What Is NFCore(NFCR)? Complete Guide & Review About NFCore

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What Is NFCore(NFCR)?

NFCore was created for the precise investment of the best and most promising NFTs, which are traded in tens of thousands of places around the world. Countless NFT works every day break the highest price, attract worldwide attention, and disappear overnight. NFT that enables investment that does not miss the market trend by immediately checking the information on promising NFTs like scattered gems in the NFT market, which is changing in seconds, on the platform , immediately investing in the most promising and profitable NFTs, and proceeding directly to payment It is an automated investment platform.

NFCore Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNFCore
Short NameNFCR
Total Supply 3,000,000,000
Max Supply3,000,000,000
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Global NFT Automated Investment Platform

NFT automatic investment solution that pinches like tweezers through the automation technology of the best promising NFT blockchains scattered around the world.

Global NFT Automated Investment Platform

NFT automatic investment solution that pinches like tweezers through the automation technology of the best promising NFT blockchains scattered around the world

NFCR Consensus Node

NFCore brings NFT investment information from around the world into my hands in real time through ERC721 technology. The blockchain consensus node implemented with ERC721 will provide NFT information that can realize the fastest and highest profits by sharing. NFT information provided by various market participants and NFT transaction status in real time. In addition to real-time computerized information, they will provide high-purity information such as real-time popular NFTs, current NFTs, and rapidly rising NFTs provided through the market governance function to compensate for the problems of automatically generated information .

Hyper Connected in NFCore

Real-time global NFT market status

Through the ERC721 solution, you can receive the real-time information collected from major NFT platforms around the world by API and check the hottest and most promising works and creators in the global NFT market.

Real-time Promising NFT Ranking

NFTs are virtually identical to coins. Among the publicly available NFTs, you can purchase the NFT that has received the most attention from users around the world and is predicted to have the highest price increase as a result of data analysis .

Real-time global NFT market status

Rather than providing mechanical NFT investment information only through automatic data collection, high-purity information is provided as data submitted through the Consensus node in which users participate, and participants who provide information are rewarded with NFCore coins . Implements nomics.


NFCR coin is a next-generation technology protocol implemented through multi-block chains of ERC20 and ERC721.

NFCore Governance System

In addition to the automatic data collection system, NFCore will also implement a direct voting system for information about NFT hot trends, NFT recommendations, NFTs that are currently attracting the most attention, etc. By using NFCore coins, users and global NFT exchanges can directly participate in NFCore governance system. In order to achieve our governance system, ERC721 protocol will be introduced to give each participant VP (voting power), and based on this, live information in the market will be reflected in the NFT investment report.

NFCore Hot Item Recommendation

Utilizing APIs, NFCore will provide refined information about price, type, technology base, popularity of NFTs that are currently traded in major global markets in real time. They will also install a feature that will recommend NFTs with the highest profit in the shortest period of time. Since the information of the work will be based on real-time transaction information such as opensea, rarible, superrare, NBA topshot, Mintable, Crypto.com, Axie infinity, you will be provided with the most reliable decision-making data.

NFCore Service


NFCR coin is created based on Ethereum’s ERC20, which has already proven its safety and high efficiency. By maximizing the characteristics and strengths of the ERC20 coin, such as real-time transactionability, transaction transparency, and interoperability with external blockchains, it will enable real-time reporting of work settlement, staking revenue structure, and global NFT market information.

NFCore Platform

NFCore will go beyond simple information provision, allowing not only transactions, but also organizations and individuals that compose and operate the global ecosystem of NFTs to directly participate in sharing and promoting their works, and to deliver their trend prediction results in real time. NFCore is designed in such a way that key groups in the market can voluntarily contribute to its growth by generating coin revenue through this process.

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