What Is Retawars GoldRose Token (GRT)? Complete Guide & Review About Retawars GoldRose Token

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What Is Retawars GoldRose Token (GRT)?

The ‘Retawars GoldRose Token’ is a simulation game that adds strategic elements to DeFi. In particular, it aims for a full-fledged Game-Fi that includes all game elements such as role play, growth, competition, and chance. It does not require busy and fast hand movements like an action game, but it requires thought and wise decisions to effectively control the heroes. The player can establish a long-term strategy, place heroes in the right place, and get rewards based on their performance as a profit.

Retawars GoldRose Token Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRetawars GoldRose Token
Short NameGRT
Circulating Supply3,000,000.00 
Max SupplyN/A
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Motivation and Vision

The P2E game market has achieved rapid growth, and even at this moment, countless games and problems are emerging. We started this project to solve the structural problem of P2E games.

Game Feature

Hire the NFT Heroes

Meet various heroes in Reta Wars now! Heroes will follow you in every game of Retaverse. They will either produce resources at your command or fight enemies in battle. They are always ready to work for your profit and become powerful for the greater profit!!

Where your strategy begins, the territory

A lot of resources and a strong army are essential to reap great profits. Now make an operational plan for your territory. Deploy your hired heroes and upgrade your buildings. No one knows how much profit the resources you have produced will bring you back. It only depends on your choice.

Intense multiplayer strategy

This is a strategy NFT War-to-earn game where two DAOs compete strategically for revenue. Players must cooperate with players belonging to their faction and gather opinions by voting to achieve greater profits. Always think strategically. The game has many profit opportunities, but the best outcome will depend on your choices.

Various Opportunities

Reta Wars offers a variety of earning opportunities depending on the player’s style. Players will naturally participate in the ecosystem by trading with other players to achieve each other’s goals.

Trade Resources

Reta Wars’ most basic revenue comes from selling the resources harvested from the territory to the market. due to the desire to purchase by players interested in war and ranking, the resource will always be a popular commodity in the market.

Start Of Agency

Gather more resources by upgrade buildings & grow heroes. If you stock up on a lot of resources, pay attention to the changes in the price of resources due to war. Conquest of the battlefield will be a new opportunity for resource trading!

War Contribution

Supply resources and troops for the daily war! Players can be rewarded according to their contribution. Larger rewards are distributed to the winning faction, so players must actively communicate and vote with their allies to win the war.

Become An Ranker

Challenge the ranking leaderboards. This fierce competition will turn out to be the result of a week of the war. This is the only way to get RETA in the gameplay, and the rewards for the top challengers will be huge. Win trophies prepared for uncompromising winners!

Now In Development

There is a way to hire a tenant that can save you time if you become the Feudal Lord. If you have enough NFT Heroes, you can delegate a Tenant to take over your territory management. The more heroes you have, the more tenants you can hire!

The Retaverse ecosystem

RETA deviates from the typical token paradigm of the existing Crypto game ecosystem, devising a token economy of a new structure to present values and visions for a sustainable ecosystem.

Multi-token interaction

The core task to create a sustainable ecosystem is to prevent inflation and create a stable circulation of tokens.
They have created an ecosystem where every player has a different reward objective, and they will interact with other players to achieve their goals.

Strong governance

Realital Metaverse (RETA) allows Play-to-earn users approached by mining to naturally switch to the holder and grow with the Retaverse ecosystem. RETA suggests the value of new governance in the Play-to-Earn ecosystem from the fact that players can grow with the ecosystem as holders of RETA ownership, benefit, and exercise their rights.

Prudent and long-term supply policy

RETA is not just a game token for Reta Wars. It will be the platform token of our extended ecosystem, Retaverse.
Many new games will be added to this ecosystem, and Reta Wars is just the beginning. And our token supply policy is also based on that.

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