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About Castweet

Castweet is decentralized multi-broadcast platform project for creator. ‘Cryptube’ is a second-generation multi-broadcast platform that Castweet Project provides. It enables all users, including creators and viewers, tobecome peers and nodes of each other, and establishes a decentralized client-server.

Token Basic Information

Token NameCastweet 
Token SymbolCTT
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Telegram
Accepted CurrenciesETH
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Our goal is to create a platform that viewers prefer over other live-streaming competitors as their participation are both compensated and motivated. With this viewer-centric approach, viewers are motivated to not only view, but also engage, share, and shape the development of the platform.

Key features of Castweet 

Real-user activity benchmarking

During Alpha and Beta tests, normal user activity will be measured according to activity (average viewing time, comment amount, engagement). This data will be used to create a benchmark of normal usage rates. After setting the rates of normal platform usage, accounts that greatly surpass average usage will be suspended/banned after account review.

CTB & CTT Exchange System

Ability to adjust the CTB to CTT exchange ratio to maintain fair bonuses as well as keeping the ecosystem healthy.

User Level System

Low level users will have a limited ability to convert CTB to CTT and have limitations on daily withdrawal amounts. This prevents issues about creating multiple accounts in an effort to maximize their rewards. As user level increases, their value to broadcasters is also increased.

Castweet Wallet

Castweet will also create a multi-functional cryptocurrency wallet d-App that will allow users to manage their CTB and CTT. Users can connect their Castweet account to the associated Castweet wallet d-App, can convert their earned CTB into CTT depending on their user level. Additionally, users can use the d-App to send and receive CTT tokens between any valid CTT wallet address.

This functionality will allow users to make payments for purchased items or e-commerce goods directly within the platform to facilitate a smooth, instant, and at a low- cost. After benchmarking CTB gains during the alpha/beta test, the Castweet wallet will allow us to adjust the appropriate exchange rate for the tokens as well as limit withdraw based on user level to prevent abuse of the platform.

A Healthy Ecosystem

Castweet ecosystem combines live-streamed contents sharing with blockchain technology, thus creating an ecosystem that rewards everyone. Not only will streamers be rewarded, but also the users who participate on the platform. Additionally, the Castweet project provides real use cases based on the actual behavior of current live-stream viewers and creators in order to incentivize the use of the tokens within the platform. The main objective of the Castweet Ecosystem is to create a cycle of use within the platform by providing real use cases within the platform for both viewers and content creators.

New Paradigm Platform

By using viewer-centric model, many of the problems with platform growth can be addressed and lead to favorable and engaging cycle. In addition, adding blockchain-based incentives can provide the clarity and transparency that many users would like to see. As each transaction is recorded into the blockchain, users can clearly see how their rewards are being dispensed and can create a greater trust in the platform itself.

Mobile Live Commerce

Besides just providing a platform for entertainment, Castweet aims to support the new class of internet entrepreneurs who use live-streaming fore-commerce to promote and sell products directly to consumers. During these live-streams, the seller can show off goods and talk directly with the chat to sell their products, creating a greater amount of trust between the buyer and seller.

Play With Us, Play Commerce

Castjam is a service that creates content and operates the MCN-based media commerce business on Castweet , the blockchain-based streaming platform. Castjam provides the live stream that is a mixture of content creation (MCN’s original purpose), creator incubation, and commerce. With Castweet, a media to give optimized reward for participants. We will move forward to be Asia’s no.1 streaming service.

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