerships with major software taxation firms in India such as Clear and TaxBuddy, giving it access to crypto taxation services. This offers products and services designed to support: – crypto investors – tax firms/ tax preparers/ Chartered Accountants/ CPAs via their partner portal API Suites are used by software tax firms to collect taxes; Descrypt, the most cost-effective tool in its segment, is now accessible to US and UK investors.

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7. TaxBit 

TaxBit is a well-established cryptocurrency tax software platform, providing comprehensive solutions for reporting and compliance. While its use and suitability in India may depend on local regulations. it had features to assist users in importing and analyzing cryptocurrency transaction data, calculating capital gains/losses calculations, as well as creating tax reports.


TaxBit or any other crypto tax software should be reviewed regularly in India to ascertain its current standing and suitability, so it’s advisable to review their latest website information as well as user feedback. Furthermore, seeking professional guidance regarding cryptocurrency taxation in India would ensure accurate and compliant tax reporting.

Especially since regulatory environments can change quickly when it comes to cryptocurrency taxes. Staying abreast of changes in Indian crypto taxes laws as well as using suitable tax software tools is crucial for individuals and businesses involved with crypto activities within India.

Pros & Cons Crypto Tax Software In India


Automation: Crypto tax software streamlines the process of tracking transactions, calculating capital gains and creating tax reports – saving users valuable time and effort.

Accuracy: These tools use sophisticated algorithms to accurately calculate taxes, eliminating human error in tax reporting.

Compliance: Reputable crypto tax software platforms keep up-to-date with the most up-to-date tax regulations, helping users ensure compliance with Indian tax laws.

Cost Efficiency: Crypto tax software may come at an expense, but its potential savings in terms of time and accuracy far outweigh this expense.

Data Consolidation: Crypto tax software can aggregate data from various cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, simplifying reporting across platforms.


Cost: Some crypto tax software solutions may be quite pricey and therefore unsuitable for users on tight budgets.

Learning Curve: New users may take some time to familiarize themselves with all the features and functionalities available in a software program.

Data Privacy and Security: Users who input financial data onto these platforms raise concerns over data privacy and security.

Regulatory Changes: India’s cryptocurrency tax landscape is ever-evolving, and software platforms may take time to adapt to new regulations or requirements.

Technical Issues: Crypto tax platforms may experience technical glitches that compromise their ability to accurately calculate tax calculations.

Best Crypto Tax Software In India Conclusion

Selecting the ideal crypto tax software in India requires taking careful account of both your specific needs and an ever-evolving regulatory environment. There were various reputable options like Koinly and TokenTax available that offered their own set of features and strengths; selecting one depends upon factors like volume of cryptocurrency transactions, complexity of portfolio structure and budgetary considerations.

Though the cryptocurrency tax landscape in India is constantly shifting with evolving regulations and legal interpretations, staying informed about recent developments can help ensure accurate tax reporting and compliance with law while managing any related liabilities in India. Therefore, staying up-to-date with developments related to crypto tax law requires keeping

Informed on new legislation updates, consulting tax professionals who specialize in cryptocurrency taxation as well as selecting an efficient crypto tax software platform aligning with your specific reporting requirements and compliance standards outlined by Indian government – this proactive approach ensures accurate tax filing while managing cryptocurrency related tax liabilities responsibly in India.

Best Crypto Tax Software In India FAQ

What is crypto tax software, and why do I need it in India?

Crypto tax software is a tool that helps you track, calculate, and report your cryptocurrency transactions for tax purposes in India. You need it to ensure accurate and compliant tax reporting, as cryptocurrency transactions are subject to taxation under Indian tax laws.

Are there any specific crypto tax regulations in India?

India had not implemented specific cryptocurrency tax regulations. However, cryptocurrency transactions are subject to general tax laws, such as capital gains tax and income tax. It’s essential to stay updated with the latest regulations.

How do I choose the best crypto tax software for my needs in India?

Consider factors such as the number of transactions you have, the complexity of your portfolio, your budget, and the software’s compatibility with Indian tax laws. Research and read reviews to find a platform that aligns with your requirements.

What features should I look for in crypto tax software for India?

Look for features such as transaction tracking, real-time analytics, tax calculation capabilities, compatibility with Indian tax laws, data import options, and user-friendliness.

Is crypto tax software secure, and how can I protect my data in India?

Reputable crypto tax software platforms prioritize data security. To enhance security, use two-factor authentication, choose strong passwords, and consider offline storage for sensitive data. Check the software’s privacy policies and security measures.

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