Realms of Ethernity Airdrop Review: You Will get 100 Points

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About Realms of Ethernity Airdrop

Realms of Ethernity Airdrop is a World of Warcraft inspired #Web3 massively multiplayer online simulation game by Blue Monster Games. Users can complete quests, collect resources, kill monsters, buy land, build houses, and even gamble. Blue Monster Games also published the Kart Racing League (KRL) NFT game, where Marc Cuban has apparently invested (source).

Realms of Ethernity is airdropping a total of 1,000,000 RoETH to users who complete simple social tasks. Complete all the tasks and submit your details to the Telegram bot to receive up to 100 points. Also get 10 points for each referral. The total pool will be shared based on the points a user has.

Inside Realms of Ethernity Airdrop, players will explore dungeons, fight monsters and complete quests, collecting along the way $GCS, an in-game currency that represents fungible tokens that can be exchanged for existing or non-fungible tokens (items within the game).

When exchanged, $GCS are partially burned a pct is transferred to the $GCS rewards pool. Superficially, it works just like any other game’s currency, but on n a deeper level, RoE lays the groundwork for a revolutionary system of true ownership and a play-to-earn.

Token NameRealms of Ethernity Airdrop
Airdrop End2022-03-06
Total Value1,000,000 RoETH
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join Age Of Realms of Ethernity Airdrop

First Step

Chat with this Telegram bot.

Second step

Complete the math task.

Third Step

Join our Discord server. (25 points)

Fourth Step

Join their Telegram group. (20 points)

Fifth Step

Follow them on Twitter retweet this tweet. (20 points)

Six Step

Subscribe to their Youtube channel. (15 points)

Seven Step

Follow them on Instagram. (10 points, Optional)

Eight Step

Join their Telegram channel. (10 points, Optional)

Nine Step

Submit your details to the bot.

Ten Step

You will get 100 points.

Eleven Step

Also earn 10 points for each referral.

Twelve Step

The total pool will be distributed among the participants based on the number of points they hold.


During an age forgotten twice over by humanity, there was nothing but elemental chaos reigning the universe we now know as Ethernity. Earth, water, fire and air permanently clashed in an eternal void, creating firestorms, boiling mud, scorched land, and floating rivers, only to be destroyed mere seconds after being conceived. Such is the nature of chaos, it creates as fast as it destroys. The world we know today only exists thanks to a godly being, an entity that rewired the rules of this reality.None can claim to know exactly what it was, or if it was a single entity rather than many.

Nonetheless, it was christened Kodder by the peoples of Ethernity. Kodder separated the four elements and gave them the exact properties they possess to this day, preventing them from clashing in such devastating fashion. Before leaving this realm for good, it coded four distinct continents into existence, each with a tall mountain at its center and an elemental guardian to protect it. These guardians would later become known as the originals, the only living link to the legendary entity that created the Realms of Ethernity.

The Originals

Realms of Ethernity Airdrop Originals are guardians of the land, avatars of the four core elements tasked with keeping balance and peace throughout the Realms of Ethernity. They are creatures of great order, unparalleled wisdom, and devastating power. Each of them lives atop their continent’s central mountain, keeping a watchful eye over their territories. Although the Originals can magically shapeshift into various elemental forms (such as rolling winds, flooding tides, magma monsters or firestorms), they have a true shape – the one Kodder bestowed upon them.


Tuup is the elemental guardian of water, master of all lakes, rivers and oceans, bringer of both rain and drought. Its true shape looks like a green aquatic predator, with a large, scaly, very elongated body of serpentine appearance. Despite preferring watery environments, Tuup is actually an amphibian creature perfectly capable of surviving without any liquid around itself. The mountain that acts as its lair is riddled with underwater rivers and lakes, in which Tuup enjoys swimming and experimenting with the properties of his elemental domain.


Realms of Ethernity Airdrop is the Original of elemental fire, portender of all scorching things in the world of Ethernity: flame, magma, and smoke are in her domain. Her true shape is that of a daunting dragon with a magma cannon for a tail. Menacing horns and tusks complete her already fearsome facial structure. When inhaling, beaming magma shines between her scales, as if her veins were inundated with the scorching liquid. Rangan’s spirit is said to be the reason the sun moves in Nakamoto, and many apocalyptic prophecies for long-extinct civilizations mention her death and the subsequent disappearance of light from the realm.

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