What Is Angola (AGLA)? Complete Guide & Review About Angola

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What Is Angola (AGLA)?

The Angola Project is a social NFT system built upon blockchain-based Web3.0 Creator Economy. Its aim is to become a mainstream of NFT by enabling people to create NFT contents of everyday lives. Users, as participants in the Angola project ecosystem, will issue NFTs with images and video files of contents from their daily life taken by NFT cameras and use them for various usages in the NFT social system.

Once users issue NFTs, its value will be appraised by the community members within Angola ecosystem and other marketplaces within the system, and users will have opportunities to earn reasonable revenue. The Angola Project aims to become a mainstream of NFT and ensure the ownership of creators upon their contents and correct the unreasonable profit distribution scheme in the conventional digital asset market.

Angola Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAngola
Short NameAGLA
Total SupplyN/A
Max SupplyN/A
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The ecosystem of the Angola project operates in the Angola system

The Angola system consists of:

  • A Take to Earn service that allows users to take images and video files with the Candy Camera application, and execute NFT minting, and generate revenue.
  • A community service that allows users to open a community by their own interest, and let other users join the community by their interest as well. Then their NFT will be shared and appraised within the community which will lead to create the value of the NFT when it is picked by the community members.
  • Challenge service that allows users issue NFTs by topic, and users vote for the NFT and decide the top popular one which will get rewarded
  • NFT Marketplace that allows users select and trade highly ranked NFTs within the community and Challenges

NFT Cammunity

The NFT community in the Angola system is a space where users can share and communicate with other users regarding their images taken by a candy camera and minted NFT.

Users can post their favorite NFTs in the community where they are participating. Furthermore, users can join the appraisal activities to freely evaluate photo NFTs, and if so, value of NFTs might be increased. Users of Angola ecosystem can open communities by topic in which solidarity between users having similar interests can be established. Users will earn AGLA token rewards based on contribution to make the community and ecosystem active and invigorated.

Users in the community are rewarded based on their activities in community and the degree of their contribution to the vitalization of the community. Also, they are rewarded when NFTs are sold, after going through the ‘Pick’, implying that users join to evaluate the value of NFTs.

NFT Challenge / Pick

Users may participate in the challenge with their minted NFT Photo. If photos is posted with the relevant topic of challenge, users may get more pick from other users.

The number of contents that users are able to present in challenge is set in community governance by topic, and when the participation period ends, it goes to voting.

Numbers of users ranked top with the most Picks will earn a winner reward, then their contents will be posted on the NFT Marketplace.

When NFTs gain popularity in the community, they will be top-ranked in the marketplace in proportion to the number of picks it obtained, and are more likely to be sold at higher prices in the marketplace.

NFT Gallery

Creators can also post their favorite digital contents to the NFT Gallery. To post digital contents in the NFT gallery, a certain CRRT tokens will be removed. NFT Gallery is a place where digital contents are evaluated before going to register in the NFT Market.

Users can evaluate digital contents in NFT Gallery. When digital contents have received good rating from the NFT Gallery (earn a certain number of Picks) it will be qualified to register in the NFT Market. This screening process is intended to increase the workability and reliability of digital contents before being registered in the NFT Market.

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace is the place where NFTs are registered and trade only when NFT gets a certain level of picks by other users.

Creators can specify the price to sell their digital contents or sell them in the form of an auction. A some of the sales revenue of digital contents pays back to the Angola system for fee and the user who has ‘picked’ the digital contents.

In addition to creative NFTs, Camera NFT, Camera Box NFT, Community Open NFT, Community Participation NFT and other NFT used as proof of rights in the Angola system are to be sold in NFT Marketplace

The transaction currencies are AGLA, Ethereum, Solana, etc. which will be used single currency or in mixed currency.

NFT Collection

NFT Marketplace provides a space where each creator can collect and sell digital contents of in the NFT Marketplace and also a space called Collection where NFT buyers can collect and show various NFTs collection. Collection presents a collection of creative works of creators, and arouse the desire of buyers’ to collect and promotes the sales activity.

AGLA Reward

  1. 1.Participated in Challenge and reward based on the result
    • Counted based on the number of Pick obtained and NFT sales revenue.
  2. 2.Reward based on the invigoration of activities in the community after opening
    • Counted based on the number of community members, the number of registered NFTs, the number of picks obtained and NFT sales revenue.
  3. 3.Participated in Challenge and reward based on the result
    • Counted based on the popularity, sales revenue, and participation of the picked NFT to challenge
  4. 4.Reward based on posting and popularity of photos and video files NFT
    • Counted based on the popularity of posted NFTs, the number of picks obtained and NFT sales revenue
  5. 5.Reward based on popularity in NFT Marketplace


The Angola system is run by Web3.0 DAO with no intermediaries. The parties of DAO is composed of ecosystem participants and investors of the Angola project. We provide customized data information to consumers, and those consumers provide continuous feedback for the development of the Angola system.

The Angola ecosystem will provide a staking pool for on-chain governance, and will be the most valuable supporters to increase the value of the system and tokens. Governance organized in the form of consortiums will grant decision-making rights only to institutions and organizations constituted and authorized by the foundation.

NFT Mining

NFT MintingYou can take a picture with an NFT camera or publish a nice picture from your gallery to NFT. You can also issue a new camera box by breeding the NFT cameras you have.

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