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How To Buy Bitcoin With Skrill


SKRILL is also a registered company in England that allows you to send and receive money instantly. Formerly called MoneyBooker, this site has more than 36 million users (230 M for Paypal) in almost 200 countries supporting transfers of more than 40 different currencies. Find out in this guide how to buy Bitcoin with Skrill .

Is it possible to buy Bitcoin with Skrill?

YES ! But as often in the world of cryptocurrencies, it is sometimes difficult to achieve its purpose when you want to buy little known corners or when you want to use exotic payment methods like Skrill .

Where to buy Bitcoin with Skrill?

As a general rule, platforms for buying Bitcoin accept Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. Nevertheless, some have made the effort to connect to the Skrill payment service.

Buy Bitcoin with Skrill on BITPANDA

Bitpanda is an online platform (also known as exchange in cryptocurrency jargon) for buying Bitcoin and accepting payments from SKRILL.


Small clarification: Fees will not be displayed during the procedure. They will be included in the total of the transaction. In general, the commission is about 4%. Of course, once the operation is done, do not forget to transfer your Bitcoins (your digital keys) to your personal wallet. We recommend Electrum.

Buy Bitcoins with Skrill on Bitpanda

Buy Bitcoin with Skrill on LOCALBITCOINS

This platform is not only well known but it has the merit of offering many payment methods including Skrill and being fast. This platform should be seen more as a Bitcoin “boncoin” rather than a financial platform.

The site puts you in touch with Bitcoin holders across 5 continents and acts as a trusted third party so that you can buy Bitcoins securely if you do not want / can not meet your seller in person

Buy Bitcoins with Skrill on Local bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin with Skrill on SPECTROCOIN   

This website allows you to buy Bitcoin but also other high-potential cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or XEM (very good choice). 

You can also with the major national currencies and even use Skrill and many other online payment solutions.

Buy Bitcoins with Skrill on Spectrocoin

Buy Bitcoin with Skrill on VirWoX

This platform accepts SKRILL payments. But it will take two minutes to configure your payment method. To do this, go to the “deposit” tab to choose the Skrill option.

Then just insert the amount in Euros that you want to deposit. You will be redirected to the payment page of your SKRILL account. Once the transfer is made, the balance will appear on your VIRVOX account.

That being done, it will first exchange your Euros for SLL (currency used in the game second life). With these SLLs, you can then buy Bitcoins. But be patient because the transfer can take up to two days depending on the volume of transactions on the Bitcoin. All you have to do is transfer these Bitcoins to your personal wallet .

Buy Bitcoins with Skrill on VirWoX

Buy Bitcoin with Skrill on PAXFUL

This is a site quite similar to LocalBitcoin. You will also be put in touch with individuals. It is therefore strongly advised to check if the person with whom you will eventually decide to meet you has received good comments.

And of course, the site allows you to buy Bitcoins with the SKRILL payment method.

Buy Bitcoins with Skrill on Paxful

Competitors of Skrill for the purchase of Bitcoin:

There is a multitude of online payment services: Payoneer, Circle, PayPal, Paysafecard, Perfect Money, HiPay (French and even cheaper than Paypal), Advanced Cash, Neteller (tax haven …) and hundreds of others.

To know which is the cheapest payment service, it all depends on the type of use. It depends if you want to receive money or send money. If you want to convert your money into another currency or not etc …

Where will the gap between the price of Bitcoin on the screen and the price at which you buy Bitcoins come from?

All in all, the cost of the transaction will depend more on the platform on which you are going to buy Bitcoins (LocalBitcoin, Spectrocoin, Virvox, Paxful, Bitpanda, etc.) than your Skrill payment method, Paypal or HiPay.

It’s not yet a very easy thing to buy Bitcoin instantly and to protect yourself from permanent price fluctuations during the transaction, the platform protects itself by charging you a higher exchange rate.

Buy Bitcoin with skrill: our opinion

Do not be surprised if after buying 1000 Euros of Bitcoins, you end up with a sum of Bitcoins worth only 900 Euros. The fees are currently quite painful.

That’s why you have to review your options. We think it is more advantageous to go through platforms that put you in touch with an individual (LocalBitcoin, Paxful). You can then buy your Bitcoins at the exchange rate on which you will have agreed.

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