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Oldeus: In this article, we cover a detailed review of Oldeus. How does Oldeus Crypto work & Are important features?

About Oldeus?

Oldeus (OLDEUS) is an extraordinary NFT collection that has captured the attention of many enthusiasts in the digital world. With a current price floor of $20.45, these unique tokens have seen a 24-hour sales volume of 0.17 ETH, indicating strong interest and demand. The collection boasts an impressive total of 3,783 minted NFTs, each held by 911 distinct owners, culminating in an impressive total market cap of $77,378.

But Oldeus is more than just a collection of digital assets; it is a gateway into a captivating realm known as Estaria. This fictional world is home to 5555 distinct NFT characters, each with their own stories waiting to be explored. Through The NFT Collection, individuals are given an opportunity to dive into the world of decentralization, as they connect through stories and adventures, embracing the power of web3 technology.

Passion for art is at the core of The, driving the creation of these unique characters and their captivating stories. Moreover, the community formed around this collection serves as the epicenter of creativity and collaboration, uniting adventurers who are eager to explore the unknown depths of Estaria and embrace the decentralization of fiction.

With the NFT Collection, everyone has the chance to become a part of this imaginative journey and weave their own tales in the shattered world of Estaria. It’s a remarkable fusion of art, technology, and community, where each NFT holds a story waiting to be unraveled by its fortunate owner. This is where your story begins – in the vibrant world of Oldeus.

Oldeus Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOldeus
Short NameOLDEUS
Price0.01100 ETH
Total SupplyN/A
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Oldeus Price Live Data

Oldeus (OLDEUS) is an NFT collection. Oldeus (OLDEUS) price floor today is $20.45, with a 24 hour sales volume of 0.17 ETH. As of today, there is a total of 3,783 NFTs minted, held by 911 unique owners, and has a total market cap of $77,378.

How It Work

Oldeus (OLDEUS) operates under the principles of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), an innovative concept in digital currency. At an initial price floor of $20.45 and with 24-hour sales volume exceeding 0.17 ETH per day, The NFTs have generated considerable interest and now total 3,783 NFTs belonging to individual owners resulting in a market cap of over $77,378.

This NFT Collection’s core philosophy revolves around storytelling. Nestled within this NFT collection is Estaria, home to 5555 unique NFT characters each with their own narrative to share. As participants of NFT Collection, individuals gain access to an expansive world of decentralized fiction; becoming adventurers while discovering and forging connections through narratives that bring these characters and their tales alive.

This is truly remarkable thanks to the integration of web3 technology, providing seamless interactions and transactions within the NFT ecosystem. Art drives this collection, with each NFT character reflecting the passion of its creators as well as being created from within the community itself. Oldeus provides a space where like-minded enthusiasts can come together with each other around art, storytelling and web3.


Unique NFT Characters

The features 5555 distinctive NFT characters that inhabit the broken world of Estaria, providing collectors with a vibrant and engaging universe for them to explore.

Oldeus NFT Collection Provides an Entry Point into Decentralization of Fiction

The NFT Collection is an innovative approach to fiction by adopting decentralization via blockchain technology, offering users the chance to participate in pioneering the emerging world of decentralized storytelling. By joining this collection, users become pioneers in this emerging realm.

Web3 Integration

The NFT Collection has fully embraced Web3, the next-generation internet that employs blockchain technology and decentralization, creating seamless ownership, trading, and interactions with its NFTs – giving users full control over their digital assets.


At the, community is at the core of what they create. By connecting adventurers from all corners of the globe to each other and offering collaborative and engaging environments for NFT enthusiasts, artists, and storytellers.

Story-Driven Experience

The NFTs go beyond just being collectibles; they also feature an engaging story-driven experience for collectors who can dive deeper into each character’s lore and background.

Passionate Artistry:

Art is at the core of the NFT Collection. Talented artists contribute their artistic vision to bring each character and world of Estaria to life – offering collectors exquisite pieces of digital art!

Limited Supply

With only 5555 NFT characters currently in the NFT’s collection, rarity adds value to each figurine. This limited supply promotes exclusivity and scarcity among collectors and investors, making NFTs extremely sought-after investments.

Transparent Ownership and Provenance

The’ blockchain technology ensures transparent ownership records and provable scarcity for its NFTs, offering authenticity and security that traditional collectibles do not. Each NFT’s ownership history can be tracked back through time to its creator – providing each collector a level of assurance when purchasing collectibles from.

Investment Potential

This offers collectors significant investment potential. With its rising price floor and total market cap reflecting increasing interest and demand for these NFTs, The presents an ideal long-term value investment opportunity.

“Everyone Has a Story

Let Yours Begin Here,” invites collectors to embark on their personal journey through Estaria. Owning an NFT becomes a symbol of joining an engaged and dynamic community eager to explore decentralized fiction’s uncharted terrains.


In conclusion, Oldeus (OLDEUS) NFT Collection stands as an innovative and captivating entry into the world of decentralized fiction and blockchain-based storytelling. With a price floor of $20.49 and a 24-hour sales volume of 0.17 ETH, the collection has garnered interest and activity within the NFT market.

The collection’s core strength lies in its 5555 unique NFT characters, each inhabiting the shattered world of Estaria. These characters serve as gateways to immersive narratives and an interconnected web of stories, providing collectors with a multifaceted and engaging experience.

Oldeus NFT Collection’s limited supply of 5555 NFTs enhances their rarity and desirability, making them sought after by collectors and investors alike. As evidenced by the current total market cap of $77,495, the collection holds potential for investment and growth.


What is Oldeus (OLDEUS) NFT Collection?

Oldeus is an NFT collection comprising 5555 unique NFT characters set in the shattered world of Estaria. These non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represent distinct characters, each with its own narrative and art, creating an immersive experience for collectors and enthusiasts.

What makes Oldeus NFT Collection special?

Oldeus NFT Collection stands out due to its focus on decentralization of fiction. By leveraging blockchain technology and Web3 integration, Oldeus offers a unique gateway to decentralized storytelling. The collection embraces art as a passion and community as the epicenter of its creation, fostering a collaborative and engaging environment.

How much does an Oldeus NFT cost?

As of today, the price floor for Oldeus NFTs is $20.49. However, prices can vary based on the rarity and demand of specific characters within the collection.

How can I purchase Oldeus NFTs?

You can purchase Oldeus NFTs through various NFT marketplaces that support the Ethereum blockchain. Simply connect your Ethereum wallet to the marketplace, browse the available NFTs, and place a bid or purchase the desired character.

What is the market cap of Oldeus (OLDEUS) NFT Collection?

As of today, the total market cap of Oldeus stands at $77,495. Market cap is calculated by multiplying the current price floor of each NFT by the total supply of NFTs in the collection.

Are Oldeus NFTs tradeable?

Yes, Oldeus NFTs are tradeable. Being built on the Ethereum blockchain, these NFTs can be freely bought, sold, or traded on compatible NFT marketplaces and platforms.

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