What Is Tankpad (TPAD)? Complete Guide & Review About Tankpad?

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What Is Tankpad (TPAD)?

TankPad will revolutionize the play-to-earn gaming industry with the innovative new features. Introducing A Revolutionary New Gaming Platform Where Players Can Play-To-Earn With The TankPad NFTs & Win IGO Allocations That Are Paid For By!

The Science DAO Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameThe Science DAO Coin
Short NameTPAD
Circulating Supply 10.00B TPAD
Max Supply10,000,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Tankpad Ecosystem

They offer a variety of different unique methods to earning & playing a super fun competitive game at the same time!

The TankPad NFT is the golden key that unlocks access to the TankPad game ecosystem (Super Limited NFT Supply!)

Players can play TankPad for free without an NFT in our “Play-To-Win-NFT” mode where every 7 days we give away 10 TankPad NFTs to players with the highest scores.

Players can Play-To-Earn with varying payouts of our $TankPad coin every 24 hours based on their gameplay score

Players can buy, sell, and trade TankPad NFTs on our marketplace with unique tokenomics that benefit our ecosystem

Players can participate in “IGO Competitions” where they play and receive IGO allocations based on their score during the specific time period


We’re far ahead of the majority of crypto/NFT gaming projects as we actually already have a 100% playable game that we’ll be integrating crypto, NFTs, and the blockchain as a whole for this new gameplay-based IGO launchpad platform.


We’ll also be launching the own $TankPad token that we’ll integrate within the TankPad ecosystem.

Play to Earn Gaming

3% Transaction Fee Goes Toward Play-To-Earn Pool Which Distributes $TankPad To Players Every 24 Hours Based On Score.

IGO Competition Allocations

2% Transaction Fee Goes Toward IGO Competition Allocation Pool Which Distributes IG Allocations Based On Player Score.

3.5% Sell Tax

They will utilize the sell tax to enhance our ecosystem funding & reward long-term holders of $TankPad!

Liquidity Pool

1% Of The Sell Tax Will Go Towards Building Liquidity for our $TankPad Coin

Auto-Buyback & Burn

1% Of The Sell Tax Will Go Towards Auto-Buyback our $TankPad Coin & Burn

Growth & Operations

0.5% Of The Sell Tax Will Go Towards Marketing, Team, & Development

LP Staker Rewards

0.5% Of The Sell Tax Will Go Towards Reward Distributions For LP Stakers

Twitch Streamer Champion Fund

0.5% Of The Sell Tax Will Go Towards Reward For Streamers Of Game


“The company mission is to give any gamer across the globe no matter their age, income, education, or background the opportunity to make a full-time living through their passion of gaming”

Marketing/User Growth Strategy

They have a multi-pronged marketing strategy to grow user base & build retention among community They wanted to focus on 3 synergistic components for user growth strategy that based on experience in the industry have been the most effective in not just attracting new users but also retaining the users and building an engaged community.

Content Creation Team

They will have a team that focuses specifically on creating content specific to each social platform with main focus on Twitter, YouTube, Discord, TikTok, and Twitch that we’ll also be amplifying with targeted advertising. The content will cover a variety of topics including gameplay, tournaments with e-sports announcers, feature updates, contests, giveaways, AMAs, and much more.

Financially Incentivized UGC

They want to supercharge the user-generated content from our community by providing financial incentives for the creation of high quality content about the game. They even want to setup automated smart contract-based payout systems for content creators pegged to our token’s economic activity with innovative programs such as our Twitch Streamer Champion fund where we automatically payout Twitch Streamers every 24 hours based on their # of daily streams playing TankPad.


They have a highly ambitious roadmap to become one of the top leaders in the GameFi industry!

Q2 2022
Launch Mobile Game on IOS/Android
Build NFT Marketplace
Finish Skill-Based Gambling Game Modes
Launch Daily Jackpot Program

Q3 2022
Launch Incentivized Staking Platform
Build NFT Rental Marketplace
Create New Arena Maps & NFT Tank Types
Launch Player Gambling Payback Program

Q4 2022
Set Up Twitch Streamer Champion Fund
Launch Guild Champion Program
Build Tank NFT Level Up System
Create Player Referral Commission Program

Q1 2023
Launch Tankpad On Own BSC SideNet
Create Spectator Betting System
Launch “Create To Earn” Arena Program
Create Tank NFT Cloning System

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