20 Best Video Interviewing Software

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HireVue stands out among its competition as an Best Video Interviewing Software platform, boasting user-friendly interfaces and advanced features that facilitate an efficient recruitment process. Famed for its cutting-edge technology, Virtual Interview enables employers to conduct virtual interviews remotely while assessing candidates through both structured interviews and AI analysis. Video capabilities in the software offer an immersive interviewing experience, creating meaningful relationships between recruiters and candidates despite geographic separation.

Customizable interview workflows, real-time collaboration tools and robust analytics help streamline the hiring process even further. HireVue uses machine learning algorithms to assess facial expressions, tonality of voice and language patterns to provide invaluable insight into a candidate’s suitability and cultural fit. As organizations move toward remote work arrangements, video interviewing software has become an essential part of recruitment efforts, streamlining recruitment efforts while providing thorough candidate evaluation.

How To Choose the Best Video Interviewing Software

Choosing the best video interviewing software for your organization requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure it aligns with your specific needs and goals. Here are key aspects to consider when making this decision:

Features and Functionality: Look for software that supports live and on-demand interviews. Consider customization options, such as branded interfaces and tailored interview workflows. Assess collaboration tools for effective communication among hiring teams.

User-Friendly Interface: Opt for software with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface for both recruiters and candidates. Ensure that the platform provides a positive user experience to enhance engagement.

Integration Capabilities: Check for compatibility with your existing HR software, applicant tracking system (ATS), or other relevant tools. Integration capabilities streamline the overall recruitment process.

AI and Analytics: Evaluate AI-driven features for assessing candidate responses, facial expressions, and language patterns. Advanced analytics and reporting tools can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your hiring process.

Scalability: Consider whether the software can scale with your organization’s growth. Ensure that it can accommodate varying numbers of interviews and users.

Candidate Experience: Prioritize platforms that offer a positive and user-friendly experience for candidates. Quick and easy access to interviews, clear instructions, and compatibility with different devices are crucial.

Security and Compliance: Confirm that the software adheres to data security standards and complies with relevant regulations. Look for features such as encryption and secure storage of interview data.

Cost and ROI: Evaluate the pricing structure to ensure it aligns with your budget. Consider the potential return on investment (ROI) in terms of time saved and improved hiring outcomes.

Customer Support: Choose a vendor with responsive customer support to address any issues or questions promptly. Training resources and documentation should be readily available.

Reviews and Reputation: Read reviews from other organizations that have used the software. Consider the vendor’s reputation in the industry and their track record of successful implementations.

Here Is List Of Best Video Interviewing Software

  • Willo
  • Zoho Meeting
  • Hireflix
  • Spark Hire
  • VidCruiter
  • Zoom
  • Breezy HR
  • Vervoe
  • Skype
  • XOR
  • eSkill
  • Clovers
  • myInterview
  • Avature
  • HireVue
  • interviewstream
  • Recright
  • Harver
  • TestGorilla
  • Codility

20 Best Video Interviewing Software

1. Willo

Willo is an interview video software suitable for freelance recruiters to large enterprises that enables you to identify and connect with global talent.

Willo is a browser-based tool that is accessible on any device worldwide. It lets you send job invites individually and post roles on job boards, customize branding and functionality standards through various features and API, and incorporate industry-specific questions that have been scientifically proven to get better responses.


Willo’s focus is data security for both candidates and recruiters, hosting its platform in Europe for full GDPR compliance, offering 24/7 European support, using enterprise-grade encryption with optional App-based Multi-factor Authentication.

Willo integrates seamlessly with popular applicant tracking systems (ATSs) like Greenhouse, Teamtailor and Workable; over 3,000 apps via Zapier’s SaaS platform; starting from $42/user/month with limited features available as a free forever plan.

2. Zoho Meeting (Best Video Interviewing Software)

Zoho Meeting is an online video meeting platform that works great for one-on-one interviews or panel interviews, enabling candidates to present their work by sharing screens while engaging live with interviewers through live video chatting. Candidates and interviewers alike can also share files via chat and highlight any key points with meeting notes.

Zoho Meeting offers many features designed to aid interviewers in conducting thorough and engaging talent assessments during an interview process. You can assess candidates by giving them the chance to collaborate on solutions with you using its whiteboard feature or use other meeting tools such as brainstorming together or creating flowcharts or diagrams and sharing these after the session with other hiring team members. In addition, polls can be launched during interviews in order to ask multiple choice or short answer questions of candidates.

Zoho Meeting (Best Video Interviewing Software)

Candidate interviews can either be pre-scheduled in advance, or instant interviews conducted instantly when candidates are ready. Zoho Meeting includes virtual backgrounds to keep both interviewers and candidates’ histories private when connecting through video conferencing.

Zoho Meeting integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack and numerous other Zoho products such as CRM, Campaigns and Connect. Zoho Meeting starts from $3/month per host for 10 participants, offering both a 14-day free trial version with limited features as well as an affordable freemium version with all features enabled.

3. Hireflix

Hireflix specializes exclusively in one-way video interviews. There are no lengthy implementation processes or legacy systems – making the hiring process simpler for both employers and their candidates.

Hireflix provides all of the features necessary for world-class one-way video interviewing in an intuitive, minimalistic interface – no logins or apps necessary! It works globally across browsers and devices (including smartphones).

Hireflix allows you to record intro and outro videos for your interview, as well as add one for every question if desired. Record an unlimited number of questions, customize thinking and answer time, as well as set the number of retakes permitted.


Hireflix also offers you multi branding capabilities, automated communications via email, SMS and Whatsapp as well as a world-class GraphQL API to build custom integrations, as well as native integrations with most ATS’s such as Lever, BambooHR, Workable Greenhouse TeamTailor JazzHR.

Hireflix also features bulk and individual shareable links, ratings, GDPR compliance and SOC II compliance as well as multilingual options for candidates, white labeling capabilities, white labeling with Zapier integration and much more. Hireflix provides a 30-day free trial on all plans, both monthly and yearly, beginning with plans starting at $75/month for unlimited users/positions and all features included in them.

4. Spark Hire

Spark Hire is utilized by over 6,000 organizations to enhance their recruitment process and screen candidates more efficiently. Their video interviewing software supports one-way interviews, enabling recruiters to expedite screening by asking candidates to record short video responses for standardized questions – an option which also eliminates recruiter bias.

Spark Hire

Spark Hire provides live video interviews that can be recorded and watched back by any member of a hiring team, while evaluation features make it simple to rate candidates, document rejection reasons and send rejection emails. Large recruiting teams will appreciate its capability of creating personalized and branded videos at scale; with notifications sent when videos have been watched by any potential hires.

Spark Hire boasts over 40 integrations with popular applicant tracking systems and scheduling platforms, such as Google Calendar, iCloud Drive, Outlook.com and Exchange/Office365 – and has an intuitive mobile app available on both platforms – offering seamless recruitment solutions. Spark Hire packages begin at $149/month for three users and include an interview free trial of up to 10 interviews without the need to provide credit card details.

5. VidCruiter

VidCruiter provides screening features such as pre-recorded interviews for hirers to review on demand to avoid scheduling conflicts when hiring globally. Furthermore, there’s live video interviewing with an interface displaying your viewing mode options as well as comment and evaluation panels – these features are part of VidCruiter Recruitment Suite; therefore you can purchase it either separately or as an integrated platform.


VidCruiter was specifically designed for hiring purposes, unlike more general communication tools like Skype or Zoom. This means its video panel offers extra features designed to assist HR teams, like standardised questions and rating guides. Furthermore, they support multi-tiered video interviewing; candidates can complete one-way interviews before moving onto live interview sessions with managers.

6. Zoom (Top Video Interviewing Software)

Zoom has quickly become an industry standard due to its ease of use and host of useful features, and is accessible on almost every device imaginable, making the hiring and interviewing processes less complex for both applicants and hirers alike. Zoom Meetings makes things even simpler as both parties know exactly how to use it before showing up at their meeting!

Zoom (Top Video Interviewing Software)

Zoom makes group interviews simple for interviews of up to 100 participants with a free plan, making group interviews possible. Users who are new to Zoom can join within minutes when receiving an invite link from an interviewer; paid plans offer no time limits and in-app private and group messaging systems for added functionality.

Zoom Meetings begins at $149.90/year/license and provides other services, such as Zoom Phone, Zoom Video Webinar, Zoom Rooms and Zoom United each with their own pricing plans and one being completely free for life!

7. Breezy HR

Breezy is an HR and applicant tracking solution packed with features, such as Live Video Meetings. This timesaving feature enables hirers to meet with applicants while simultaneously viewing their interview guide and scorecard on-screen at the same time. Breezy also boasts many other useful capabilities such as reporting & analytics, candidate management, job ads sourcing sourcing referrals as well as team collaboration capabilities.

Breezy HR

Breezy HR offers an extremely generous entry-tier plan that immediately provides unlimited users, candidates, hiring positions, and candidate pools – an advantage not offered by larger systems who charge extra to handle increased volume – making Breezy an excellent solution for SMBs and startups looking to scale on a tight budget. Breezy HR offers free plans with limited video interviewing tools; paid plans start from $143/month.

8. Vervoe

Vervoe is an AI-powered Skills Assessment Online Interview Software on a mission to make hiring about merit instead of background. Hirers can use Vervoe’s AI to evaluate an applicant using skills assessment tests and AI to spot candidates with potential and hire only those that meet both qualifications and passion criteria. Conduct coding challenges or have your applicants record video responses during hiring interviews for added screening measures.


Vervoe offers an easy integration solution via Zapier (via a paid plan), making integration possibilities nearly limitless. Zapier allows access to hundreds, even thousands, of third-party tools that integrate customer relationship management (CRM), communication, project management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), Human Resource Information System (HRIS), HRIS and more into Vervoe systems.

9. Skype

Skype was once the top video calling platform because of its free audio and video calling options, private chat features, and much more! In fact, the only time Skype will charge is if you make calls to landlines or mobile numbers located within the US; otherwise you’re free to make as many calls without time limits for free as long as they use Skype as their calling source – meaning many applicants may feel more at ease using it for important job interviews!


Skype is owned by Microsoft, so if you already use Outlook, MS Projects, or Office 365 it makes perfect sense to add this tool as an extra resource – plus, it’s free! And as needed you can upgrade with additional features at any time. Skype is available free-of-charge and comes in various versions, including Meet Now, Content Creators Edition and Business.

10. XOR

Xor is an AI recruiting software and platform, and one of its unique features is live and on-demand video interviewing. Users are able to set live interviews or have applicants record video answers that hirers can watch at their own leisure on any device without third-party tools being needed for access.


Xor’s video candidate screening capabilities combine with SMS features like text recruiting and text-to-apply to make the hiring process fast, efficient, and modern. Video interviews are at the cutting-edge of IoT adoption; text recruitment campaigns with automated responses from AI chatbots is another standout feature that offers cutting-edge hiring teams access candidates wherever they may be on mobile devices.

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11. eSkill (Best Video Interviewing Software)

eSkill stands out as a versatile and comprehensive video interviewing software, offering a robust platform for skill assessment in the hiring process. While eSkill is widely recognized for its proficiency in pre-employment skills testing, it also incorporates video interviews as a valuable component of candidate evaluation. The platform allows recruiters to seamlessly integrate video interviews into their assessment workflows, providing a well-rounded view of a candidate’s capabilities. eSkill’s user-friendly interface and customizable testing options make it adaptable to various industries and job roles.

eSkill (Best Video Interviewing Software)

The combination of skills testing and video interviews enables recruiters to make informed decisions about a candidate’s qualifications, communication skills, and cultural fit. With advanced analytics and reporting features, eSkill empowers recruiters to streamline the hiring process and identify the most qualified candidates efficiently. The integration of video interviews into eSkill’s broader skill assessment platform enhances its position as a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking a thorough and efficient approach to talent acquisition.

12. Clovers

Clovers is an innovative people-first hiring intelligence software company, providing hiring teams with access to informed decisions when making hiring decisions. At the core of Clovers’ approach lies artificial intelligence (AI), providing data-driven and nuanced insights to guide hiring teams toward more inclusive decision making. Clovers’ platform puts great emphasis on AI to streamline hiring processes while simultaneously increasing candidate understanding.


By prioritizing inclusivity, Clovers empowers hiring teams to foster diverse and equitable workplace environments. Clovers represents an innovative step forward in hiring practices, by using technology to highlight the human side of recruitment. Aligning seamlessly with its mission to make decisions that are both efficient and inclusive.

13. myInterview

myInterview stands out as one of the premier video interviewing softwares, providing an advanced platform designed to enhance both efficiency and effectiveness during the hiring process. MyInterview stands out from its competition with its user-friendly interface and versatile functionality, providing recruiters with everything they need to conduct both live and asynchronous video interviews for various interview scenarios. MyInterview stands out with its AI-driven capabilities, which provide unique insight into personality traits, communication abilities, and cultural fit in candidate responses.


Furthermore, customizable interview templates help ensure uniform evaluation across candidates. MyInterview offers seamless integration capabilities with popular applicant tracking systems (ATS), providing for a more streamlined recruitment workflow. MyInterview’s focus on increasing candidate engagement and shortening time-to-hire makes myInterview an indispensable asset for organizations seeking an innovative yet cost-effective video interviewing approach.

14. Avature

Avature stands out as an intelligent and comprehensive video interviewing software solution that integrates seamlessly into talent acquisition environments. Thanks to its customizable approach, Avature empowers recruiters to tailor video interview processes specifically to organizational requirements. Avature offers both live and prerecorded interviews, creating flexibility in different interview scenarios. Furthermore, its collaborative features facilitate efficient communication among hiring teams for improved candidate evaluation processes.


Focusing on candidate experience, Avature creates an easy-to-use interface, helping candidates easily navigate and engage in the interview process. Furthermore, the software provides powerful analytics and reporting tools, giving insight into recruitment metrics. As part of Avature Human Capital Management suite, video interviewing capabilities make up an integrated talent management solution, making Avature the preferred choice among organizations seeking an advanced yet straightforward method for video interviews.

15. HireVue

HireVue stands as an industry-leading video interviewing software, known for its cutting-edge and technological approach to modern recruitment processes. This platform enables organizations to deliver a dynamic and engaging interview experience by offering live and on-demand video interviews, connecting seamlessly with candidates no matter where they reside in the world. HireVue’s AI is one of its key selling points, providing candidates with insight into their responses, facial expressions and language patterns to provide useful knowledge into whether or not they would fit a role.


The software also enables customizable interview workflows, so organizations can tailor assessments according to specific job requirements. HireVue’s user-friendly interface, collaborative tools, and real-time feedback options combine to enhance the efficiency and personal touch of hiring processes while remaining data driven – helping recruiters make well-informed decisions that position HireVue as a frontrunner among video interviewing software.

16. interviewstream (Top Video Interviewing Software)

interviewstream stands out as a leading video interviewing software, offering a comprehensive platform designed to streamline recruitment. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and versatility, interviewstream ensures an enjoyable interviewing experience for both recruiters and candidates. This platform supports various interview types, including live, on-demand and panel interviews – meeting all your hiring needs! One of the key benefits of Interview Experience Designer is its ability to build custom branded interview experiences for organizations. This feature ensures they maintain their brand throughout the hiring process.

interviewstream (Top Video Interviewing Software)

Interviewstream’s collaboration tools facilitate effective communication among hiring teams, streamlining decision making processes and speeding up recruitment decisions. Interviewstream provides organizations with an efficient and user-centric video interviewing solution with features like automated interview scheduling, candidate feedback mechanisms and integration capabilities with applicant tracking systems (ATS). Interviewstream’s main focus is increasing candidate engagement while simplifying assessment procedures – two elements which contribute significantly to its efficiency and ease of use.

17. Recright

Recright stands out as an innovative video interviewing software with exceptional functionality and user friendliness, providing modern recruitment processes with an ideal solution. Recright’s emphasis on flexibility allows it to support both live and on-demand video interviews – satisfying various interview styles and preferences alike. The platform’s intuitive user interface enables recruiters to build and customize interview workflows tailored to specific job roles, creating an efficient assessment process.


Recright stands out with its automated video interview scheduling feature, making logistics much simpler for recruiters and candidates alike. Furthermore, its collaboration tools ensure seamless communication among hiring teams to improve overall recruitment experience. Recright’s sophisticated analytics and reporting features equip recruiters to make data-driven decisions and streamline talent acquisition strategies. As organizations embrace remote hiring, Recright stands out as an efficient video interviewing software solution.

18. Harver

Harver stands out as an innovative video interviewing software, presenting an elegant and data-driven solution for talent acquisition. Harver is widely recognized for its advanced capabilities, employing artificial intelligence to analyze candidate responses and gain insights into their skills, competencies and cultural fit. Harver offers both live and automated video interviews to create a tailored approach to recruitment. Harver stands out by using skills- and competency-based assessments that enable recruiters to make more informed decisions aligned with specific job requirements.


Harver’s intuitive design and customizable workflows improve user experience for recruiters and candidates. Seamlessly integrated into existing HR systems, Harver streamlines recruitment workflow from initial screening through final hiring decision. For organizations seeking to optimize hiring processes with technology, its focus on data-driven insights and comprehensive approach makes Harver an indispensable solution in the arena of video interviewing software.

19. TestGorilla

TestGorilla stands out as an exceptional video interviewing software, renowned for its comprehensive approach to candidate evaluation. Going beyond traditional video interviews, TestGorilla integrates a range of skills tests and assessments into its hiring process for comprehensive assessment of potential employees.


This groundbreaking feature allows recruiters to assess not only a candidate’s communication and presentation skills through video but also their specific competencies and job-related abilities through practical tests. TestGorilla provides an assessment platform with comprehensive capabilities testing options, from coding challenges and situational judgment tests, giving an in-depth view of a candidate’s abilities.

With its user-friendly interface and customisable test options, TestGorilla adapts easily to various roles and industries. TestGorilla’s emphasis on data-driven insights combined with robust analytics and reporting empower recruiters to make well-informed hiring decisions. Through video interviewing and skills assessment capabilities, TestGorilla meets the evolving demands of modern recruitment processes – making it an indispensable asset for organizations searching for comprehensive and efficient hiring solutions.

20. Codility (Best Video Interviewing Software)

Codility is best-known for its coding assessment platform; however, it also offers an effective video interviewing solution in technical hiring processes. Codility’s video interviewing software adds another step in its comprehensive assessment process for technical roles. This platform enables recruiters to conduct live technical interviews, assess problem-solving abilities, and gain insight into coding abilities of candidates.

Codility (Best Video Interviewing Software)

Codility enhances virtual interview experiences for both candidates and interviewers with features like real-time coding collaboration and playback, providing a superior virtual interview experience for both. Codility’s technical assessment platform integrates video interviewing seamlessly, creating an efficient process for identifying top technical talent. As organizations increasingly prioritize technical skills in hiring processes, Codility stands as an invaluable resource for technical recruitment.

Key Features of Best Video Interviewing Software

The best video interviewing software typically offers a range of key features that enhance the hiring process and provide a comprehensive platform for candidate assessment. Here are some essential features to look for:

Live and On-Demand Interviews: Support for both live interviews and pre-recorded, on-demand interviews provides flexibility in the hiring process.

Customization Options: The ability to create customized and branded interview experiences tailored to specific job roles and organizational needs.

AI-Driven Insights: Integration of artificial intelligence to analyze candidate responses, facial expressions, and language patterns, providing valuable insights for better decision-making.

Collaboration Tools: Features that facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among hiring teams, ensuring a cohesive and efficient evaluation process.

Integration with ATS and HR Systems: Compatibility with applicant tracking systems (ATS) and other HR software to streamline the recruitment workflow and data management.

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design and user-friendly interfaces for both recruiters and candidates, ensuring a positive and efficient experience.

Scalability: The ability to scale the software to accommodate varying numbers of interviews and users as organizational needs change.

Analytics and Reporting: Advanced analytics and reporting tools that offer insights into key recruitment metrics, helping organizations assess the effectiveness of their hiring processes.

Candidate Experience Enhancements: Features that improve the candidate experience, such as clear instructions, accessibility across devices, and user support.

Security and Compliance: Robust security measures, including data encryption and secure storage, to protect sensitive candidate information. Compliance with relevant data protection regulations and industry standards.

Interview Scheduling and Automation: Tools for automated interview scheduling and reminders, reducing administrative burdens on recruiters and ensuring a timely process.

Feedback and Evaluation Tools: Mechanisms for collecting feedback from hiring teams and standardized evaluation tools to streamline decision-making.

Cost-Effective Pricing Model: Transparent and cost-effective pricing structures that align with the organization’s budget and provide good value for the features offered.

Benefits of Video Interview Software

Video interviewing software offers many advantages for employers and employees alike, including time and cost savings, enhanced flexibility, and access to a wider talent pool.

Time and cost efficiency: Prerecorded video interviews save time and resources by eliminating initial phone calls and automating repetitive tasks with features such as schedulers, reminders, candidate interview sharing capabilities and rating guides. This efficiency enables you to use both time and resources more wisely.

Enhance Flexibility: Video interviewing software provides tremendous flexibility for staffing agencies with clients located across different time zones or businesses hiring remote candidates, making live interviews easily scheduled according to candidates’ availability worldwide while reviewing recorded responses also adds extra dynamism.

Video interviews provide greater access to talent pools: Video interviews can expand access to talent pools by expanding reach in competitive sectors like tech. A U.S. tech startup could, for example, use them to evaluate candidates from Europe or Asia before considering relocation or compliant hiring through partnerships with PEO or EOR companies.

Best Video Interviewing Software Conclusion

Conclusion: Video interviewing software plays an integral part in modernizing and streamlining recruitment processes. Features and capabilities such as live and on-demand interviews, AI-powered insights and seamless collaboration tools have become essential components for forward-looking organizations. Customized interview experiences that integrate seamlessly with existing HR systems and provide candidates with positive candidate experiences can significantly streamline and streamline your hiring journey.

Scalability, robust security measures and compliance standards underline the importance of these software solutions. Technology continues to revolutionize talent acquisition, and video interviewing software not only simplifies administrative tasks but also encourages inclusivity, diversity, and data-driven decision-making. Careful consideration should be given to user friendliness, analytics and customer support to maximize utilization of these tools resulting in successful hiring outcomes for organizations.

Best Video Interviewing Software FAQ

What is video interviewing software?

Video interviewing software is a technology solution designed to facilitate remote interviews, allowing employers to assess candidates through live or pre-recorded video interactions. It streamlines the hiring process, providing a virtual alternative to traditional in-person interviews.

What features should I look for in video interviewing software?

Key features to consider include support for live and on-demand interviews, customization options, AI-driven insights, collaboration tools, integration capabilities with ATS and HR systems, a user-friendly interface, scalability, analytics and reporting, and enhanced candidate experience features.

How does AI-driven insight work in video interviewing software?

AI-driven insights in video interviewing software analyze various aspects of candidate interactions, such as facial expressions, tone of voice, and language patterns. This analysis provides recruiters with additional data to make informed decisions about a candidate’s suitability and cultural fit.

Can video interviewing software integrate with other HR tools?

Yes, many video interviewing software solutions offer integration capabilities with applicant tracking systems (ATS), human resource management systems (HRMS), and other HR tools. This integration streamlines data management and ensures a cohesive recruitment workflow.

Is video interviewing software secure and compliant?

Top video interviewing software prioritizes data security, often incorporating encryption and secure storage measures. Additionally, reputable platforms comply with data protection regulations and industry standards to safeguard sensitive candidate information.

How does video interviewing software enhance the candidate experience?

Video interviewing software enhances the candidate experience by providing clear instructions, accessibility across devices, and user support. It allows candidates to participate in interviews from the comfort of their own space, reducing logistical challenges.

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