Apple “Mystery” Deletes The Crypto Podcast New In The iTunes Store

According to Cointelegraph, the “Off the Chain”, the fourth-ranked podcast of the “Investment” podcast in the US iTunes store, was removed from the US iTunes store on November 5. The main anchor of the show is Anthony Pompliano.

Just last month, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak announced the co-founder of EQUI Global, a venture capital fund focused on the blockchain. He also strongly supported Bitcoin this summer and said Bitcoin is the only one. Pure digital gold.” ”

After the encrypted podcast “Off the Chain” was deleted by Apple, Pomplian posted a tweet saying:

“Last week we released a podcast discussing the ultimate argument for Bitcoin. It exploded & ranked #4 in US investing category before mysteriously being taken down by @Apple. We had no warning. We don’t know why. They took down our podcast , but they can’t take down Bitcoin!”

Pomplian also said that the “Off the Chain” podcast introduction attracted a lot of attention last week. Before being canceled by Apple, Pompliano also interviewed Murad Mahmudov, “one of the world’s Bitcoin limiters.”

When interviewing Murad Mahmudov, the topic covered “what is Bitcoin, how it works, the importance of deflationary monetary systems, why Fiat money is doomed to fail, and how central banks and institutions should look at Bitcoin.”

But now, searching for “Off the Chain” in the US iTunes Podcast Store will receive the prompt “The podcast is currently unavailable.”

Pompliano provides a screenshot showing that his podcast has secured a fourth place in the investment program in the iTunes store. Pomp said that he hoped that the podcast was deleted just “coincidence”, but after contacting the Apple team, he did not receive a reply. Although not available in the iTunes store, “Off the Chain” can still be used on other podcast platforms such as Google Play, Stitcher and Spotify.

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