Teritori Airdrop Review: Connect Your Keplr Wallet.

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About Teritori Airdrop

Teritori Airdrop aims to enhance Web3 individuals, communities & builders experience through an all-in-one hub of dApps. Teritori is a multi-chain hub designed to allow IBC and non IBC communities to connect, trade services & NFTs, launch new projects & build further existing ones.

Teritori is airdropping a total of 70,000,000 TORI to ATOM and various Cosmos ecosystem NFT holders. Users who had ATOM by May 20th, 2022 at 8:00 UTC, R!ot NFT holders and holders of top NFT projects from Stargaze, Juno, Secret and Evmos are eligible to claim free TORI.

Token NameALTAVA Airdrop
PlatformOwn chain
Total Value70,000,000 TORI
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join

Teritori Ecosystem

Teritori aims to provide a decentralized ecosystem offering an all in one experience for Web3 tribes.

Open ecosystem for Web3 communities

Teritori is a multi-chain hub designed to allow IBC and non IBC communities to connect, trade services & NFTs, launch new projects & build further existing ones. The hub notably includes dApps for a daily use such as an NFT launchpad, a marketplace and social features for individuals & communities: Innovate, Trade, Organize.

Decentralized & Autonomous ecosystem

  • Teritori is built on its sovereign Cosmos SDK chain and governance/utility token TORI. The Teritori DAO will be able to vote on the blockchain’s direction & the next features/dApps to be implemented within the ecosystem.
  • Bounties will also be voted to allow talented teams to contribute to the evolution of the ecosystem.


Teritori is currently undergoing rapid development. We are launching an MVP product as soon as safely possible, after following security procedures. After launch, TORI governance participants will be able to use on-chain governance to refine and execute on the long-term vision of Teritori.

Launching the Teritori blockchain

  • Onboarding validators during testnet phase.
  • Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool via Osmosis.
  • Token airdrops.

Launching the Teritori Hub

  • Allowing early users to try Teritori all in one experience.
  • Discover the upcoming features.
  • Offering basic features such as Teritori Name Service & more.

Launching the first NFT collection on Teritori

  • The R!ot is a multichain collection of mutable NFTs and a Play 2 Earn concept in which players are rewarded with an in game token for expanding their crew, evolving their NFTs and participating in fights (staking).
  • This first NFT drop will make a perfect use case for the Teritori NFT launchpad & marketplace and will also bring multiple utilities to the collection’s holders including being able to claim a portion of the TORI token airdrop.
  • When an NFT reaches max level, holders have the option to make it immutable and thus earn rewards in the form of TORI governance tokens instead of in game tokens.

Multi chain NFT Marketplace

One of the main dApp to be available on Teritori upon launch will be its NFT marketplace. This dApp will allow for project owners to list their collections and over time more features will be added to offer custom experiences for buyers and holders.

Multi chain on purpose, the marketplace could help smaller volume networks bring more attention on their projects as we have seen on other projects already.

Finally, the marketplace first use case will be The R!ot NFT collection to be launched on Teritori network as well as the Teritori Name Services.

Over time, more name services will be listed as well as NFTs as a Service.

Teritori DAO


TORI holders are able to take part in protocol governance by issuing proposals and voting on various factors which will shape the future of Teritori.

Community Pool

At genesis, the community pool will receive 50 million TORI and will continue to be funded by 10% of newly released tokens.

The pool funds are controlled by Teritori DAO governance. We invite our community members to discuss, provide suggestions, create grants and contribute to the success of Teritori network.

This brings a lot of freedom for the community to build out a strong ecosystem from day 1.

TORI Utility

TORI is the governance token of the Teritori blockchain that provides a decentralized coordination method for token holders to vote on strategic directions for the Teritori network.

Teritori DAO will control the community fund where grants and blockchain updates are voted on. Bounties will also be voted by the DAO in a second stage. It also allows contributors to submit the integration & listing of new dApps features within the Hub after the launch.

TORI is also a utility token, and it is needed to access or interact with the various dApps of the ecosystem. It will be burned when needed to maintain a sustainable network.

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