What Is Gold Retriever (GLDN)? Complete Guide & Review About Gold Retriever

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What Is Gold Retriever (GLDN)?

Gold Retriever is the decentralized financial asset of the future. By combining the exponential growth opportunities of cryptocurrency with the stable reserve currency of gold, Gold Retriever represents decentralized financial freedom at its finest. Gold Retriever serves as the genesis token and key for the commodity ecosystem surrounding it. They gives holders the stability of gold and the exponential growth opportunities of cryptocurrencies. Holders can take safe haven with the $PAXG rewards and can also capitalize on the upside of the Gold Retriever ecosystem.

Gold Retriever Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGold Retriever
Short NameGLDN
Total Supply10,500,000
Max Supply10,500,000
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Gold Retriever ($GLDN) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain issued by Gold Retriever LLC. The maximum token supply is 10.5M $GLDN with 100% of $GLDN supply circulating.

Transaction Fees : All transactions are subject to transaction fees of 10%. The transaction fees are broken down as follows:

  • PAX Gold Rewards : 5% of all transaction fees will be used to purchase holders’ gold stablecoin rewards ($PAXG)
  • Auto-Liquidity : 3% of all transaction fees will be locked into the contract’s liquidity pool
  • Growth : 2% of all transaction fees will be used for growth

100% of growth will be allocated to project expansion which includes, but is not limited to, marketing, market making, and charitable donations to dog non-profit organizations

DeFi’s first commodities-based ecosystem

We are building defi’s first commodities-based ecosystem that will change the way traditional investors and mainstream media view the crypto market. The Golden Retriever will be at the center of it all.

Gold Retriever

Gold Retriever ($GLDN) is a decentralized financial asset that utilizes volume to drive rewards back to its holders in the form of the gold-backed stablecoin PAX Gold ($PAXG). Gold Retriever provides $PAXG rewards to holders using 5% transaction fees on all transactions. Through its unique Auto-Staking protocol, all one has to do is purchase, hold, and forget.

Rather than relying on revenue derived from aggressive token emmissions to provide investors with yield like many unsuccessful DeFi projects of 2021, Gold Retriever aims to provide investors with volume-based yield in the form of a sustainable stablecoin. The success of Gold Retriever depends on its ability to accrue new users and increase transaction volume over time to reward token holders.


PAX Gold Reward Accrual and Distribution:

$PAXG rewards accrue on every transaction: 5% of every purchase and 5% of every sale get distributed to every holder. Every time someone sells $PAXG, holders’ accrued $PAXG becomes redeemable directly in the Gold Retriever app. In order to redeem accrued $PAXG, holders must pay a gas fee in $ETH. It is recommended to let $PAXG accrue in the app to avoid paying multiple gas fees.

Auto-Staking Protocol:

Using Gold Retriever’s innovative Auto-Staking Protocol, tokens are instantly staked from holders’ wallets upon purchase, with no action being required by the holder. There is no lock-up period, so all one has to do is hold to reap the rewards. The Auto-Staking Protocol allows holders to maintain access of their tokens at all times, unlike traditional staking, where users have to place their assets in a centralized authority.

Auto-Liquidity Protocol:

3% of all transaction fees will be locked into the contract’s liquidity pool, guaranteeing liquidity at all times. Users become liquidity providers (LPs) every time they transact, adding liquidity to the contract’s pool to create a market


PAX Gold Rewards:

Gold is an attractive investment as the premier store of value and a strong hedge against inflation. $PAXG is a sustainable stablecoin backed by one fine troy ounce of a 400 oz London Good Delivery gold bar, stored in Brink’s vaults. Holders of $PAXG own the underlying physical gold asset, so purchasing $GLDN provides holders with rewards in gold.

Access to a Developing Commodities Ecosystem:

$GLDN is just the start of the Gold Retriever ecosystem. Gold Retriever LLC plans on opening up the ecosystem to include additional commodity assets such as precious metals, energy, grains, and more. In the planned Gold Retriever ecosystem, investors will be rewarded with the hottest moving commodities, being able to pick and choose which commodities will provide them with the highest yields. $GLDN is the “genesis collection” of the Gold Retriever ecosystem, and holders will get first access to the future.

Company Roadmap

Phase 1 – Completed

  • Token stealth launch
  • Website V1

Phase 2 – In progress

  • Website V2 + Dapp
  • Contract audit
  • Marketing partnerships

Phase 3 – Coming up

  • Commodities-based ecosystem built entirely around the Golden Retriever
  • DEX Tokenized Commodities Exchange
  • Full scale marketing roll-out, including YouTube interviews, AMA’s, and Medium articles on future endeavours for the project
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