What Is World of Farms (WOF)? Complete Guide & Review About World of Farms

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What Is World of Farms (WOF)?

World of Farms is an outstanding Play&Earn game where you can build your own DeFi farm and earn $WoF tokens. Open the app and collect new lands, resources, or legendary shovels, feed your animals and beat other players and guilds! Create your farming empire in DeFi!

The primary mode in the World of Farms Coin is a PVE, where you raise your farm to compete later with other players. This mode is about gathering as many resources as possible, acquiring as much land as possible, and having as many animals as possible. Later, it will help you to beat the players and get rewards paid in $WoF.

World of Farms Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWorld of Farms
Short NameWOF
Total Supply100,000,000
Max Supply100,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

P2E Market

The P2E market has been booming in recent months. Interest in the Metaverse exploded, with land sales totalling nearly $2B. However, they are still at the beginning of seeing the potential of web3 gaming. Things like Guilds, In-Game currencies, NFTs, Decentralized Exchanges, Group Ownership, Asset Factories or Scholarships are expected to skyrocket in the next bull run.

Additionally, the whole video game industry has seen massive growth, driven by the layering of new platforms and business models. There is a huge market opportunity at the intersection of web3 and gaming because 20% of NFT sales volume in 2021 was gaming-related assets, 49% of crypto wallet activity comes from games, and 50+ live web3 games with more than 1k unique on-chain users were launched.

The blockchain gaming industry grew 2,000% in the past year from Q1 2022. The first half of 2022 saw top funds in the NFT and blockchain gaming space raise a cumulative $10.5 billion in capital. The potential is unlimited!

Market Problems

However, there are massive gaps in the P2E world – as it always happens while new technology is starting to develop.

“What are you talking about?”

90% of P2E-games founders are optimizing the whole game idea, UI & UX, and operating principles for the “earn” aspect.

And it’s not the right path. Why? Because in the traditional gaming industry, users are focused on playing instead of earning, and the “play” aspect sucks them in.

Key Point

Real Token Utility

World of Farms gaming industry is a sector worth $300T. Players spent $4.5 billion on VR games in 2020. And the crypto space is now worth around $1T. However, most of the tokens still do not have real utility. In the World of Farms, the $WoF token will be an in-game currency used to exchange value and buy resources.

SAFU Project

They decided to that our project will undergo the SAFU procedure offered by Pinksale platform that demands certain requirements to be met. All requisites were fulfilled and we can proclaim project to be completely safe and promising for our investors. SAFU certificate is available on Presale site on Pinksale platform.

PinkSale Launchpad

World of Farms will launch the $WoF token via PinkSale Finance – a crypto launchpad for everyone. They helped to raise over $200M in funding for the most prominent crypto projects, so cooperating with them is a no-brainer. Most projects starting on launchpads do pretty decent ROIs, and they also aim for that. Think about that: low market cap. A limited number of entries. Massive growth potential. Do the math.

Low Taxes

World of Farms are advocates of low taxes and we don’t want to put big fees on anyone. That’s why they decided to determine tax at the rate of 3% in smart contract which will be fully allocated to marketing and development of World Of Farms project. Taxes will never be increased, on the contrary! In the future we will reduce taxes on particular days even to 0%

Audited Contract

Have you heard about the Nomad Bridge hack? Or the Ronin exploit? Many projects are crushing because they do not conduct smart contract audits. However, the team of World of Farms is focused on long-term building, so a proper audit is a must-have. Our smart contract is now fully audited by SolidProof company.

KYC verification

To maximize the credibility and safety of users, they decided to complete the KYC among the core team members. To be more precise: they are 100% verified by SolidProof. They conducted a strict audit, checking our connections and what we have done before. The report shows that they are verified and reliable.

Pinksale Launchpad

As you read before, the $WoF token, which will help us to raise funding to build the game for all DeFi Farmers and Degens, will be launched via PinkSale – a crypto launchpad with 1.3M users. Having their background, the World of Farms will conduct the launch successfully.


Phase 1

To explain the roadmap, let’s use the analogy of growing a crop. Before harvesting the crops, you must put the seeds into the soil. That’s where we are today. In Phase 1, they will:

Team hiring’s

Social media creation

Whitepaper released

UI & UX build

MVP release

Marketing campaign

VC funding

Token launch

Phase 2

Next, World of Farms planting seeds, you have the first effects. The green stem is beginning to stick out of the ground. At the same point they will be in Phase 2. After completing phase 1, World of Farms will be able to successfully kick off with the second phase, where they will:

Video Conferences

Closed Tests

BETA Version

Reward early users

Incentive Program

Hiring Testers

TG Partnerships

Billboards promotion

Phase 3

And there they are. The crop is ready for harvest and sparkles in the summer sun. In Phase 3, they will reach the point of a fully-grown startup with the perspective to grow internationally, broadening our market share in the Defi space, and providing a seamless entertainment experience for crypto degens. Phase 3 will be the stage of:

Tokens burn

NFT collection

Official game launch

Guilds onboarding

Instagram partners

Next utility release

Blockchains adoption

More trading pairs

Phase 4

Building a startup is not a marathon. It’s a sprint. They cannot predict what will happen in 1 month, so assuming where the World of Farms will be in a few months is almost impossible. For sure, they will make a couple of crucial pivots that will have a massive impact on the total growth of the Protocol. So bear with us not to miss it!

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