Crdtoken Airdrop Review: Register For the biggest CRD Airdrop

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About Crdtoken

The Crdtoken Network is a decentralized ledger system that seeks to bridge the centralized fiat financial world with all the applications of decentralized ledger systems; thereby eliminating the gulf between normal retail banks and the crypto world, as well as vastly reducing transaction costs. 

It is based on a subnetwork of the Ethereum Blockchain but uses its own tokens, known as CRD Tokens, as an intermediary currency to ensure ledger compatibility and easy transferability between the different financial spheres. 

The system interaction between the ledger and the Crdtoken Airdrop Tokens (CRD) is known collectively as the CRD ecosystem. Transactions are secured by a network governing APIs (CRD Network) enabling interoperability between classic banking services and crypto marketplaces. 

Token NameInstadapp
Token Per ClaimMin 1,000 CRD
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Total Value85,000,000 CRD
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join Crdtoken Airdrop

First Step

Visit the CRD Network airdrop form.

Second step

Exchange ETH for a minimum of 10,000 CRD in the Sushiswap/Tacoswap ETH-CRD liquidity pool and hold it from 20th of June till 20th September.

Third Step

Submit your details to the airdrop form.

Fourth Step

You will get an airdrop of CRD equal to the amount you’ve exchanged.

Fifth Step

The airdrop distribution will be based on these three conditions:If you exchange and hold from the 20th of June to the 20th of July: 100% of the exchanged CRD amount will be matched.
If you exchange and hold from the 20th of July to the 20th of August: 50% of exchanged CRD amount will be matched
If you exchange and hold from the 20th of August to the 20th of September: 25% of exchanged CRD amount will be matched.

Six Step

If more than 80M CRD is bought & held during the airdrop period, then the airdrop distribution will be based on first come first serve.

Technology Infrastructure

Crdtoken merges Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with everyday banking by creating a legally compliant environment that lessens the points of friction between you and your money. The CRD Network bridges the gap between crypto and the “offline” economy.

DeFi Usability and Adoption

It runs on Hyperledger Besu, an enterprise blockchain on Ethereum, and uses CRD Nodes and APIs to operate, which allow to be able to interact with your normal bank account and your crypto wallet at the same time.

The CRD ecosystem.

Crdtoken is a direct link of transactions between the centralized financial world, as well as the decentralized ledger systems underpinning various blockchains. The main benefit of using this system is that it enables a drastic simplification of transaction mechanisms between normal fiat currencies (everyday currencies – USD, EUR, GBP, etc) and cryptocurrency by reducing operating friction, and thereby making transaction fees negligible.

Users who wish to conduct transactions in this network will use CRD as their only payment mode. In other words, all cryptocurrency or fiat currency when transacted within the network is logged as CRD, but can easily be converted into the asset of your choice.

At its core, the CRD Network is an API inter Hub between the crypto and fiat worlds; by leveraging the data streams from spheres it serves as a modular substrate, upon which FinTech apps can be built and operated.

The operant purpose of the Crdtoken Network is to compute transactions and thereby optimize the flow of operations by bundling them and simplifying the flow of data. In this way, the output which gets executed on the Ethereum Blockchain takes advantage of economies of scale and thereby reduces the comparative cost of transactions.

CRD Token (CRD).

This is a secondary validation token, a utility token based on the ERC-20 protocol, which is issued by the Ethereum blockchain. While the coin has been pre-minted, it gets distributed across the system upon logging transactions into the CRD Network.

It is limited in its supply, and there are only 1bn Crdtoken in existence, though far less in active circulation. At its core, it is designed to act as a stable access token. However, it remains in free float, to give the CRD Treasurer Committee flexibility over management to ensure that it remains stable over time by ensuring convertibility between fiat and cryptocurrency. 

It bears saying that network operability considerations, as determined by the governance board, will take priority over the maintenance of the pre-agreed exchange ratio.

This stability (thanks to its managed effort will lead to a peg to the EUR), along with its decentralized ledger, will allow for the creation of a bridge between the fiat and decentralized worlds and thereby enabling low-cost transactions between them.

Nevertheless, it is presently in a transitionary period, as adequate liquidity capital reserves are still being built but the long term target is for 1 CRD to keep a stable value relative to the euro; though it will maintain its free-floating status, as the exchange ratio happens via active management, not an actual 1:1 peg against the euro. 

In addition, users can receive CRD Tokens as rewards for helping the stability and the liquidity of the CRD. This is done via our reward program, which will be discussed in further detail in subsequent pages (see section 6 for further information).

In brief, CRD Network users will be able to stake their fiat and cryptocurrency assets to the network for fixed periods, to help provide the necessary liquidity to reduce transaction costs; as well as provide capital to maintain stability level with the EUR.

CRD Liquidity Pools

Crdtoken is designed from the ground up to be easily convertible into other currencies (crypto or cash) via liquidity pool program, wherein users lend their assets to these liquidity pools and earn CRD as rewards. These funds, in turn, will be aggregated and used to ensure the instant transferability of CRD into other forms of crypto (ETH, BTC, etc) or fiat (EUR, GBP, etc), which ensures a more efficient financial ecosystem.

The CRD Liquidity Pools are based on the Uniswap, Sushiswap and Tacoswap decentralized exchanges (DEXes). Those three DEXes are the gateway into the CRD Network where CRD can easily be traded.

Current use cases being built

Crdtoken always developing new apps that will be used on the CRD Network. Here are the latest ones that we’re building, which will increase ecosystem’s value proposition. Identify an influencer-led community with some need – Search for large influencer groups that have some problem that needs to be solved and pair them with a developer group to help them design the idea. This phase is done by partner Ubrandify.


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