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What Is WhiteSwap (WSD)?

WhiteSwap is an automated market making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) currently on the Ethereum blockchain, forked from Uniswap V2. This technical portal explains some of the design decisions behind the The core contracts. It covers all of the contracts’ features, including arbitrary pairs between ERC20s, a hardened price oracle that allows other contracts to estimate the time-weighted average price over a given interval, “flash swaps” that allow traders to receive assets and use them elsewhere before paying for them later in the transaction, protocol fee that can be turned on in the future, governance protocol, governance token features and allocation.

WhiteSwap Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWhiteSwap
Short NameWSD
Total SupplyN/A
Max SupplyN/A
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What’s DEX?

DEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that operates without a central authority, giving more control to users. WhiteSwap solves 5 main problems of crypto trading.


They are an exchange that fully belongs to users. Any decision is taken by the community through voting. There are no centralization or admin rights on the protocol.


They do not store user assets. This means that hacker attacks or the collapse of the exchange can’t result in a loss of funds. You always fully control your own crypto.


They make it possible not only to swap for existing cryptocurrencies but also to create new liquidity pools right in the system. This allows projects to get started with minimal liquidity and without paying high fees.

No Order book

An automated market maker protocol depends on a mathematical formula when it comes to pricing assets. Unlike traditional exchanges, AMMs don’t have an order book.

Low Risks

The risk of falsification of trade volumes is minimal because there is no central structure interested in manipulation inside the exchange.

What’s a Governance Token?

It is a token that allows its holder to participate in the management of a cryptocurrency project. When any changes are proposed, the token holders can support or disagree with them by voting. The governance token of WhiteSwap is WSD.

How to receive the Governance Token?

It is a token that allows its holder to participate in the management of a cryptocurrency project.

  • Provide liquidity to one of the selected pools
  • Receive a WSS (LP) token
  • Stake the WSS (LP) token into a staking pool
  • Claim the WSD governance token

How to earn with WhiteSwap

It is a token that allows its holder to participate in the management of a cryptocurrency project.

  • Become a liquidity provider – Any user can be a liquidity provider by depositing into a pool and holding its LP token
  • WhiteSwap earns for you – Liquidity pools extract a fee from each trade deposited
  • Get your share – Collect trading fees with percentage according to your share in the pool

How does WhiteSwap work?

The platform has no order book or central facilitator of trade. The pools are defined by a smart contract. It includes a number of functions that enable token swapping, adding liquidity, etc.

How are prices determined?

The amount of each asset in a pool determines the prices. The smart contract uses this function: x * y = k, where x = token1y = token2, and k = constant. With every trade a certain amount of tokens is removed for an amount of the other token. The balances are adjusted during the execution of the trade, therefore changing the price. This happens to maintain k.

What’s the use of Governance Tokens?

On-chain governance gives every stakeholder an opportunity to discuss and vote on how to manage the protocol. When any changes are proposed, the governance token holders can support or disagree with them by voting. The system is the following: each governance token equals one vote. It means that the more tokens a holder has, the easier they can sway over the protocol.

WSE holders will have immediate ownership of:

  • WhiteSwap governance
  • WSD community treasury
  • The protocol fee switch
  • WhiteSwap Default Token List (tokens.wse.eth)

Initial governance parameters are as follows:

  • 0.5% of WSD total supply (delegated) to submit a governance proposal
  • 4% of WSD supply required to vote ’yes’ to reach quorum
  • 7 day voting period
  • 5 day timelock delay on execution


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