13 Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan

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Best Crypto Tax Software complex cryptocurrency tax regulations can be daunting, but there are numerous exceptional crypto tax software solutions that can assist users in complying with its regulations more efficiently. CoinTracker has long been one of the go-to solutions for both individuals and businesses alike.

This user-friendly platform integrates easily with popular Japanese exchanges, enabling users to seamlessly track cryptocurrency transactions, calculate gains/losses, and produce accurate tax reports.

CoinTracker provides real-time market data and supports an expansive variety of digital assets, making it a comprehensive solution for crypto enthusiasts in Japan. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and robust features, CoinTracker stands out as a top choice among crypto tax software options available to keep compliant with Japanese tax authorities while managing portfolios efficiently.

What Is Crypto Tax Software?

Crypto tax software is an advanced digital solution developed to assist individuals and businesses with fulfilling their cryptocurrency-related tax obligations. Attributed to cryptocurrency’s increasing adoption worldwide, tax authorities have started mandating that individuals report their crypto-related income and capital gains.

Crypto tax software simplifies this often difficult task by enabling users to track, calculate and report cryptocurrency transactions efficiently.

Users can connect wallets and exchange accounts to the software which will import transactional data automatically. Calculates capital gains or losses for each transaction, generates accurate tax reports, and ensures compliance with tax regulations. This technology makes cryptocurrency taxation much simpler for individuals and entities alike to meet their tax obligations while optimizing financial positions on the crypto market.

How Does Crypto Tax Software Work?

Crypto tax software simplifies the process of calculating and reporting taxes on cryptocurrency transactions. Here’s how it generally works in a few key points:

Data Import: Users start by connecting their cryptocurrency exchange accounts and wallets to the software. The software then automatically imports transaction data, including details of buying, selling, trading, receiving, and sending cryptocurrencies.

Transaction Classification: The software categorizes and organizes the imported transactions based on various criteria, such as transaction type, date, and cryptocurrency involved. It distinguishes between different types of transactions, such as capital gains, income, or transfers.

Cost Basis Calculation: To calculate capital gains and losses, the software determines the cost basis of each cryptocurrency. It can use various accounting methods like FIFO (First-In-First-Out) or specific identification to establish the purchase price.

Capital Gains/Loss Calculation: With the cost basis and sale price known, the software computes the capital gains or losses for each transaction, accounting for factors like transaction fees and holding periods.

Tax Reporting: Once all transactions are processed and gains/losses are calculated, the software generates tax reports. These reports include essential information for tax filings, such as Form 8949 in the United States.

Tax Liabilities: The software calculates the user’s tax liability based on the generated reports and the relevant tax regulations. It considers the user’s income, deductions, and tax brackets, providing an accurate assessment of what is owed.

Export or Integration: Users can export the generated tax reports for use in their tax returns or often integrate the software with popular tax filing platforms to streamline the filing process.

Compliance and Updates: Crypto tax software aims to remain compliant with evolving tax laws and regulations. It typically updates its algorithms and tax rules to ensure accurate calculations based on the most current tax codes.

Here Is List of Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan

  • Koinly
  • Cryptio 
  • TokenTax 
  • Glassnode 
  • Cointelli 
  • Ledgible 
  • BitGo 
  • Crypto tax Collocutor
  • ATANI 
  • CoinTracking
  • Crypto.com
  • Descrypt 
  • TaxBit 

13 Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan

1. Koinly

Koinly is an intuitive cryptocurrency tax software solution that makes the task of complying with cryptocurrency tax obligations much simpler. Koinly makes it simple for users to securely link their cryptocurrency wallets and exchange accounts, enabling the software to seamlessly import and organize transaction data from multiple sources.


This capability is particularly essential given the nature of cryptocurrency transactions, which includes trading, buying and selling various digital assets as well as receiving them as currency. Koinly uses advanced algorithms to accurately assess capital gains and losses, factoring in factors like transaction fees and holding periods – providing accurate tax liability assessments.

Koinly offers support for an impressive variety of cryptocurrencies and can generate tax reports that comply with local tax authorities across multiple countries. Its intuitive user interface and comprehensive features have become a favorite among crypto enthusiasts as well as businesses looking to remain compliant with tax regulations while efficiently managing cryptocurrency portfolios.

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2. Cryptio (Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan)

Cryptio is an adaptable and user-friendly cryptocurrency accounting and management platform that offers effective solutions to both individuals and businesses seeking to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency finance. Cryptio provides a suite of powerful features to ease the tracking, analysis and reporting of cryptocurrency transactions for tax and accounting purposes.

Cryptio (Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan)

Users can seamlessly link their cryptocurrency wallets and exchange accounts, enabling the software to automatically import transactional data from various sources. Cryptio uses advanced algorithms to compute capital gains, losses and other financial metrics for users’ cryptocurrency portfolios, providing a clear view into their performance.

Additionally, it provides seamless integration with accounting software, making integrating cryptocurrency transactions into financial records much simpler. Cryptio’s user-friendly interface and robust functionality make it a valuable asset for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and businesses seeking to efficiently manage digital assets, comply with tax regulations, and gain greater insight into their cryptocurrency financial activities.

3. TokenTax 

TokenTax is an exceptional cryptocurrency tax software platform, renowned for simplifying the complex world of cryptocurrency taxation. TokenTax offers an expansive feature set to assist individuals and businesses efficiently monitor, calculate, and report cryptocurrency transactions for tax compliance purposes.

Users can seamlessly link their cryptocurrency wallets and exchange accounts, enabling the software to automatically import transaction data from various sources – streamlining what can often be an inconvenient process of gathering important details.


TokenTax leverages sophisticated algorithms to calculate capital gains and losses, taking into account factors like transaction fees and holding periods, to provide precise tax liability assessments. Furthermore, it supports an array of cryptocurrencies and generates tax reports that meet the specific requirements of tax authorities in different countries.

TokenTax’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive capabilities make it a favorite among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and businesses seeking to comply with tax regulations while effectively managing their cryptocurrency portfolios and financial obligations.

4. Glassnode (Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan)

Glassnode is an industry-leading blockchain analytics and market intelligence platform offering valuable information and analysis for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders and investors. Glassnode provides a comprehensive suite of tools and metrics designed to promote transparency and understanding in the cryptocurrency space.

Glassnode (Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan)

Users have access to a wealth of on-chain data, such as transactions, network health monitoring reports and historical price trends, which enables them to make more informed decisions in an ever-evolving market.

Glassnode provides real-time data and metrics that enable users to closely follow cryptocurrency markets, monitor market sentiment, and identify trends – an invaluable resource for both beginners and seasoned professionals alike. This platform has quickly become essential in providing users with greater insights into blockchain networks and the dynamics of cryptocurrency trading markets.

5. Cointelli 

Cointelli understands the challenges individuals encounter when organizing their tax data, which is why it provides an effortless tax reporting process. With its intelligent all-in-one crypto tax solution, Cointelli allows individuals to take care of everything at one convenient location while saving both time and money.

Cointelli was designed by certified CPA Mark Kang and offers accountants customized features that enable them to communicate more efficiently with clients. Delivering very high accuracy at a fixed cost, Cointelli allows users to save both time and stress when it comes to tax calculations.

Cointelli employs innovative technology to assist individuals, businesses, and CPAs with planning their crypto tax savings strategies. We specialize in helping our clients take full advantage of all possible crypto tax benefits.

6. Ledgible (Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan)

Ledgible is a blockchain and cryptocurrency analytics platform developed to offer comprehensive insights and solutions to both individuals and businesses dealing with digital assets. This platform offers an assortment of tools and features designed to help users manage and understand their cryptocurrency transactions and portfolios more effectively.

Ledgible (Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan)

They can import transaction data from various sources, making it simpler to track their cryptocurrency holdings. Ledgible offers tools for calculating capital gains, losses, and other metrics associated with cryptocurrency investments.

Ledgible provides users with real-time data and reporting capabilities that help them maintain accurate financial records, facilitate tax compliance and gain a deeper understanding of their cryptocurrency activities.

As the cryptocurrency space continues to expand and transform rapidly, platforms like Ledgible are critical in providing transparency and clarity within a rapidly shifting digital asset landscape.

7. BitGo 

BitGo is an established cryptocurrency custody and security platform, catering to institutional investors as well as businesses operating within the digital asset space. Since 2013, the platform has earned itself a stellar reputation due to its stringent security measures and comprehensive suite of services.


This platform provides secure storage solutions for various cryptocurrencies, enabling clients to protect their digital assets against theft or loss. BitGo also provides businesses with transaction services, such as multi-signature wallets and API integrations, making managing and transacting with cryptocurrency easier than ever before.

BitGo’s commitment to security and compliance has earned it the trust of financial institutions, entities, and other parties looking to enter the cryptocurrency market while meeting regulatory standards. As demand for cryptocurrency grows exponentially, BitGo continues to play a pivotal role in enhancing safety and accessibility of digital asset management for institutional clients.

8. Crypto tax Collocutor (Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan)

At Crypto Tax Calculator, we’re building the platform to make understanding your tax obligations simple and straightforward. The tools help identify, track and organize all your crypto activity across hundreds of exchanges and blockchains with ease and accuracy. The reporting saves you time and makes your transaction history transparent and simple to understand. We’re helping investors, traders and accountants by providing clear and secure records of your crypto activity so you can relax at tax time.

Crypto tax Collocutor (Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan)

Crypto Tax Calculator was co-founded by brothers Shane and Tim Brunette in 2018 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. They have a ‘remote-first’ async culture, with team members from across the globe. Since inception, they have rapidly grown to support thousands of customers across twenty different countries.


Atani is an emerging cryptocurrency trading platform gaining attention for its comprehensive selection of tools and services designed to simplify trading for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders. Atani offers a convenient interface that enables users to trade multiple cryptocurrency exchanges seamlessly. Real-time market data, advanced trading features and portfolio tracking capabilities enable traders to efficiently execute orders and make informed investment decisions.


Atani is distinguished from other services by its dedication to user privacy and security; no accounts or personal details need be created in order to remain anonymous. This platform is particularly advantageous for cryptocurrency traders seeking to streamline their activities while protecting privacy and security – making it a notable option in today’s rapidly developing cryptocurrency trading landscape.

10. CoinTracking (Top Crypto Tax Software In Japan)

CoinTracking is an award-winning cryptocurrency portfolio and tax tracking platform, designed to simplify cryptocurrency investments and reporting. Boasting an easy user-friendly interface and numerous powerful features, CoinTracking makes tracking cryptocurrency transactions across exchanges and wallets effortless, with real-time updates on portfolio balance updates, historical analysis reports, performance tracking updates, performance monitoring services available as well as performance analytics that empower informed investment decisions.

CoinTracking (Top Crypto Tax Software In Japan)

One of the hallmark features of CoinTracking is its ability to generate accurate tax reports for various tax authorities, making it an indispensable tool for tax compliance. Furthermore, it supports various tax calculation methods allowing users to calculate capital gains, losses and liabilities which is especially helpful when filing returns involving cryptocurrency transactions. Finally, CoinTracking also provides multiple data import options so users can seamlessly integrate their cryptocurrency data into the platform.

CoinTracking makes the complex task of cryptocurrency portfolio management much simpler, keeping track of tax obligations, making it an excellent choice within the cryptocurrency community.

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11. Crypto.com

Crypto.com is an award-winning cryptocurrency platform known for offering user-friendly services and products to those interested in digital assets. Since it’s launch in 2016, Crypto.com has quickly become one of the major players in this emerging industry; offering exchange, wallet, and Visa debit card solutions so users can spend their crypto in the real world.


Crypto.com stands out with its user-friendly mobile app for purchasing, selling, managing and investing in various cryptocurrencies. In addition, users can stake, lend and earn interest on assets they deposit – an attractive feature for users looking to expand their crypto holdings.

Crypto.com features its own native token, CRO, which is used for various functions within its ecosystem such as earning rewards and unlocking premium features. With its commitment to security and growing list of supported cryptocurrencies, Crypto.com has quickly become a popular choice among both novice and seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking for a versatile yet comprehensive platform to meet their digital asset needs.

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12. Descrypt (Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan)

Descrypt has rapidly established itself as India’s premier cryptocurrency taxation software since its debut in 2022. Compatibility with over 35 cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets makes Descrypt an exceptional choice for managing crypto tax obligations, with direct exchange integrations contributing significantly.

Descrypt (Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan)

To accurate tax profit and loss calculations, setting it apart from other platforms on the market. Furthermore, Descrypt’s affordability makes it popular with crypto investors looking for an efficient yet cost-effective means of taxation management.

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13. TaxBit 

TaxBit is a reputable and comprehensive cryptocurrency tax software platform designed to tackle the challenging issue of cryptocurrency taxation. Launched in 2018, TaxBit provides individuals, businesses and tax professionals with tools and services designed to accurately track, calculate and report cryptocurrency transactions for tax compliance.


One of TaxBit’s greatest strengths lies in its seamless integration with various cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, enabling users to import transaction data easily. Furthermore, its real-time tax calculations enable users to understand their tax liabilities and potential deductions throughout the year – an indispensable solution for global cryptocurrency users.

TaxBit provides an intuitive user-interface that streamlines cryptocurrency tax reporting for both beginners and experienced traders alike, making reporting simpler than ever before. Furthermore, its comprehensive features and commitment to staying up-to-date with evolving tax regulations has established TaxBit as an invaluable asset in cryptocurrency tax compliance compliance space.

The Benefits of Tax Software

Tax software offers a multitude of benefits to individuals, businesses, and tax professionals. Here are some key advantages of using tax software:

Accuracy: Tax software is designed to perform complex calculations accurately, reducing the risk of mathematical errors and ensuring that tax returns are filed correctly. This can help taxpayers avoid penalties and audits resulting from mistakes on their returns.

Time Efficiency: Tax software automates many time-consuming tasks, such as data entry and calculations. This can significantly speed up the tax preparation process, allowing users to file their taxes more quickly and efficiently.

Ease of Use: Most tax software is designed with user-friendly interfaces that guide users through the tax-filing process step by step. This simplicity makes it accessible to individuals with varying levels of tax knowledge and experience.

Convenience: Tax software can be used at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection. This eliminates the need for in-person appointments with tax professionals and allows users to work on their returns at their own pace.

Cost Savings: Using tax software is generally more cost-effective than hiring a tax professional, especially for individuals with straightforward tax situations. It reduces the need for professional assistance, saving money on tax preparation fees.

Access to Updates: Tax laws and regulations can change from year to year. Tax software providers often update their software to reflect these changes, ensuring that users are filing their taxes in compliance with the latest rules.

Security: Reputable tax software companies employ stringent security measures to protect users’ personal and financial information. This can provide peace of mind when entering sensitive data.

Electronic Filing: Tax software typically allows users to e-file their returns, which is faster and more secure than paper filing. E-filing also provides a confirmation of receipt from tax authorities.

Tax Deduction Maximization: Many tax software programs offer guidance and tools to help users identify potential deductions and credits they may have overlooked. This can result in a lower tax liability and potentially larger refunds.

Record Keeping: Tax software often includes features for organizing and storing tax-related documents, making it easier to keep track of financial records and supporting documentation.

Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan Conclusion

Selecting the optimal crypto tax software in Japan is an essential decision for individuals and businesses navigating the complex world of cryptocurrency taxation. While there are various reputable options available, CoinTracker stands out as an outstanding choice.

Integrating seamlessly with popular Japanese exchanges, providing real-time market data, and supporting a wide array of digital assets makes this solution user-friendly and comprehensive.

CoinTracker makes cryptocurrency tracking, calculation and reporting straightforward – providing accurate tax compliance and efficient portfolio management. As Japan continues to hone its regulations regarding crypto trading, having reliable tax software such as CoinTracker can assist users in meeting their tax obligations while optimizing their financial positions in the crypto market.

Best Crypto Tax Software In Japan FAQ

What is crypto tax software, and why do I need it in Japan?

Crypto tax software is a tool that helps individuals and businesses track, calculate, and report their cryptocurrency transactions for tax purposes. In Japan, cryptocurrency transactions are subject to taxation, and accurate reporting is crucial to comply with tax regulations.

Why should I consider using CoinTracker for my crypto taxes in Japan?

CoinTracker offers seamless integration with popular Japanese exchanges, real-time market data, and support for a wide range of digital assets, making it a comprehensive and user-friendly solution tailored to the Japanese market.

Can I import data from Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges into CoinTracker?

Yes, CoinTracker allows you to connect and import data from various Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, streamlining the process of tracking your transactions.

How does CoinTracker calculate my crypto taxes in Japan?

CoinTracker employs advanced algorithms to calculate capital gains and losses, considering factors such as transaction fees and holding periods to ensure accurate tax liability assessments in compliance with Japanese tax regulations.

Can I use CoinTracker to generate tax reports that are compatible with Japanese tax authorities?

Yes, CoinTracker is designed to generate tax reports that adhere to the specific requirements of Japanese tax authorities, making it easier for you to file your taxes accurately.

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