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What Is Soulsaver (SOUL)?

Soulsaver is inspired by an online game called Ghost Online. This is a blockchain-based idle strategic simulation RPG(Role-Playing Game), and it has a P2E(Play to Earn) game ecosystem built with NFT. They Project team developed SOULSAVER by combining idle strategic simulation genre to the base of the IP of previously serviced Ghost Online. Even from the developmental stage, the team set strategic entertaining elements, such as minimizing user fatigue, character advancement & enhancement, item farming, diversification of (competitive) combat with other uses, etc. as the top priority.

SOULSAVER used Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to acknowledge and preserve the value of the play of the user. SOULSAVER issues the game data and items of the users as BSC’s NFT standard BEP-721-based NFT to allow P2P trade via its own NFT Marketplace. SOULSAVER forms a token economy centered around BSC’s token standard BEP-20-based SOUL Token(SOUL) and SAVER Token(SAVER) rewarded based on the result of PVP(Player VS Player).

Soulsaver Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSoulsaver
Short NameSOUL
Total Supply10,000,000,000
Max Supply1,000,000,000
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Strategic simulation genre for fun in endless growth, Idle genre for low fatigue of effort, but high reward.


An ecosystem where fun is the top priority, and anyone can enjoy it easily and comfortably, while preserving value and monetizing it.


Because of the monsters coming for the hell, people became pale with fear and they coudn`t defeat the monsters at all. The world was just full of screams and fears. In order to defeat the monsters and make the world peaceful again, Taihe appeared with his 12 pupils driving away the monsters.


Users’ enjoyable gameplay is the top priority in Soulsaver.


There are four classes for SOULSAVER characters, and each class has abilities and skills that suit their concepts. There are 3 types of characters for each class, and users can build them to suit their combat and playstyle.

The summary of the four classes of SOULSAVER characters is as follows:

Swordsman: Balanced attack and defense. Melee character.

Assassin: Weak hitpoint but has the powerful skill to strike the enemies to death with single blows

Taoist: Attacks are built around elemental attributes. Skills are the main offensive moves rather than ordinary attacks.

Archer: Combines ordinary attacks and elemental attacks. A ranged character that subdues enemies from distance.

Growth Graph

This graph displays how much the stat will be increased when the character’s stat level is increased. The maximum value for the stat the character can gain by drinking elixirs can be viewed by pressing the [Info] button. Elixirs can be crafted by Dungeon content in the future.

Synergy Effect

The user can open and close the pop-up window that displays what synergy effects the character can benefit from. All stats and attributional effects from the synergy effect are applied to all characters present in the account. With the synergy edit feature, the synergy detail information and synergy members can be changed. There are tabs divided for the synergy effect applied for all characters by the level of the current synergy and the attributional synergy effect applied to all characters by the character selected as the synergy member.

Teammate List

The characters owned by the account are displayed on this list. The user can select a character from the list to register them as a synergy member.

Register Synergy Member

This button registers or unregisters the character selected from the teammate list as the synergy member. There is a limit to the number of characters to be registered as synergy members, and this limit increases as the synergy level increases.

Extract Attributes

The user can consume a character to acquire the attributes of the character into the attribute inventory.

Extractable Teammate List

This list displays the characters owned by the account that can be used for extracting attributes. When a character is selected from the list, the attributes the character equipped is displayed below.


SOULSAVER is a P2E game ecosystem established with NFT as the parameter. P2E game SOULSAVER that SOULSAVER Project Team developed is a blockchain-based idle strategic simulation RPG inspired by the existing online game Ghost Online. The project team has combined idle strategic simulation genre P2E, which is optimized for P2E, to the IP of Ghost Online as the base of development of SOULSAVER. With this, the team intends to develop a blockchain-based ecosystem that services popular P2E games that anyone can easily and conveniently enjoy it.

Token plan

SOUL uses BSC Network’s BEP-20 token standard and BEP-721 NFT standard for stability and compatibility of the transactions. The issuance plan and the basic information on NFT are as follows:

What Is Soulsaver (SOUL)? Complete Guide & Review About Soulsaver

Funds gathered via SOUL will be operated for: developmental expenses for R&D personnel supplement and operation, service and business model advancement, and Dapp Development (30%); service establishment expenses(20%) for supplementing service personnel management personnel, etc. and office operation; marketing expenses(30%) to execute online/offline advertisements, legal and accounting consulting expenses(10%) for legal and practical advises for the countries that the tokens can be traded on, and the deposit and risk preparation(10%), etc.


What Is Soulsaver (SOUL)? Complete Guide & Review About Soulsaver


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