Ico Review: Quick and Safe Verification Process

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About Ico is new Proof-of-truth® document verification system powered by Cardano blockchain system. Blockademia system allows Publishers to issue documents such as diplomas, certificates, attestations, etc. in an original, fast and easy way, and end users to check them using the Blockademia web or mobile application.

Token Basic Information

Token SymbolN/A
Blockchain NetworkEthereum, Binance Smart Chain
End14.11.2021. 23:59
Private Sale Start01.10.2021. 0:00
Total Token Supply250.000.000 ACI
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Blockademia system

Blockademia is a decentralized information system for issuing and checking the authenticity of issued diplomas, cerificates and other documents using entries to the Cardano blockchain. Cardano blockchain entries are public, immutable and every entry records the exact time and date of said entry. Using these blockchain features, Blockademia ensures permanence and immutability of the issued entry containing document metadata and subsequent authenticity checks.

Blockademia is a modular application with predefined functionality depending on the size and the needs of the issuer. Pro and Enterprise versions include the DMS (Document Management System) module while the Rest API connector is reserved for only the Enterprise version. These modules enable simple connections to other systems.

Blockademia system consists of several key parts:

• Web interface and the mobile app for issuing/checking the documents
• Cardano blockchain entries which ensure immutability
• Blockademia utility token (ACI) as a „fuel“ for running the Blockademia system
• Decentralized system for credibility rating of issuing entities

Volo pro veritas

The mission is to provide the access to the truth. Stop the document falsification trend and make the world a better place for all.

Blockademia dApp

Register now to get early access to Blockademia mobile app and use all the early adopters benefits

Deposit ACI token

Deposit your ACI tokens from referral rewards or community sale.


Start using your ACI for publishing or checking documents.

Get referral rewards

Earn rewards for every new user you bring to Blockademia

Earn Yield

Earn up to 10% yearly during the token locking period.

Blockademia token (ACI)

Blockademia token (ACI) is a native token on the Cardano blockchain. It is both a utility token and a governance token of the Blockademia decentralized system. The intended uses of Blockademia token are:
• Paying the user fees for using the Blockademia system
• Rewarding users for participating in the system (issuers, referrers that onboard new issuers)
• Treasury financing
• Governance of the decentralized Blockademia system The system will include a form of rewarding users who hold the token to disincentivize
token sales after exchange listings.

ACI token usage is designed to disconnect the cost of the service from crypto market volatility. The system itself drives the ACI token demand regardless of token price.


Blockademia system will work in a semi-decentralized manner at the moment of its creation. This means that the development of the project will be managed by the company Smart Contract Ltd. from Zagreb, Croatia and the data management of the system will be a hybrid of the web interface and the Cardano blockchain.
Decentralization of the system through the means of a smart contract application will be carried out after finalization of the Goguen phase in the Cardano ecosystem and the enabling of „Babel fees“ – paying the on-chain transaction costs with a native ACI token.

Social responsibility

At the end of each business year, company Smart Contract Ltd. will direct a part of its financial flow towards socially sensitive groups and especially children – to help ensure higher quality of education and personal development for everyone. The same practice will be done in countries and territories where Representatives will operate.

ACI token

ACI is a native utility token on Cardano blockchain that powers Blockademia system. ACI will be required for publishing documents, corporate use of document verification, incentives, rewards and payments.


They can change the world only as a team, so they engaged best of best in the industry to deliver supreme results, user experience and the community together. Ico Review: Quick and Safe Verification Process
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