What Is BullDog Inu(BULL)? Complete Guide & Review About BullDog Inu

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What Is BullDog Inu(BULL)?

Bulldog Inu is a community-driven project with exciting viral features. They aim to add more value to meme coin, therefore at they have to change your perspective. They will provide you with rapid transactions, low gas prices, and a lot of launchpad projects in the near future. They love dogs, especially Bulldogs ! They want to bring dog enthusiasts together through the power of decentralized cryptocurrency.

Bulldog Inu Coin believe in ” humanity for dogs” as they go beyond what is considered a “humane” approach to dogs- they treat them as if they were human beings. In life experience, dogs are sentient beings endowed with intelligence, self-awareness, and some form of consciousness.

Bulldog Inu believe that dogs have a soul. And therefore, they are deserving of the right to live, medical care as a human right, and to be treated with the dignity & respect deserved by these noble creatures who contain all of the virtues of humanity without any of the vices. They want you to know who they are and that they will fight for each and every dog’s survival and welfare.

Bulldog Inu Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBulldog Inu Coin
Short NameBULL
Total Supply100,000,000,000,000,000
Max Supply100,000,000,000,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter Group
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


BULLDOGINU has consciously engaged in significant public consultation to create a distinctive and cooperative community strategy for The exceptional growth. They aim to add more value to meme coin, therefore at Bulldog Inu, They have to change your perspective


BULLCHAIN/BULLDOG INU has defined “pillars” that we believe will be acknowledged and meet social issues, show love for Bulldogs and meme coins . Furthermore, They will provide you with rapid transactions, low gas prices, and a lot of launchpad projects in the near future.


BULLDOGINU, with its 8/8 tax (2% holder, 2% dev, 2% for the ecosystem, and 2% marketing, together with no token team), will, in our opinion, become the king of meme coins 2022.

Bull Ecosystem


– Decentralized exchanges (DEX) where you can trade conveniently

– Trading on BULLSWAP is the simplest way to swap BEP-20 tokens through automated liquidity pools. Users who complete any transaction will receive a reward of $BULL


– BullStake system aims to increase the scarcity of $BULL & encourages investors to hold their coins long-term.

NFT Marketplace

– The Bulldog Inu NFT Marketplace is a dedicated BNB chain platform for discovering, collecting, and selling NFTs.


– Each Bulldog NFT will have a fully rigged up, animated 3D model associated with it. This will allow the Bulldog NFTs to be integrated into existing metaverse environments.


– Token holders have the right to vote on decisions in the Bulldog Inu Ecosystem.

– Joining the BullDAO means being a full part of the Bulldog Inu Ecosystem, coming into contact with communities, developers, professionals and projects.


2% Of It In Rewarding Holders

Funds sent to holders’ wallets

2% For The Ecosystem

– Use for staking reward, move2earn reward, CEX listing, etc

– Use when the price drops

2% For Development Team

For development

2% For Marketing

Use of marketing campaign

How Does Bullchain Work?

The peculiar feature of the Bullchain Coin is interactivity features that enable a connection with the blockchain. Apart from this, This is similar to Binance smart chain and other EVM-compatible PoA chains.

Moving your BULL to Bullchain involves a special bridging process that allows you to wrap your BULLs. The wrapping process enables you to create a new token pegged to the value of BULL on. For instance, when you wrap 100 BULL using the bridging facility, you will receive 100 wrapped bull (wBULL) on your wallet. The wrapped BULL is pegged to the value of BULL and can be easily inter-bridged across both platforms.

Relative to BULL, wBULL on Bullchain Coin can be used for blockchain governance, payment of transaction fees, and as utility tokens on Web3 platforms.


Sure, the project is very safe by the AUDIT, KYC AND SAFU from PINKSALE partners. In particular, they have added a Safu badge to ensure extreme safety. and according to the roadmap, they will continue to audit by Certik when they have 10,000 holders MORE OVER TOKEN WILL BE FOR THE COMMUNITY 26% PRESALE, 14% LIQUIDITY, 10% FOR BULL ECOSYSTEM AND 50% BURN TEAM WILL NOT HAVE TOKEN.








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