Swash Airdrop Review: Lucky Participant Will win up to 300K

by Cws Team

About Swash Airdrop

Swash Airdrop enables internet users, developers, and businesses to cultivate new realities of data ownership and value creation through new incentivization streams, innovative data monetization mechanisms, and a collaborative development framework, governed by the ethos of Web 3.

Swash is giving away 300K USDT to one lucky participant who joins the giveaway. Hold a minimum of 5,000 SWASH and submit your details to the giveaway page for a chance to win the prize. You need to hold the tokens for at least 60 days in total during the course of the campaign period to be eligible for the airdrop.

Token NameSwash Airdrop
Airdrop End2023-02-15
Total Supply1.000.000.000
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join Age Of Swash Airdrop

First Step

Visit the Swash giveaway registration page.

Second step

Make sure that you’ve at least 100 SWASH in your private Ethereum, Polygon, or Gnosis Chain (xDai) wallet before registering. You can buy SWASH from Uniswap, Honeyswap, or Quickswap.

Third Step

Follow them on Twitter and tweet the wallet address you want to use to participate in the giveaway using hashtags #Swash, $SWASH, and #SwashDAO.

Fourth Step

Submit your details to the above registration page.

Fifth Step

Now after registering, hold a minimum of 5,000 SWASH tokens in your registered wallet for at least 60 days in total during the campaign period to be eligible for the giveaway. The campaign will end on February 15th, 2023.

Six Step

It doesn’t have to be consecutive days but it should amount to at least 60 days in total while the campaign is live.

Seven Step

You can increase your chance of winning by holding for up to 90 days.

Eight Step

Tell your friends about the campaign to increase the prize pool.

Nine Step

Swash will add 20 USDT to the prize pool for every new person who joins the campaign up to a maximum of 300K USDT.

Ten Step

One lucky participant will win up to 300K USDT after the end of the campaign.

Eleven Step

For more information regarding the giveaway, see this Medium article.

Vision and Key Principles

The Swash browser extension was created in 2019 as an example of the world’s first digital Data Union, built on Streamr 14 . The Swash community has grown rapidly since its launch at London MozFest 15 , amassing over twenty-five thousand users worldwide at the time of writing, attended industry events such as the World Ethical Data Forum 2021 16 , MyData Online 2020 17 , ETHDenver 18 , and Diffusion Digital 19 , and with features across various media publications such as Harvard Business Review 20 , Forbes 21 , CoinDesk 22 , CoinTelegraph 23 , and Hackernoon.

Swash takes a research-based approach and has conducted 25 and participated 26 in several studies in the emerging realm of data ownership and data monetisation, including the likes of leading data research initiatives like Mozilla Foundation and Aapti Institute

First Wave Solutions

Data Union

Data Unions give people power over their data while they receive a share of the profits it generates. As the world’s first and largest Data Union, Swash enables individuals to practice their data rights while celebrating their role as essential value providers in the ecosystem.


Swash’s sIntelligence solution provides unique, unrivalled business intelligence insights through a web-based platform to companies. sIntelligence gives them a competitive advantage by helping them to stay informed about their industry and market competition.


Developers who want to be a part of the next generation of data solutions can join the Swash ecosystem by building Swash applications (sApps). sApps have many uses and can come in a variety of forms but are aligned by the ability to remunerate users for their value.


Compute provides a way for data scientists to perform computations on Swash data without needing to purchase it. The data itself remains private and is not sold or moved. Instead, they can deploy their algorithms on Swash data and pay only for the computation and to access the results.

Swash Tokenomics

Swash tokens are the native tokens for the Swash ecosystem. We denote Swash tokens by the ticker symbol, SWASH. These tokens have multiple uses within the Swash ecosystem as both a utility and a governance token and are a unit of exchange for buying or selling Swash data or services.

Redistributing data profits back to people.

Operating on a better-than-free model, Swash members receive a share of the value generated from their data. The current data economy scrapes data without sharing any of the trillions of dollars it generates. By enriching users, Swash makes more of what already is by providing a simple way to passively earn while you surf, leading to a fairer world and better, more equitable internet.

Using cutting-edge technology to set new standards for the data economy.

With open-source technology, Swash is driven by transparency and security. Once installed, your non-sensitive data is automatically captured, pooled, and sold on your behalf. When the data is bought, Swash takes a small percentage of the profits from sales to support operations and shares the rest equally between its members. Swash has completed a full Data Protection Impact Assessment and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Putting data rights into action with ease.

Regulations, like GDPR and CCPA, have been good for creating standards around data. Unfortunately, noone has time to read pages of Terms & Conditions or to review cookies whenever they visit a website, so it’s difficult to put those rights into practice. Swash requires members to opt-in to be able to work. It also presents the captured data before it’s added to the pool, giving you more control over the data you share.

Giving back with Data Donations.

Some might say your Swash earnings are passive income. Others say it’s a kind of Universal Basic Income. Whatever you call it, it’s money that you didn’t already have. Now, through Data Donations, you can donate it directly to your chosen charity through Swash in just a few clicks. Environmental causes, children’s charities, and COVID support are just some of the many social goods organisations you’ll be able to support, with new ones added regularly.

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