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About Perfect Money 

Perfect Money is an anonymous payment system. Anyone can use it without the need to provide proof of identity. This system was created in 2007 but gained its peak of popularity in 2013, when its main competitor, the Liberty Reserve system, was closed due to the actions of US federal prosecutors. After that, the Perfect Money system urgently moved to the .is domain name (Iceland), thus withdrawing from the US jurisdiction. Due to this, the system successfully functions to this day.

In this article, you will see an overview of the popular payment system Perfect Money, learn how to quickly register in the system, as well as information about commissions, limits, and areas of use on the Internet.

How to register in Perfect Money?

Registration with PerfectMoney is not a difficult process, although it will take more time than, for example, registration with Payeer.

To register in the system is not necessary to use their own data. But It is worth noting that, registering for the “left” data, the size of the commission for internal transfers will be equal to 2.5%, while for confirmed users it is only 0.5%. To register, you must click on the appropriate button at the top of the screen, after which you will be taken to Sign Up form:

Then, you need to choose which type of account you would like to have: “Personal” or “Business”. We recommend always choosing “Personal”.

Then, you need to register a password, which should consist of several letters and symbols, but not less than 6 characters in length, then enter the security code and agree with the terms of use.

It is advisable to specify the real data in the fields with an asterisk. It is worth noting that the Perfect Money system works well in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other CIS countries.

After that, the administration of PerfectMoney will send you a letter to your mail, where your personal ID will be indicated. This code consists of six or seven numbers (for example 7286345), and will later be used as your login, so you should keep it in a safe place, just like your password. Take this seriously, since there are known cases of hacking PerfectMoney wallets, and a simple antivirus will not help here. On this, registration in the system can be considered complete.

How to make money in Perfect Money?

You can fund your account in the Perfect Money system in an official and unofficial way. Let us examine each of them:

  • SWIFT payments. You can top up your Perfect Money account with an international transfer. To do this, you need to fill in the data on the payment page in the system itself (click on the bank transfer) The minimum transfer amount is $ 300, which is quite a lot.
  • E-voucher. Perfect Money vouchers can be created by any user of the system on this page. Once created, you can transfer it to other users, and they will be able to receive funds by entering an activation code. About the same system work international transfer systems, such as Western Union.
  • Exchange points. Independent payment exchange offices where you can buy Perfect Money currency for any other e-currency. They represent a huge amount, but the course there is not always the most profitable.
  • Bitcoin Recently, you can replenish your account with Perfect Money using bitcoins. There is no commission for such transfers.
  • Credit Exchange. Works on the principle of credit exchanges of other payment systems. There are people who want to lend, and earn, and there are those who want to borrow. The exchange connects such people, and then they decide whether to carry out a credit transaction or not. The decision to issue a loan depends on your credit score (Trust Score).

How to withdraw money from Perfect Money?

All output methods are similar to input methods, which are detailed above. The only difference is that by withdrawing funds using official methods, you pay a commission.

The functionality of the personal account Perfect Money

Perfect Money provides the investor with a wide range of personal account options. Here are some of them:

  • Multicurrency. In your personal account Perfect Money, you can create wallets in dollars, euros, gold, and bitcoins. The latter are created solely for the possibility of speculation.
  • Full logon history, as well as input and output operations, in the “Client Area” section.
  • The commission for internal transfers is 2.5%. After verification of the account, the commission will drop to 0.5%.

Perfect Money Limits

Many participants ask questions about the limits that the system imposes on payments. We found out that there are no limits on internal transfers in the system, and this makes working with Perfect Money very beneficial compared to other systems. But it is worth noting that there is a limit on withdrawal of funds (to a bank card). It is $ 10.000 per transaction. The commission for such a transfer is about $ 30-40.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that the Perfect Money system is the most popular EPS for investing in HYIP projects today. Its main advantages are the ease of depositing and withdrawing funds, a small commission for internal transfers, the possibility of anonymous participation in the system. At the moment, only AdvCash payment system can be on an equal footing.

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