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When it comes to selecting the Best Egg Laying Chickens, several breeds stand out for their consistent production and reliability. Among them, the Rhode Island Red is a popular choice, known for its robust nature and ability to lay brown eggs consistently. Another excellent option is the Leghorn, favored for its prolific egg-laying capabilities, often yielding large quantities of white eggs.

Additionally, the Australorp is highly regarded for its calm demeanor and impressive egg-laying prowess, consistently providing a steady supply of brown eggs. Whether you’re a backyard enthusiast or a commercial farmer, these breeds offer excellent options for those seeking reliable egg production and low maintenance.

Here Is List Of Best Egg Laying Chickens

  • Sussex
  • Speckled Sussex
  • Buff Orpington
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Plymouth Rock
  • Leghorn
  • Australorp
  • ISA Brown
  • Sapphire Gem
  • Golden Comet

10 Best Egg Laying Chickens

1. Sussex

Sussex chickens are beloved egg-laying breeds, making them a go-to choice among poultry enthusiasts and small farmers alike. Renowned for their spectacular egg production capabilities and gentle demeanor, these delightful birds consistently lay high-quality eggs with rich yolks.


Raised either in backyard coops or free ranged on rural farms, Sussex chickens thrive under various environmental and climate conditions while adapting well to different management practices – earning themselves their reputation as some of the finest egg-laying breeds available today.

2. Speckled Sussex (Best egg laying chickens)

Speckled Sussex chickens are beloved dual-purpose birds, known for both egg laying and meat production. These charming birds with beautiful speckled plumage are prized for their prolific egg production, consistently providing large brown eggs.

 Speckled Sussex (Best egg laying chickens)

With friendly demeanor and adaptability as distinct attributes, Speckled Sussex birds make ideal pets both backyard keepers and small-scale farmers. Their resilience in egg laying makes them the ideal addition to their flock and makes an excellent investment option.

3. Buff Orpington

Buff Orpington chickens are widely respected for their gentle disposition, striking appearance, and remarkable egg-laying capacities. Renowned for their beautiful golden plumage and sturdy build, Buff Orpingtons are a top pick among poultry enthusiasts. Buff Orpingtons may not produce eggs as frequently as other breeds do, but their large brown eggs are prized for their exquisite flavor and quality.

Buff Orpington

Furthermore, these birds have proven reliable winter laying capabilities – ideal for climates with colder temperatures. Buff Orpingtons’ calm and friendly nature also make them great additions to family farms and backyard flocks, where they thrive alongside other poultry breeds. Buff Orpingtons are widely recognized for their combination of beauty, temperament and reliable egg production, earning them the distinction of one of the top egg-laying chicken breeds.

4. Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red chickens are beloved breeds for their ability to lay an abundance of eggs, making them one of the most coveted breeds among poultry keepers. Rhode Island Reds are highly productive layers, with vibrant mahogany feathers and sturdy bodies, that produce large brown eggs at an exceptional rate. Not only are these birds visually appealing but they’re also highly productive layers!

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red chickens have earned a stellar reputation for consistently producing an abundant supply of eggs year-round, even during colder weather conditions. Their resilience and adaptability to different environments further adds to their appeal; whether raised in backyard coops or larger farms, Rhode Island Reds excel at producing high-quality eggs making them the go-to option for those searching for reliable egg-laying chickens.

5. Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock chickens (sometimes known as Barred Rocks) are prized poultry species for their dual-purpose capabilities and reliable egg production. Boasting distinctive black and white barred plumage and an uncompromisingly sturdy build, Plymouth Rocks have long been favorites among poultry enthusiasts. These versatile birds are well-known for laying large brown eggs regularly, making them essential additions to any backyard flock or small-scale farm.

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rocks are beloved flock chickens known for their friendly temperament and adaptability across a range of climates. As reliable egg layers, coupled with easy care requirements and charming personalities, Plymouth Rocks make excellent additions for free-range or confined coop environments alike. Their egg production potential makes them one of the premier choices among egg production options available today.

6. Leghorn (Top egg laying chickens)

Leghorn chickens are widely recognized as among the finest egg-laying breeds available. Boasting their striking white plumage and vibrant red combs, Leghorns make an attractive sight that also produces large white eggs in abundance. Leghorns are known for their superior efficiency in egg production, providing commercial egg operations as well as backyard poultry keepers with reliable eggs year round.

Leghorn (Top egg laying chickens)

This makes them indispensable to both commercial operations and keepers. Leghorns are known for their high energy levels and attentive personalities, making them excellent foragers that thrive in free-range settings. Leghorns are prized for their reliability, adaptability, and remarkable egg-laying performance making them the perfect choice for those seeking maximum egg production from their flock.

7. Australorp

Australorp chickens are highly sought-after by poultry enthusiasts seeking prolific layers, making them one of the top choices available to them. Australorps make an ideal addition to any flock with their sleek black plumage that glows iridescent green in sunlight, friendly temperament, and ability to produce large brown eggs with superior shell quality and rich yolks. They are efficient producers that consistently produce large numbers of large brown eggs each month that consistently meet these criteria.


Australorps’ prolific egg production makes them highly valued in both backyard settings and commercial egg operations, as their high laying frequency ensures an uninterrupted supply of eggs throughout the year. Their adaptability to various climates and environments further accentuate their value; with their beautiful combinations of beauty, temperament, and exceptional egg-laying performance – Australorps have proven themselves among some of the finest egg-laying chickens currently available.

8. ISA Brown

ISA Brown chickens are highly sought-after breeds for their reliable egg production capabilities, making them one of the top choices when it comes to consistent egg laying capabilities. These hybrid birds, created by France’s Institut de Selection Animale (ISA), are widely recognized for their exceptional efficiency in turning feed into eggs.

ISA Brown

ISA Browns are beloved companions in both backyard and commercial egg production settings, offering stunning reddish-brown plumage and friendly behavior that make them popular choices among both owners and producers alike.

These prolific layers consistently produce large brown eggs with superior shell quality and abundant yolks, making them highly sought after in the egg industry. ISA Browns are highly sought after due to their reliability, adaptability, and consistent laying performance; making them a top pick for those seeking maximum egg production from their flocks.

9. Sapphire Gem

The Sapphire Gem chicken, a relatively recent arrival to the poultry world, has quickly earned recognition for its extraordinary egg-laying capacities. Sapphire Gems, created through crossing Leghorn and Rhode Island Red chickens, exhibit an eye-catching combination of traits that makes them ideal for egg production. Boasting striking blue-green plumage and friendly disposition, Sapphire Gems add beauty and charm to any flock.

Sapphire Gem

Sapphire Gems’ Egg Production excels due to their remarkable efficiency in egg production, consistently providing large brown eggs with excellent shell quality and delectably rich, flavorful yolks. Sapphire Gems’ adaptability and low maintenance requirements make them popular options among novice and seasoned poultry keepers seeking reliable egg production. In fact, these lovely creatures stand out as some of the top egg-laying chickens, offering beauty, personality, and exceptional productivity in one delightful package.

10. Golden Comet (Best egg laying chickens)

Golden Comet chickens are highly prized for their prolific egg laying ability, making them an excellent choice for poultry enthusiasts seeking prolific layers. These hybrid birds, created from crossing Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire roosters with White Rock or Delaware hens, combine the best characteristics from both parent breeds to maximize egg production. Golden Comets are known for their friendly nature and easygoing temperament, making them highly prized additions to any flock.

Golden Comet (Best egg laying chickens)

These chickens consistently produce large brown eggs with exceptional shell quality and dense yolks – an asset in both backyard settings as well as commercial egg operations. Golden Comet chickens have gained widespread favor for their reliable egg laying performance and adaptability to various environments, further adding to their appeal. From backyard coops to farms and free-ranging environments, these birds consistently lay abundant amounts of eggs every week – solidifying their reputation as some of the top egg-laying options on the market.

Benefits of best egg laying chickens

The benefits of selecting the best egg-laying chickens for your flock can be numerous:

High Egg Production: The primary benefit is, of course, a consistent and abundant supply of eggs. The best egg-laying breeds, such as Leghorns, Australorps, and Rhode Island Reds, can lay upwards of 250-300 eggs per year, ensuring a steady source of fresh eggs for your household.

Cost-Effectiveness: With high egg production, you can save money on store-bought eggs, especially if you consume eggs regularly. This can lead to significant long-term savings, especially if you have a larger flock.

Efficiency: Best egg-laying breeds are bred for efficiency in converting feed into eggs. They typically have good feed-to-egg conversion ratios, meaning they require less feed per egg produced compared to other breeds.

Consistency: These breeds tend to lay consistently throughout the year, with minimal interruptions due to seasonal changes or environmental factors. This reliability can be essential if you rely on a steady supply of eggs.

Hardiness: Many of the best egg-laying breeds are also known for their hardiness and adaptability to various climates and environments. This makes them easier to care for and less prone to health issues.

Dual-Purpose Potential: Some breeds, such as Plymouth Rocks and Sussex, are not only excellent egg layers but also have decent meat qualities. This dual-purpose nature can be advantageous if you’re looking for versatility in your flock.

Availability: Best egg-laying breeds are often widely available from hatcheries and breeders, making it easier to obtain chicks or pullets to start or expand your flock.

Community Appeal: If you’re involved in a community or neighborhood where you can share or sell excess eggs, having high-producing chickens can be a valuable asset. It’s a great way to build community connections and possibly even generate a small income.

When selecting egg-laying chickens, consider factors such as your climate, space availability, and personal preferences regarding breed temperament and egg color. With proper care and management, the best egg-laying chickens can be a rewarding addition to any backyard or small farm.

Are Leghorns The Best Egg Laying Chickens?

Leghorns, with their iconic red combs and wattles and signature white feathers, are one of the most beloved chicken breeds around. Not only known for their striking looks but also as reliable egg producers – producing anywhere between 280-320 eggs annually; that equates to about 4+ eggs each week! They are considered one of the top egg laying chicken breeds.

    What Chickens Start Laying Eggs The Fastest

    Several chicken breeds are known for starting to lay eggs relatively quickly after hatching. Here are some breeds renowned for their early egg production:

    Leghorn: Leghorns are famous for their prolific egg-laying abilities and often start laying eggs as early as 4 to 5 months of age. They are efficient layers and can produce large white eggs consistently.

    Isa Brown: This hybrid breed is specifically bred for high egg production. Isa Browns typically start laying eggs around 16 to 20 weeks of age, making them one of the fastest to start laying.

    Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock): Plymouth Rocks are known for their dual-purpose qualities, being good layers and having decent meat characteristics. They often start laying eggs around 5 to 6 months of age.

    Rhode Island Red: Rhode Island Reds are popular backyard chickens known for their hardiness and excellent egg production. They usually start laying eggs around 5 to 6 months of age.

    Australorp: Australorps are another breed renowned for their egg-laying abilities. They typically start laying eggs around 5 to 6 months of age and are consistent layers throughout the year.

    Sussex: Sussex chickens are dual-purpose birds known for their early maturity. They often start laying eggs around 5 to 6 months of age and continue to lay consistently.

    Wyandotte: Wyandottes are a dual-purpose breed known for their beautiful plumage and egg-laying abilities. They generally start laying eggs around 5 to 6 months of age.

    Remember that while these breeds tend to start laying earlier, individual variations can occur based on factors such as diet, environment, and genetics. Providing a well-balanced diet, proper housing, and appropriate care can help ensure optimal egg production regardless of the breed.

    Conclusion: Best egg laying chickens

    In conclusion, selecting the best egg-laying chickens for your flock can yield numerous benefits for both small-scale backyard enthusiasts and commercial producers alike. Breeds renowned for their prolific egg production, such as Leghorns, Australorps, and Rhode Island Reds, offer a reliable and consistent supply of fresh eggs throughout the year.

    The advantages of these breeds extend beyond mere egg quantity. They often exhibit efficiency in feed conversion, hardiness in various climates, and in some cases, dual-purpose capabilities for meat production. Additionally, their early maturation and consistent laying patterns make them highly desirable for those seeking a sustainable egg source.

    Whether you’re looking to reduce grocery expenses, engage in community sharing, or simply enjoy the satisfaction of collecting your own eggs, the best egg-laying chickens can be a valuable addition to any homestead or farm. With proper care and management, these breeds can provide years of reliable egg production, enriching both your table and your agricultural experience.

    Best egg laying chickens FAQ

    Which chicken breed lays the most eggs?

    While several breeds are known for high egg production, Leghorns are renowned for their prolific laying abilities, often producing upwards of 250-300 eggs per year.

    How soon do egg-laying chickens start laying eggs?

    Typically, egg-laying chickens start laying eggs between 4 to 6 months of age, depending on the breed and individual factors such as diet and environment.

    What are some dual-purpose chicken breeds that lay eggs well?

    Dual-purpose breeds like Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, and Sussex chickens are known for both their egg-laying capabilities and decent meat qualities.

    How can I maximize egg production from my chickens?

    Providing a balanced diet, access to clean water, comfortable housing, and minimizing stress factors can help maximize egg production from your chickens.

    Do egg-laying chickens require special care compared to other breeds?

    While all chickens require proper care, egg-laying breeds may benefit from specific attention to dietary needs, as well as adequate nesting boxes and roosting space to encourage egg laying.


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