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About is an innovative, easy-to-use and highly advanced social network with physical dimensions. It revolutionizes the Social Network concepts to deliver the ultimate user experience and a new era of user empowerment. UHIVE is airdropping 300 UHIVE tokens to new users. Download and install the UHIVE app to receive the tokens. Also get 300 HVE for every referral.

Uhive is a social media app that’s aiming to create real disruption by placing user privacy at the absolute core of its values, giving back a substantial share of revenue, and introducing an entirely new content discovery UX. Individuals are given the option to communicate publicly or try on a new identity and anonymously interact with one another in the ultra-private Free world. While the revenue-share model rewards users whose content we monetize with an impactful percentage, creating a robust community, and truly giving power back to the people.

Token Airdrop
Airdrop start2019-05-31
Airdrop EndN/A
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Token Per Referral6 EXPER
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join Airdrop

First Step

Start the Exper Airdrop Telegram Bot.

Second step

Sign up for Exper Website and submit your email.

Third Step

Follow Exper on Twitter, like and retweet the pinned Tweet.

Fourth Step

Join Exper on Telegram Group & Channel.

Fifth Step

Follow Exper on Medium.

Six Step

Submit your BSC wallet address (Bep-20) and details to the Telegram Bot.

Seven Step

Share your referral link to earn 6 EXPER tokens for every referral.

Discover With over 2 million posts and counting, Uhive’s unique content discovery is powered by interest-based user selection, so you’re never going to see content you don’t want to.

Mission The research and development that went into UHive has been a 5-year process. the ultimate goal is to provide infinite possibilities for people to engage, express themselves and be whoever they want to be. the goal is to build the foundation for a new digital world – to provide infinite possibilities for people to engage, express and be whoever they want to be

How does it work? Every minute you spend on Uhive, every day, you will earn tokens. Every time you create a new post, like, or dislike someone’s post, write a comment and repost you keep earning. Currently 333 tokens are valued at $1.00. Uhive tokens are limited in supply and are intrinsically linked to Uhive’s Spaces Index which displays in real-time all primary transactions on the network.

Earn up to x4 tokens Users who use the app daily, and receive tokens, on the 7th straight day, their earnings are doubled, on the 14th day, earnings are tripled, and so on until tokens are quadrupled. Earn up to x4 as many tokens as you usually would, by keeping your streak, and visiting the app daily.

Meet Uhive Token This is Uhive’s very own digital currency. The tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain to power transactions across the network. You can use the Uhive Token to purchase goods and services inside Uhive. Tokens can be earned by using the app and simply posting great content in your spaces. The more you engage with content and the more engagement your content gets – the more you earn!

How are Uhive tokens similar to other cryptocurrencies? They have a monetary value which means they can be bought through the mobile app or web console. On March 31st, the Uhive Token will be enlisted on cryptocurrency exchanges. This will allow Uhive Tokens to be traded for fiat currency, or to be exchanged for other popular cryptocurrencies.

Uhive is more transparent than existing social media networks, and actually gives users the opportunity to own their content and earn from it through Uhive tokens. Uhive’s circular economy means value is sent right back into sustaining the community, not lining the pockets of corporate owners, creating a value-network that benefits everyone.


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