What Is SheepASheep(YLGY)? Complete Guide & Review About SheepASheep

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What Is SheepASheep(YLGY)?

The most popular traditional game in China, with 200 million+ active players and a terrifying 5 million daily ad revenue! SheepASheep is a play-to-earn & free-to-earn game that ppl can earn $YLGY from passed the game everyday.

SheepASheep Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSheepASheep
Short NameYLGY
Total Supply100,000,000
Max Supply100,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


Practice the concept of Web3, return all the value generated by the user to the user, and return all the confirmation rights owned by the user to the user! 100% of all advertising and fee income from the Yangliaoyang platform will be returned to players and token holders, revolutionizing Web2 developers who earn 5 million a day!


Bring the concept of Web3 and X-To-Earn to everyone, and attract more people to join us, understand and learn Web3 and X-To-Earn, and accelerate the leadership through the promotion and breaking of the sheep-gamefi version Next Generation Internet Revolution!

Binance Deposits & Withdrawals

1. Register a Binance ( https://www.binance.com/zh-CN ) account and use c2c transaction to recharge and deposit. Tutorial.

2. For spot trading on Binance, buy BNB and withdraw it to the BSC (BEP20) network of Web3 wallet

Free Game Tutorial

What Is SheepASheep(YLGY)? Complete Guide & Review About SheepASheep

The sheep of the sheep – gamefi version supports users to play for free, without any pre-recharge, pre-payment and other behaviors! And after clearing the game every day, you can share huge bonuses!

Reward Description:

  1. 1 .The game is free, and you can play unlimited levels every day.
  2. 2 .All users who successfully pass the level every day will share the prize pool of the day equally (see the homepage for the amount of the prize pool).
  3. 3 .Each user only records a successful customs clearance record once a day, and multiple successes are counted as one.
  4. 4 .Each game can use $YLGY tokens to purchase item cards to improve the efficiency of customs clearance.
  5. 5 .80% of the consumption of $YLGY goes to the prize pool.
  6. 6 .The system will automatically send $YLGY rewards at 0:00 every day.
  7. 7 .Users can buy and sell $YLGY tokens on Pancakeswap to earn profits.


The cornerstone of the sustainable city project of the gamefi version of the sheep is a sheep. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed a variety of different game mechanics and gameplay, and will continue to iterate in the future. These mechanisms not only bring utility to NFTs, but also underpin everything else! As primary sustainability support, we offer the following strategies:

  1. 1 .The daily bonus pool is attenuated periodically according to the idea of ​​BTC mining output, so as to control the token output.
  2. 2 .Items in the game are consumed with tokens, and all consumed tokens are automatically destroyed by smart contracts.
  3. 3 .Each game has 1 chance of resurrection, consume tokens for resurrection, and all smart contracts of tokens are automatically destroyed.
  4. 4 .In the game, NFT costumes are dropped, and tokens need to be consumed to upgrade and use in the future.
  5. 5 .Token fees from DEX and NFTmarketplace will be allocated to the bonus pool and burned regularly.
  6. 6 .In the competitive mode, you need to use tokens to buy tickets to increase consumption.

Remove item card

The removal item card is an item that can be purchased with $YLGY tokens in the game. It can remove 3 bricks and put them aside, thereby increasing the number of grids that can be eliminated.

The price of the removed item card will be adjusted by the official as needed to keep it dynamically at 1 removed item card = 30 $YLGY In a game, you can purchase removal item cards up to 2 times, and all $YLGY tokens consumed


$YLGY will be the only token in the Yangliaoyang game ecosystem. They use the most stable One-Coin mechanism in the gamefi field to create a play earning game with the longest life cycle! Players can use tokens to trade on BoPie, buy and sell NFTs in own NFT marketplace, use tokens to buy props cards and upgrade NFTs in the game.

Advertisement Income

The game can have a built-in investment promotion module to attract advertisers to place advertisements and obtain advertising revenue. 80% of the advertising revenue will be used to buy back $YLGY and destroy it, and the remaining 20% ​​of the advertising revenue will be used for game development and operation.

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