What Is Park Star(PSTAR)? Complete Guide & Review About Park Star

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What Is Park Star(PSTAR)?

The Park Star ecosystem consists of the APP and the project token. The application connects the B2B platform for individual parking space use with the Blockchain technology. The users of the app can offer their parking spaces via the APP and pay with crypto currency. The PSTAR token is not just a means of payment but also a reward system for the users. A lot and good user behavior is rewarded with the ecosystem token. But there are also many other advantages within the application that make use of the PSTAR token attractive. Park Star protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token. According to the Parkstar website.

Park Star Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePark Star
Short NamePSTAR
Total Supply 2,000,000,000
Max Supply2,000,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Manual Burn

The Parkstar used at the time of purchase are then burned manually by us, so the value of the remaining Parkstar tokens increases give your increase in the ecosystem back to the holder.

Automatic Rewards

The site will be promoted on all social media platforms during the project. Each sale is additionally promoted on Twitter,Telegram & Discord. These pages are also advertised by third parties at cyclical intervals in order to generate even more traffic Working with social media writers to also mention the project and progress in relevant blogs.

How does the PARKSTAR ecosystem work?

In addition to pure trading, the P-S-T-A-R token is also supported by the app functions. For each setting and transfer of parking spaces, you will receive a bonus in P-S-T-A-R transferred to your virtual wallet. Once you have saved a certain amount, you can have this paid out to your own wallet. The distribution system works as follows: The provider of the parking lot is posting the offer. The requester accepts this successfully.

Both confirm the conclusion. Now they both get 0.25 P-S-T-A-R credit. From a P-S-T-A-R amount of 5, you can have this paid out or use it to unlock additional app options. This is financed via the integrated Liquidity Protocol (start´s Phase 5), with each purchase or sale storing 3% of the sum as LQ in the protocol until a total of 10% of the total current assets are stored (100,000,000 P-S-T-A-R tokens).

The respective reward is then paid from this pool. Thanks to the reflection protocol (starts´s Phase 5), every owner of the P-S-T-A-R token is also rewarded for their loyalty and receives a share for every transaction (3% reflection), which varies depending on the size of the wallet.


No car or driving license yet? No problem! With the game everyone can collect P-S-T-A-R tokens and have fun. Get P-S-T-A-R tokens for successfully completing tasks in our Parking Game. Register with your wallet and get real tokens for playing. From a total of 500 P-S-T-A-R you can have the earned tokens on your wallet cash out. For each successfully completed mission you will receive a reward in P-S-T-A-R tokens.

With each completed level, the level of difficulty increases when parking or the search for a parking space. There are 10 levels in total, each with 20 missions. When all 200 missions have been completed, you can play each mission again individually.

What is the goal of PARKSTAR

In a world that is constantly expanding and new technologies are emerging, it is always important to combine these with each other in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit. Since private transport continues to increase and space for use is limited, especially in metropolitan areas, innovative solutions must be found to make the best possible use of this scarce commodity and distribute it according to economic rules.

The app makes an innovative contribution here to efficiently counteract the existing problems. Using blockchain technology and direct exchange between the people involved in the B2B platform area, action can be taken quickly and in a goal-oriented manner.

PARKSTAR token thus provides added value for society, but also makes a major contribution to the liberalization and acceptance of crypto technology in the area of application.

In the long term, PARKSTART [P-S-T-A-R] should establish itself on the market and grow with its ecosystem. Further new innovative applications will supplement the existing protocol and grow with further cooperation partnerships.

Parkstar App

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Gregor Fizzler – CEO

Michael Copper – COO

Jasmin Washington – CTO

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