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About is a global payments enablement and software company, on a mission to deliver the world’s most important and complex payments. They use the Flywire Advantage – the combination of the next-gen payments platform, proprietary payment network and vertical specific software, to help the clients get paid, and help their customers pay with ease, no matter where they are in the world.

At Flywire, the culture was created through shared experiences and sacrifices along Journey. In the early days, they weren’t sure if the business would succeed. Once it was evident they had a successful & high-growth company, the pressure was on to not mess it up! In 2015, they introduced first culture deck…to provide clarity on what culture code was about. Over time, they have revisited and evolved and added to information about Flywire’s culture to provide more detail and clarity to FlyMates.

At , they commit to encourage and reward behaviors that are consistent with the culture. Additionally they must all callout, reject and hold each other accountable when behaviors do not support the culture they aspire to. They should remember that no one is perfect, and they all have a lot to learn, and they are here to support one another. As they continue to grow and expand, culture will evolve, but the foundation that makes the Flywire journey special should always remain and guide.

Basic Information Of Flywire

Product NameFlywire
Monthly Account FeeFree
Payment OptionInstant Payment,
Accepted Credit Cards and Debit Cards,
PayPal, VenmoSplit Payments
Account AvailableIndividual Account , Business Account
Account SecurityTwo-Factor Authentication , Full SSL Supported Transfer
SupportLive Chat Option & Ticket System Support Available
Sales Contact+81 3 4578 7857
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Passport to Higher Education – A Global Payments Study conducted an independent survey of more than 1,000 higher education students in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China and Australia to better understand the outlook for global education post-pandemic.

  1. Improved collection performance
  2. Convenient, local payment options
  3. Best price guarantee
  4. Uncompromising payment experience


From convenient payment methods to flexible payment plans, Flywire makes it easy for institutions to receive and reconcile payments from students across the globe. 50%increase in payment plan enrollment.


Flywire Payment helps healthcare providers reduce cost and increase cash by making it easier and more affordable for their patients to pay. $1 million eliminated in annual spending.


Flywire provides a seamless payment experience and receivables process, so you can focus on providing guests with an unforgettable experience. $100ssaved per transaction.

Global Collaboration believe in teamwork. Together they are greater than the sum of individual FlyMates, across experience, location and position. They seek to understand and embrace everyone’s uniqueness, and leverage the power of the FlyMates and customers’ cultural differences and perspectives to create magic.


Theye never compromise on integrity, honesty, and kindness. They believe in staying true to oneself, being courageous enough to share your voice and humble enough to admit when you are wrong. Above all, they are straight shooters who encourage both giving and receiving feedback.


They recognize that fulfillment comes from personal and professional satisfaction, from bringing the whole selves to work. It is understanding what ignites the individual passions and gets excited, while being inclusive and knowing that this is different for everyone. They believe that by engaging with the wider community, giving back and contributing, the greater purpose is fulfilled.

Execution take calculated risks and make smart decisions quickly to accomplish the objectives. They are helpful and supportive of each other, yet they hold each other accountable to delivering with a sense of urgency in all that they do.

Ambitious Innovation

They continuously look for ways to deliver more and new value to the customers, partners and people. We are leaders not followers, curious and open-minded, they recognize there is always room for improvement and strive for excellence and welcome new ideas.

Security & compliance has a robust anti-money-laundering program so you can feel confident in the security of your transactions. Flywire undergoes an annual SOC II and PCI DSS review to help ensure that Flywire handles customer data securely and in compliance with all applicable laws, including, but not limited to, GDPR, PIPEDA, FERPA, GLBA and other data protection laws.


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