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At the recent launch of the new mobile phone product held by Lenovo’s Beijing Global Headquarters Park, Chang-Cheng revealed that Lenovo has obtained national certification and became the first blockchain mobile phone manufacturer certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In addition to Lenovo, suppliers including Huawei and Hammer have joined the blockchain mobile phone competition, which has made the blockchain mobile phone field, which was originally undercurrent, more and more turbulent.

Shantou Open Road

At the end of last year, the cryptocurrency market ushered in a big outbreak. The whole market opened a mad mode, led by bitcoin. When the price was the highest, it rose to 11,000 US dollars. Countless people heard the news and swarmed.

At the same time, the term blockchain has entered people’s field of vision. At that time, it was just the blockchain enthusiasm. Many industries wanted to take advantage of the blockchain to get the wind, including blockchain mobile phones.

In January of this year, a well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturer candy mobile phone released the name of the blockchain creation mobile phone – candy S11. The biggest gimmick of the official 3,999 yuan new machine is “mining.

” The promotion of the candy mobile phone said that the candy blockchain mobile phone = candy mobile phone + blockchain wallet + blockchain mining machine can be used as a mining machine to mine a digital fork currency called “Ether Mist” and then exchange it for Candy points.

In March, Changhong, a veteran home appliance brand, also announced the launch of a blockchain mobile phone, Changhong R8 Unicorn. Changhong R8 Kirin officially priced at 2,999 yuan, is also a mining mobile phone, known as Changhong Communications for Unicorn developed the first Unicorn blockchain mobile phone.

Just open the Unicorn APP in the phone, click the Start button to ensure the mobile phone network is smooth, WiFi, 4G network can be mine to obtain Eucalyptus.

In addition, Meizu mobile phone has also launched mobile phone mining function…

Although the blockchain mobile phone caused a sensation at the time, people later discovered that mining with a mobile phone is not realistic.

For those cryptocurrencies that are more expensive, the mining efficiency of mobile phones is almost zero. For the coins that can be dug up, it may take several years to continually dig back to the present, and even some coins are worthless.

This vigorous attempt came to an end in people’s slogans, and a farce seemed to end like this. However, in fact, many mobile phone suppliers have not given up.

Because, in addition to mining, blockchain mobile phones have more utility.

Wind and clouds

On March 20th, Lenovo Mobile released the new machine S5 when it announced its return to the Chinese market. Lenovo’s blockchain mobile phone is the mainstay of security. Lenovo S5 in the encrypted secure payment space – Z space payment area system uses the “blockchain” technology from the bottom layer, a number of patents escort, solve payment security problems, protect the user’s account, password, and online shopping security, and from The underlying supports blockchain technology.

On October 5th, BlackBerry announced the launch of the BlackBerry brand Evolve and Evolve X. Evolve and Evolve X will include a secure digital currency wallet that allows secure storage of digital currency and prevents hackers from breaking into wallets and stealing digital currency.

On October 10th, at the “X Blockchain Summit” in Bali, Indonesia, digital financial and transaction solutions provider PundiX publicly launched a blockchain-based mobile phone Xphone and blockchain ecosystem Function X.

Pundi X co-founder Pitt Huang announced that it has completed its first blockchain phone call, which was conducted on the company’s latest blockchain phone XPhone. Moreover, XPhone does not use any centralized mobile operators.

On October 23, HTC released the brand’s Exodus blockchain smartphone. The phone has a built-in virtual currency wallet protected by the Android OS that can be used to store cryptocurrencies and keys. Its price is not inferior to Apple, up to more than 960 US dollars.

According to reports, HTC Exodus integrates blockchain and decentralization technology into mobile phones and adopts a social key recovery mechanism. If the mobile phone is lost, there is no need to worry about the loss of assets.

In addition, there is news that Huawei, the world’s third-largest smartphone maker, is considering using Sirin Labs’ operating system to develop mobile phones. The phone will be able to run blockchain applications with Android.

It is said that the negotiations are being conducted in private and no agreement has been reached. If these plans achieve results, Huawei, the world’s third-largest smartphone maker, will be the first major handset maker to support the blockchain.

What can be seen is that in addition to mining, blockchain phones have some more reliable features. The most interesting ones are security, payment, wallet, decentralized operators and so on.

Do things seriously

Some experts have put forward their own views on the necessity and development direction of blockchain mobile phones in the future.

Armin Ebrahimi, head of enterprise development at ShoCard, a blockchain startup, believes that there are many security vulnerabilities in the system because we have used an almost unchanged “ID+password” model for about 40 years. Many remedies are for users. It is cumbersome, technically more complicated, and the cost of large-scale applications is also high.

“We need to completely transform this traditional model, and we don’t have to put all the data on the server in the past. We need to put the user ID on the smartphone with certificate verification based on blockchain technology. Blockchain Users’ IDs and certificates can be shared with other participants.

These participants do not need to rely on mutual services or databases. Users can decide for themselves what data to share with, so privacy will be protected; user data is encrypted and stored on local mobile phones. And produce RSA signatures or hashes and upload them to the blockchain.”

Digital Asset Wallet BiMoney Chief Ecological Officer Ren Feng said that hardware wallet manufacturers should invest more money and energy into the security research and development of wallets, rather than the secondary development of the existing screen display and scan camera functions of the mobile phone.

Therefore, BiMoney chose the R&D idea to combine the mobile wallet with the integrated solution of hardware wallet asset management, solve the need for scanning code and transaction information display with mobile phone hardware, and put more R&D expenses and energy into the security research and development of hardware wallet. On top, let BiMoney hardware wallet bring users a safer experience.

Chen Fengwei, deputy general manager of China Unicom Group’s channel department, said that because of the exponential increase in 5G bandwidth and speed, the future mobile phone will be the carrier of “5G+AI+ blockchain+cloud”.

Large bandwidth and high-speed 5G, which cleans the road for smartphone loading AI and blockchain technology, and forms a “cloud, tube, and end” integrated intelligent information communication, which is different from the previous performance of smartphone technology upgrade. “Physical reaction” is a “chemical reaction” that brings unlimited imagination to the digital economy and digital life.

Nowadays, there are more and more blockchain mobile phones, and they are trying to break away from the blockchain as the guise of the block and work hard in the direction of doing things seriously…

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