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What Is Joltify(JOLT)?

Joltify is a unique, custom-built, Cosmos based blockchain technology that aims to bridge real world assets to the decentralized finance world. The is designed to amalgamate the immense amount of liquidity in the crypto world to real world financial assets. Thus creating seamless synergies between the DeFi and traditional finance world.

Joltify Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameJoltify
Short NameJOLT
Max Supply 500,000,000
Total Supply1,609,335
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Business Model In JOLTIFY

In this chapter, they explain how the project tokenizes the real world finance requirement and how the investors invest their money into the system, to get their fixed APY from the projects.

Capital Raise & Lending

They give a high-level description of how the verified investors can lend the money to the project. Three different users cases have been set up to demonstrate how capital raising and lending works in the JOLTIFY network.

1 In order to utilize the liquidity in the crypto world, the project needs to sign a contract with the SPV to agree on the amount of the money it wants to raise, as well as the interest the project needs to pay and the length of the lending.

2.The SPV will then list the lending request on JOLTIFY chain stating the details of this project

3.During a specific time window, the verified investors sign the contract with the SPV to offer the liquidity for this project.

4.The tokenized document is minted and transferred to the investor.

Project Repayment

They give a high-level description of how the project will repay the money back to the investor.

  1. 1. The project repays the money borrowed from the SPV and the contract between the project and the SPV is fulfilled.
  2. 2.The SPV will pay the investor in full and the contract between the SPV and the investors are fulfilled.

Tokenize Document To NFTs

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. They are becoming increasingly popular and as time and technology progress, they expect more and more people to utilize NFTs. Currently, the primary understanding on an NFT is linked to Digital Art and Digital Fashion. This is due to the success of art NFT projects such as CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Art Blocks Curated. However, we must note that with Joltify, the primary use-case for NFTs is profoundly different.

The NFTs will be primarily utilized in relation to licenses and certifications, essentially used to outline ownership in the crypto world and merging use cases between DeFi and real world projects.

How Does Joltify

They do this by utilizing the rise and prominence of NFT’s, whilst assimilating real-world assets into our blockchain, JOLTIFY. The NFTs will be primarily utilised in relation to licenses and certifications, essentially used to outline ownership in the crypto world and merge use cases between DeFi and real-world projects.

Token Economics

Token Distribution

Joltify token has a maximum token supply of 500 Million tokens, with the distribution as the following:

Tokens in partnership and marketing are aiming to work with different parties to bring high quality real world projects to the Joltify platform. Tokens in community and ecosystem growth will be used for community building, team salaries, product/tech developments, operations cost, and bug bounty program etc.

Project-Based Lending

Project-based lending is a method of cash flow lending. It is based on the future or expected cash flows of a project or activity that is to be financed. Collateral is the secondary consideration, primary consideration is the viability of the project itself. Advantages: The repayment is based on the future flow of the project, start-up projects may qualify, best suited for development. Disadvantages: Small risk of diversion of loan proceeds by the borrowers. Has elements of vulnerability variant on project risks, it also may require some analysis on the viability of the project, to ensure project success.


JOLTIFY is the Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) based proof-of-stake public blockchain that is built on the Cosmos digital ecosystem. Joltify has a robust transaction throughput while preserving the safety of the assets within our chain. The Joltify chain is built on 11 active validators which generate and broadcast the blocks to the network.


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