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Automated trading tools are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. In this article, we will examine one of the popular solutions to this field. DeepTradeBot, a unique combination of Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

The most popular crypto trading platforms sometimes offer traders a lot of tools with a complex interface, but there are 2 problems: beginners can trade successfully and not have a lot of time to spend on the platform.

These two problems make automated trading platforms popular today. While DeepTradeBot gives investors the opportunity to use artificial intelligence features that make crypto trading more efficient, it takes less time to use. The entire platform is designed to be easy to use and comprehensible. Let’s get detailed information for the use of the platform.

DeepTradeBot Trading Algorithm

The functionality of trade bots is based on deep machine learning neural networks and multiplied by the power of cloud computing, which uses BigData technology.

The Platform supports the Bittrex, Exmo, Kraken, Binance, Bitfinex and Huobi exchanges, giving them the opportunity to hire one of the 4 different trading robots available:

Deeptradebot Smart Robots Have Multiple Trading Modes.

Each Becomes Active At The Right Time, Allowing It To Stay On Top Regardless Of The Current Market Situation.

The Principle Of Most Of These Is Explained On Websites:

  • High-frequency Trading.

Analyzes Price Sensitivity On Platforms With Order Books That Cannot Be Monitored By Eye.

To Do This, Bot Collects Every Change In The Order Book And Evaluates The Relative Up Or Down Probability Of Price Movement;

  • Arbitrage Trading.

The Simplest Model Is Always Available, But Yields Between 5% And 15%.

If Other Strategies Are Lower Than Average, It Always Provides Additional Insurance;

  • Algorithmic Trading Based On Technical Indicators.
  • Trading With The Help Of Basic Analysis.

Twitter, Facebook, Etc. Taking Into Account” Stuffing ” News Via Social Media

Thus, Using Artificial Intelligence Functions, Deeptradebot Makes The Most Of Routine Work For A Trader. It Analyzes Millions Of Official Interpretations Of Crypto Projects, Such As Critical Or Support From Trading Platforms, Regulators, Founders And Creating A Positive Or Negative News Background. These Statements Have A Direct Impact On Prices And Trading Volumes.
Automatic News Keyword Finders Allow The Evaluation Of Potential News From A Particular Source.

It Is Based On Statistical Data On The Impact Of News On Prices And Trading Volumes.

DeepTradeBot key features

DeepTradeBot will operate on major cryptocurrency exchanges in 24/7 format. To take full advantage of all the opportunities of AI, 4 types of robot actions are managed according to the market situation:

  • High-frequency trading. The robot scans the operations of the order book and anticipates their arrival on the market by being faster than the human being in executing the operations.
  • Trading arbitration. All quotations are analyzed on all platforms to find opportunities to make successful trades without risk.
  • Algorithmic trading. The robot uses technical analysis and indicators to determine the next move in the price.
  • Trading supported by fundamentals. Another robot scans the news and social media sources like Twitter to detect investor sentiment and anticipate the rises that will be caused as a result of these movements in the information.

How can I earn with DeepTradeBot?

Earning by investing in DeepTradeBot is very simple. Its platform is designed to facilitate the entire process so that all we have to do is register, select the type of investment, and the number of bots we want to put to work for us. And artificial intelligence will do the rest.

Neurons are the unit that has been created to simplify the measurement of computing power to which we have access. It is obtained from relevant parameters such as the dedicated computing time, the number of layers of the dedicated neural network and the amount of connection resources dedicated to reading and sending the information.

It is very interesting to note that we have a free version that will allow us to test the platform, although of course, it will be much less powerful than the other options.

More information and full contract conditions are available on its website.

But not only can we earn with the investment in bots, but it also has an affiliation system by which we can charge a commission for each of the users that we have recommended.

The latest from DeepTradeBot: the VIP Investor Club

DeepTradingBot never stops when it comes to innovating for the best return. So right now they are launching their VIP investor club.

To enter the club you have to pay a fee, which is not very high, but which will guarantee that everyone inside is committed to the project and is a person with vision and innovation.

What does VIP club membership entitle us to? As members of the VIP club we will enjoy:

  • Access to more and more powerful bots when we are acting as investors.
  • Improved membership fee, with higher percentages of earnings.
  • Extensive network of levels for MLM marketing experts.
  • Possibility of moving up in the organization structure, unlocking new benefits and higher income.

So our earnings will be double, on the one hand the improved returns on investment with bots, and on the other hand the earnings derived from new affiliates that are incorporated by our recommendations.


If you are looking for an innovative investment service that allows you to obtain profitability passively and without complications, it is interesting to try this platform… It also has a free bot test!

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