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About Toon Finance

Toon Finance Protocol is a decentralized exchange application platform designed by a team of market leaders & blockchain developers aiming to fix the externality that surrounds the P2E gaming demand by ensuring a P2E metaverse backed by SHA256 encryption.

They are committed to solving the problem around P2E gaming and delivering a game users can enjoy and P2E while being apart of the blockchain movement.

Toon Finance trade NFTs, Exchange Cryptocurrency, Bridge Blockchains,  all in one place. Toon Finance provides isn’t just a team we’re a family, if you love cryptocurrency as much as they do, then stick around they have some exciting updates coming including features on platform and how you can join the Space Battle Grounds or go on an Advance with your friends in the P2E lobby.

Quick Fact About Toon Finance

Coin Basic Information
DEFI Coin Name Toon Finance
Token For Sale500,000,000 TFT
Total Supply1000000000%
Token symbolTFT
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
ExplorersClick Here To Visit
Twitter Group Click Here To Visit Telegram Group
DocumentationClick Here To View
Official Project Website Click Here To Visit Project Website


Toon Finance Protocol is here to stay and expand upon a growing decentralized finance community. We believe in transparency & also believe in decentralization for our users to freely express themselves in a socially acceptable standard.

Founded & Funded by an Angel Investor, Toon Finance is at its birth stage of development with exciting features to come. We have spent years analyzing the decentralized community while coming up with solutions to platforms failing to meet the communities expectations.

Space Battle Grounds

Feeling lucky or maybe prefer strategy over luck?   Join the Space Battle Grounds challenge platform and challenge other players with sha256 encrypted provably fair results.   Climb the leaderboards and win airdrops in the process.

Be one of the first to join the Toon Finance Space Battle Grounds and receive an exclusive NFT Mintpass Airdrop which you can apply to your profile.

Delicious Handmade Sweets

Toon Finance presale is now live join the movement towards a decentralized environment backed by real people with a real passion for cryptocurrency. We don’t just make stuff here at Toon Finance we’re a team of innovators partnered with people who love tough challenges.


Toon Finance is proud to announce our ToonSwap DEX which is currently in progress. Our developers and the Toon Team have been working very hard to bring you the world’s most innovative Toon Swap platform which will be much more than just an ordinary ERC20 swap platform.

Toon Swap will offer one on one games, Space exchange, Space Payload pools, Space Farms, Space Bridge, Space Voting Governance, Space Lotto and so much more. Our team has spent countless hours, time and money into mapping out the Toon Fi brand and we couldn’t be happier.

Decentralized Trading


Don’t worry about misplacing your data, because they never had it in the first place nor will they ever try to collect any of your data.

Space Grounds

Get ready for the player vs player blockchain battle arena where you can join the space grounds lobby and que up against other players for a chance to win cryptocurrency backed and secured by provably fair mechanisms using SHA256 Encryption.

Coin Battle

Select your desired amount to flip, and instantly get paired with another player flip as many times as you want or end the battle, chat in real time against the player you are flipping against.

How Many Toon Finance Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Toon FInance Protocol launched its mainnet on October 5, 2022 with 1 billion ToonFi tokens created at genesis. 500M TooFi tokens will be sold in the presale, %10 of the total supply will be burned when the presale ends, while 400M ToonFi Tokens will be added to Uniswap & Toon Swap upon adding pairs to the exchange from the presale.

Toon Finance Support

If you need assistance with one of our products or have a general inquiry support you can email us directly at You can also reach out to us through our official Telegram group.


Toon Finance Airdrop

Date of Presale Launch where users can buy NFT Mint Passes & contribute to the Presale, first 1,000  members receive NFT Mint Pass at no cost.

Presale Launch

Presale Dapp’s finished and ready for presale Campaign Systems Active.


Live AMA with Community vote on platform of choice, release of the NFT Artwork 100 Select | Complete Airdrop for NFT Mint Passes.


Announce current partnerships and upcoming partnerships voting of current roadmap & tokenomics.

Presale End & Platform Launch

Space Battle Grounds Launched, DEX, Bridge, All Engines Check, Prepare for Take off.

Roadmaps are never ending, this will continue to be updated stay tooned!

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