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Big Floppa: In this article, we cover a detailed review of Big Floppa. How does Big Floppa Crypto work & Are important features?

About Big Floppa

Big Floppa is a legendary meme that has taken the internet by storm, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of the movement. The goal is to build a strong community foundation that will support our token for years to come. We’re confident that $FLOP is the top cat meme coin out there, and we’re committed to making sure that investors and supporters reap the benefits.

$FLOP is the alpha cat meme coin that brings to life on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a token that’s built to create value for our community, through fair distribution and a safe, certified environment. With a total supply of 777 billion tokens. By joining our community, you become a part of a movement that’s dedicated to bringing the world of memes to the forefront of the crypto space.

Big Floppa Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBig Floppa
Short NameFLOP
Circulating Supply474,406,589,881 FLOP
Total Supply474,406,589,881
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Big Floppa Price Live Data


$FLOP is the alpha cat meme coin that brings Big Floppa to life on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a token that’s built to create value for our community, through fair distribution and a safe, certified environment. With a total supply of 777 billion tokens. By joining our community, you become a part of a movement that’s dedicated to bringing the world of memes to the forefront of the crypto space.


Big Floppa believes that our community is the backbone of project. That’s why we’re building a strong foundation that is rooted in fairness and transparency. We’re proud to announce that 80% of tokens will be sold and distributed to the community at a fair and equal price, giving everyone an opportunity to get in on the action.

The remaining 20% of tokens will be used for business and operations, including liquidity, marketing, and development. But don’t worry, we’re not just handing out tokens willy-nilly. These tokens will be vested over time and locked up in a treasury wallet at floppameme.eth, ensuring that they are used wisely and for the benefit of our community.

They believe that by working together and building a strong foundation, they can achieve incredible things. So let’s get to work and do some serious business!


Legendary Meme

It has captured the hearts of millions across the internet, and $FLOP now brings that iconic meme magic into cryptocurrency. They guarantees our coin is supported by an energetic community right from launch day.

Explosive Growth Potential

Thanks to the viral nature and cultural significance, $FLOP boasts enormous growth potential. Not simply another passing trend or passing fad, The stands as an iconic cultural phenomenon and represents long-term potential success for coin.

Establish a Robust Community Foundation

At the center of mission lies creating a robust and supportive community. They recognize that community engagement is integral to meme coin’s longevity, so they aim to foster one which provides mutual support while upholding one another.

Transparency and Trustworthy

At CoinBox they recognize the importance of maintaining trust between investors and operations, which is why team of staff members remain dedicated to transparency throughout all operations. They will regularly keep the community up-to-date with development progress, token distributions, and any important announcements ensuring investors feel confident and informed.

Secure and Audited

The $FLOP token has been designed on a secure blockchain network and will undergo regular audits to ensure its safety from vulnerabilities. Investor safety is of utmost importance, so we take all steps possible to protect their investments.

Rewarding Holders

Owning $FLOP comes with exciting perks! The tokenomics feature an incentive mechanism for long-term holders who contribute their tokens back into our project: automatic redistribution of tokens can reward long-term holders and encourage continued support of this ambitious initiative.

NFT Marketplace

They don’t intend to stop at creating just a meme coin; we aim to build an exciting NFT marketplace featuring the collectibles – adding even greater utility and value to $FLOP.

Strategic Partnerships

They are actively searching for strategic partnerships with other projects and influencers in the meme and cryptocurrency spaces to expand the reach of $FLOP and cement its place as one of the premier cat meme coins available on the market.

Community Giveaways and Contests

As way of showing our appreciation to our community, we regularly host giveaways and contests where holders may have an opportunity to win exciting rewards such as NFTs or $FLOP tokens

Continuous Development

The dedication doesn’t end after launch; instead, our dedicated team of developers works on improving the $FLOP ecosystem and adding features that enhance user experience by continuously developing it further.


Big Floppa’s roadmap: audacious goals, strategic partnerships, innovative marketing, and strong community engagement for top meme coin status.

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Conclusion Ultimately, Big Floppa has inspired an extraordinary meme and they are honored to play an integral part in its remarkable movement with $FLOP. The primary objective is building an engaged community as part of this exciting adventure – as this will ensure longevity and prosperity of token.

With Big Floppa’s meme power at the backs, $FLOP holds immense growth potential in the cryptocurrency space. Not just a passing trend or cultural phenomenon with lasting power; our team of dedicated employees are committed to transparency, security and continuous development for investors’ security and confidence in us and our project.

Holders of $FLOP will not only feel proud to be part of an iconic viral meme’s legacy but will also benefit from the custom features designed to reward long-term commitment. The vision extends far beyond simply creating an NFT marketplace; they want the $FLOP ecosystem to bring even greater utility and value for everyone involved.


What is Big Floppa $FLOP?

Big Floppa $FLOP is a cryptocurrency that has been inspired by the legendary internet meme, Big Floppa. It is a top cat meme coin that aims to bring the charm and excitement of Big Floppa to the world of cryptocurrency. Our primary goal is to build a strong and supportive community that will stand as the foundation for the long-term success of the project.

How does Big Floppa $FLOP work?

Big Floppa $FLOP operates on a blockchain network, and its tokenomics are designed to reward long-term holders. Holders of $FLOP will receive automatic token redistribution, which incentivizes them to retain their investment and support the project over time. Additionally, we plan to introduce a vibrant NFT marketplace, providing unique Big Floppa-themed collectibles to add value and utility to the $FLOP ecosystem.

Is Big Floppa $FLOP a safe investment?

Security and trust are of utmost importance to us. They prioritize the safety of investors’ assets and regularly subject token and platform to thorough security audits. Additionally, we strive to maintain transparency in all operations to ensure that our community can trust us with confidence.

How can I get involved in the Big Floppa $FLOP community?

Becoming part of the Big Floppa $FLOP community is easy! Simply acquire $FLOP tokens through a supported cryptocurrency exchange, such as [exchange name], and join our official community channels on social media platforms and forums. Engage with fellow community members, participate in discussions, and stay updated with our latest announcements and events.

Are there any benefits for long-term holders?

Absolutely! We believe in rewarding our long-term supporters. Holders of $FLOP will receive automatic token redistribution, which means that the longer you hold, the more tokens you accumulate over time. This incentivizes our community to stay invested and contribute to the growth of the project.

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