10 Best Upcoming Xbox Series X|S Games of 2024

by Cws Team

This is an article about the top upcoming Xbox Series X|S games. The next wave of titles is highly anticipated by the gaming world, and Microsoft’s fans will not be disappointed in a line-up that offers exciting experiences in various genres.

Immersive open-world adventures, breath-taking first-person shooters, indie gems of imagination, and thought-provoking RPGs with deep storylines are all titles whose boundaries of possibilities for Xbox Series X|S are being pushed by forthcoming games.

Be prepared to explore new worlds, face tough challenges, and enjoy state-of-the-art graphics and gameplay mechanics that will shape the future of gaming on this powerful console.

Here Is a List Of Best Upcoming Xbox Series X|S Games of 2024

  • Alan Wake Remastered
  • Alan Wake 2
  • Cocoon
  • Control Ultimate edition
  • Dead Space
  • Death’s Door
  • Destiny 2
  • Dragon’s Dogma 2
  • Elden Ring
  • Forza Horizon 5

Best Upcoming Xbox Series X|S Games of 2024

1. Alan Wake Remastered

One may argue that Alan Wake was underrated, but it surely did not get the audience it deserved when it launched in 2010. Maybe Alan Wake Remastered (and the sequel’s grand success) will help to change this. This action-adventure game is based on a thriller writer who loses his wife while they are vacationing.

Alan Wake Remastered

Things take an even stranger turn when events from a book he cannot recall writing happen for real. The amazing written gameplay gets a fresh coat of paint through remastering and discovers new hidden content. Whether you have played the original or not, you will find this worth your time and its mechanics still hold up pretty well.

2. Alan Wake 2

A survival horror game that has achieved cult status, Alan Wake by Remedy has seen the studio expanding its own universe with characters from other games like Control as well. Alan Wake 2 is a long-awaited sequel after thirteen years and it does not disappoint.

Alan Wake 2

The plot trails the writer, Alan Wake, and Saga Anderson, an FBI agent in a bewildering dual campaign. Compared to its predecessor there is more horror within it and this includes some of the most unforgettable scenes.

3. Cocoon

This puzzle game, which seems to be very simple at first sight – it is just about the life of a small insect-like creature – tells a fascinating story about self-improvement and existence.


The puzzles set in different environments will make you think hard about what kind of twisted ordeals these little creatures are forced into by the laws of physics on this planet, while at last you will be rewarded with an experience that challenges both your mind in terms of puzzle mechanics and your understanding of its essence.

4. Control Ultimate edition

At the time of Control’s release in 2019, one could argue that it was too demanding for consoles. This problem is being addressed by next-gen versions of Control: Ultimate Edition. One can play Control on Xbox Series X at 4K resolution and a consistent 60fps. Instead, you may choose to activate a graphics mode (not available on Series S) which would run at 30fps but with a ray-tracing effect.

Control Ultimate edition

In other words, both alternatives perform well when Jesse uses her powers. It is an adventure game called Control that mainly has a story about an unknown government department investigating supernatural activities. As hinted by the solid gameplay elements and compelling plot, this entirely makes sense for Control as one of the most engaging action games ever released in recent times.

5. Dead Space

Dead Space once enjoyed a venerated yet inactive brand and an emblem of EA’s late-aughts offering. The said remake took what was cool about the prototype and made it current, not just in terms of looks but with brilliant adjustments.

Dead Space

This game is a perfect reintroduction to Dead Space’s unique action-packed body horror for young players. Dismembering necromorphs has never been this disgusting — or so rewarding.

6. Death’s Door

Death’s Door, is a fantastic isometric action game that came out during the summer period. In Death’s Door, you control a tiny crow that collects souls who were not permitted to die. The name of the door you enter changes as you go from one setting that is infested with wicked foes to another.

Death's Door

Death’s Door is smooth and spectacular even though it has quite simple combat mechanics. Its dungeons are well done and have a Zelda kind of feeling in them, while its boss fights test your mettle throughout. If you want an engaging action game you can pick up and play any time, Death’s Door should be your choice.

7. Destiny 2

Released in 2017, Destiny 2 remains a game that is always good to join since it’s a live service multiplayer game. Destiny 2 runs at 4K with 60fps on Xbox Series X and load times are considerably improved something significant for an average of loading screens in games.

Destiny 2

Multiple expansions have been added by Bungie since the initial release of the game. Destiny 2, with more content on their way still can present new stories, optional missions and raids as well as lots of other items.

Though there is a good amount of free-to-play content in Destiny 2, it would be well worth picking up things like The Witch Queen and Lightfall to get the fullness of what Destiny has to offer. Whether you’re playing it alone or cooperatively with friends or competing against each other in arena battles at Crucible, Destiny is very enjoyable.

8. Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma was one of the few games that did well initially but the expansive RPG took years to gain attention from an ever-hungry fan base. The sequel, Dragon’s Dogma is based on the same ideas as in the first game but with some modifications.

Dragon's Dogma 2

As it was before, pawns remain at the heart of everything with your comrades sometimes enabling you to go through this world or even visit some other games to learn things which they can bring back.

With more sophisticated pawn behaviors and a rich open world to explore, there are plenty of opportunities for accidental adventure just by moving off-course through any corner.

9. Elden Ring

Elden Ring by From Software is a masterpiece of open-world game design. It has an absolutely huge world with everything from secrets and beautiful views to almost too much to do. It’s a defining game of 2022; Elden Ring. As for the fighting in Elden Ring, it retains the cruel, calculated approach which defined previous games in From Software’s Dark Souls series,

Elden Ring

But it’s also less relaxed for players who previously couldn’t enjoy any soulsborne entry. You can play Elden Ring for hours and hours on end without realizing it, even after you finish the campaign Elden’s world just seems to be asking you for another New Game+. Since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,

there has not been any other open-world game that truly captures this unique spirit of player freedom and exploration. It is a thoroughly distinct experience from most open world games and will probably be celebrated as one of the greatest of all-time in years to come.

10. Forza Horizon 5

Playground Games is unequivocally the most consistent among Xbox’s studios, and this UK-based developer has done it for a solid decade without due recognition.

As such Forza Horizon 5, is their best game yet as it takes drivers through a beautiful Mexico that is both diverse environmentally and full of races to finish, challenges to try out and cars numbering in hundreds to collect.

Forza Horizon 5

The beauty of Forza Horizon 5 comes from its embracing of the only tenet that every great open-world game should have; freedom. If you want to win then you can play around with the game as much as you like; be it going for cross-country marathons or leaping over every hazard sign you come across.

There really isn’t one way that is wrong when playing this game – unless it involves not having fun because there are probably 15 things within a mile radius of your location which would be more exciting!

Which games are better on the Xbox Series X?

On Xbox Series X, some games are incredibly awesome because the system utilizes its powerful hardware to provide better performance, graphics, and immersive experiences. The Xbox Series X brings with it some titles that absolutely stand out such as “Halo Infinite” and “Forza Horizon 5” which have stunning visuals, fast load times, and smooth gameplay thanks to the advanced processing capabilities of the console and ray tracing technology among other features.

Similarly, “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla”, as well as “Cyberpunk 2077” also benefit substantially from the improved resolution and frame rates that establish a more detailed gaming environment. When discussing games optimized for Xbox Series X utilizing higher fidelity textures, faster loading screens, and more dynamic worlds means that you don’t just get a fancy display but also a game that is highly interactive in nature with movements being made easily.


In conclusion, Xbox Series X|S Games in 2024 that have been the best will make for an excellent year of gaming with a wide range of titles made to suit all types of players. Whatever your preference for grand adventures, highly competitive shooters, or inventive indie games,

there is something coming soon to fill up your days. These games will leverage on the prowess of Xbox Series X|S and break new ground when it comes to graphics, performance, and game play; therefore making every moment spent playing them exciting and memorable.

It’s easy to say that next year will turn out to be one memorable year for Xbox gamers as they can play these amazing releases offering numerous hours of entertainment and unforgettable moments.


What are some of the most anticipated Xbox Series X|S games releasing in 2024?

Some of the most anticipated games include “Starfield,” “Fable,” “Avowed,” “Elder Scrolls VI,” and “Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga.” These titles are generating a lot of excitement due to their stunning graphics, innovative gameplay, and expansive worlds.

Which genres are well-represented in the 2024 lineup?

The 2024 lineup covers a wide range of genres, including action-adventure, RPGs, first-person shooters, racing games, and indie titles. This diversity ensures that there will be something for every type of gamer.

Are there any exclusive titles for the Xbox Series X|S in 2024?

Yes, several highly anticipated exclusive titles are set to release in 2024, such as “Fable,” “Avowed,” and “Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga.” These exclusives aim to showcase the full potential of the Xbox Series X|S hardware.

How will the Xbox Series X|S hardware enhance these upcoming games?

The Xbox Series X|S hardware will enhance these games through improved graphics, faster load times, higher frame rates, and support for ray tracing. This will result in more immersive and visually stunning gaming experiences.

Are there any major updates or sequels to popular franchises coming out in 2024?

Yes, major updates and sequels to popular franchises such as “Elder Scrolls VI,” “Forza Motorsport,” and “State of Decay 3” are expected to release in 2024, continuing their legacy with new features and advancements.

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