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What Is Humanize ($HMT)?

Humanize are a cryptocurrency trading company specializing in education and support for novice and professional traders based in Dubai – UAE. They believe that cryptocurrency and all technologies should be more “humanized” and accessible to everyone. In recent years, we have seen many people lose their money and life savings due to market manipulation or simply the lack of knowledge due to how complex the entire crypto sphere is for the average human being.

They exists to humanize automated and cryptocurrencies trading and make it available to everyone. In academy, they will make the technical analysis algorithm available, they will explain how to correctly approach the market, topics such as risk management will always be present and it will be the topic where they will apply a lot of attention and support.

Humanize Coin will introduce multilingual support to break this barrier. The support team will be made up of experienced traders and aligned with the company’s philosophy. The HMT Token will be used to pay the academy fees, for the stokers or holders they will give special discounts and advantages. HMT runs natively on BSC, 95% of the total supply will be locked and released according to pre-established rules, this guarantees its users that the team and the company will remain committed in the long term. 

Humanize Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHumanize
Short Name$HMT
Total Supply250,000,000,000
Max SupplyN/A
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Buyback Tokens

They will use part of the profits of the business to buyback tokens and burn them so that, in this way, they can constantly reduce the HMT circulation supply. They have a project being developed by the legal and IT team that will solve a “humanization” problem in the crypto sphere. They are not going to announce it yet to protect the idea but they are sure it will be well accepted by the crypto community. It will also be beneficial for users of HMT token. 

They improve people’s lives by providing top cryptotrading services.

Combining artificial intelligence with human capabilities has been our recipe for success. We want to share our knowledge and experience with as many people around the world as possible.

Trading Academy

The trading academy will be unique and different from what already exists in the market. They will have a dedicated dashboard to support traders with different access levels.

* They will provide our algorithm for technical analysis and always have the main news or fundamental events analyzed.
* They will educate traders/trainees for the mental and emotional challenges of this activity.
* Risk is a significant component of real and financial investments. While making real and individual investment decisions, both individual and institutional investors consider the possible rate of return and riskiness of the investment. They will always draw attention and help in this area.


The collection of NFT’s is exclusively for social purposes. In addition to supporting the dissemination of the art of new and young artists, all proceeds from sales and royalties will revert fully to the Humanize Foundation.

HMT Considerations

1. Total Supply

A strict limit of 2.500.000.000 HMT will be created, never to be increased. Token Burning mechanism

2. HMT will run natively on the Binance Smart Chain

Contract: 0x71e67b8D88718d113fC7eDbD95F7Ca380222b3C6

3. Allocation

Airdrop 1%
Token Pre-sale & IEO 3%
Business Development 1%
Team, strategic partners and advisors 35%
Ecosystem 60%

4. Funds Usage

35% of the funds will be used to improve the Humanize platform and perform upgrades to the trading algorithm, team recruiting and training.

25% will be kept in reserve for any emergencies or unexpected situations that may arise.

40% will be used for Humanize branding and marketing, including continuous promotion and support of the Humanize community.

Token Burning Mechanism


They will use the blackhole model to create a sustainable inflation of the token’s value.


Humanize will be the first company to “return” to the market a percentage of earnings in trading operations. This percentage, which will not be less than 15%, will be used for buyback of tokens and respective burning.

Every quarter after the token is launched on exchanges, a percentage of the profits and fees paid will be used to reduce the total HMT supply available. Giving back and sharing the results with the community will always be a priority for HUMANIZE and we will use the token burning system to achieve this goal effectively.

Humanize Strategy

Team, strategic partners and advisors, 35% of total HMT supply, will be locked up for a total of 4 years. We will create a release schedule that will start 6 months after first listing on the exchange and will last up to 4 years. The team and strategic partners are motivated to focus on long-term work, without worrying about the market value of their token. Ecosystem 60% of total HMT supply will be locked until the development of the token ecosystem begins (Q2 2023). From this 95%of the supply, the only exception is the burn of the tokens.


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